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  1. Is there any penalty for killing all the dragons? I've already completed their quests, I'm high level, about to complete the game, and bored. EDIT: Apparently not. I killed them all, finished the game, no one mentioned their deaths.
  2. What does black basalt do? It's listed as a high quality crafting material, but I can't find anything that is actually crafted with it.
  3. Also, what does luck do? I haven't invested in it at all, but as I approach the endgame and I started deciding what to do with (in some cases) an excess of skill points, it would be good to know what specifically luck does. I know in many spiderweb games it can affect to-hit and damage significantly, but it's always impossible to tell what it does just from the interface.
  4. I am currently level 28 in a torment playthrough with 1 archer, 1 priest, and 2 mages, so it's probably too late to be asking this question, but which is better for archers: gymnastics or sniper? I have been investing in gymnastics, and it seems to be working. I don't know if it's the gymnastics or the dexterity, but my archer rarely gets hit. I haven't put a single point in Endurance for the entire game. Instead, I've been maxing dex for my archer and int for my mages/priest, and while this made some of the earlier levels tough going, at level 28 with +8 - +10 hardiness for everyone, my entire party can now take several hits without dying. However, I have, around, +4 sniper just from items, and it triggers enough to be noticeable. So I'm curious how useful it is, especially factoring in that I have all of the battle disciplines and always have haste active. Also, given that I have invested in Gymnastics on my archer, would it be worth equipping him with +Action Point items to make it more effective? Or would the action points not be enough to matter?.
  5. I'm playing through this right now and I need to know what order to train higher level skills in to max them out. EDIT: Never mind. Just noticed the post above explains this.
  6. I'm sure it will be fun, but this has to be the ugliest game SW has released in over a decade. The sprites all look like they were designed by 12 different artists with conflicting instructions on what the game was supposed to look like, so nothing seems to match. The character sprites all seem like they were designed for isometric, but were forced into this top-down perspective, so they all awkwardly stand at angles. The roofs of houses just look strange and the new character portraits look like they were created for an entirely different game circa-1997. I kept thinking that the screenshots up until now were placeholders or something, but nope. This is the game in its highest form. I don't mind ditching isometric for top down, but they really should have taken more of a simple, board game, type aesthetic to the graphics. Just ditch realism entirely. Still can't wait, though.
  7. Is this true on torment? I have heard that torment has friendly fire, which it would seem would complicate a 4 caster party. Although, playing Avadon 3 on torment, friendly fire just ended up forcing me to prefer 100% ranged parties. Tanks are kind of useless in friendly fire scenarios, so maybe 4 casters would be easier.
  8. Ah, wait I see there is already a thread on this here: http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/24087-so-hows-meleebow-vs-spell-damage-in-a3-rw/
  9. Are 3 mage/melee hybrids + 1 priest parties still super OP in A3:RW like they were in A2:CS? Or are more traditional 2 physical damage + 2 caster builds more viable this time around?
  10. Yeah, I always buy the hint books, but never even open them. It's just an excuse to pay more. All together, I've put at least 1,000 hours into Spiderweb's catalog. I always felt guilty back when Jeff debuted on Steam and was charging 8 dollars for new releases.
  11. Yeah, this looks very cheap efficient. Will probably seem like you aren't even playing on torment about 1/4th of the way through the game. When I played, I think I had 2 mages, and priest, and a traditional melee Lizard tank, just for variety. I wanted a bit of a challenge.
  12. I love Spiderweb. I like the Avadons. But the factions in the games never made much sense to me. Mainly because the games give you zero reason to care about any of them (and yeah, the Wyldrylm are the most cliched, tedious, one note, faction of all of them. So it's a shame Jeff spent so much time on them). The Geneforge factions worked beautifully (perhaps the best faction based RPGs I've ever played), just because each faction was connected to immediately perceivable issues regarding human rights (exemplified in the game via the Serviles) that were immediately translatable into real world situations. So you knew what each faction stood for and what was at stake instantly. But I could never move myself to give two #$%#s about the Avadon factions. It's all digital squabbles over digital land in a digital universe, which has little connection to anything real (apart from the whole "freedom vs security" issue, although I never thought it was explored as well or as nuanced as the human rights issues in the Geneforges). It puts me to sleep. I still like the games, just because they are bread and butter Spiderweb. But I'm incredibly happy that Jeff is finally done with them and can move on to something else.
  13. The simple addition of friendly fire on torment has made sorcerers much more fun to play. Or it makes me more aware of them and their position in reference to other party members, anyway, whereas in the past I'd take them for granted. Rolling with a two mage party is pretty interesting as a consequence. And yeah, Nathalie, no contest. Especially since she's slightly older, so it's interesting to see her in contrast to Avadon 1.
  14. Aw, I like reading about bugs, though. Huge game breaking bugs are no fun (and irrelevant given that SW games never have them), but this sort of more obscure balancing minutia is fascinating to me. Most devs these days have dedicated bug threads just so they don't get the same issue reported 1,000 times. I know Spiderweb is a tiny company and the sorts of bugs that some here are finding are pretty obscure issues that you'd have to do some more extended testing to discover (so I doubt SW will be getting 1,000 outraged e-mails that a Tinkermage's turrets don't seem to scale from STR), but I don't think it's a bad mark on Spiderweb if the bugs are posted on and discussed on the forum. Nor do I think doing so would mean that the bugs will be seen as persisting forever, given that many of the more dedicated players here will no doubt go over 1.01 with a fine toothed comb upon release and correct the record. The sort of deep analysis of game mechanics that goes on here only comes from a place of love and over the years I've come to look forward to it as part of the ambiance of playing any new SW release.
  15. Yeah, I noticed it seems way easier too. I died twice on first discovering Vid, then got it 3rd try. And it seems like there are fewer fights overall (which I'm not complaining about as I think Spiderweb games could all do with about 1/3 less combat than they have, although more so the Avernums and to a lesser extent the Avadons. I think the Geneforges are about right).
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