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  1. On the plus side, as the monsters get stronger and more powerful, so does your party!
  2. You'll never really have to worry about it.
  3. There are certain creatures that Mindduel you. It's a mostly ineffective but mildly annoying thing to deal with in a battle with a lot of creatures.
  4. La Gloire de mon père et Le Château de ma mère, par Marcel Pagnol. Also rereading Gödel, Escher, Bach.
  5. Originally Posted By: CRISIS on INFINITE SLARTIES Maybe you should finish RiB. Hey!
  6. There's also a link to a map of Valorim in the forum header ...
  7. Originally Posted By: The Impossible and I I would like to reassert an idea from the Shadow Vale discussion. In addition to whatever style of numbers ranking ends up being used, pick 5 or 10 prolific reviewers, write a 2-3 sentence summary of what they like and dislike in scenarios, and list their top 5 or even top 10 favourite scenarios for each one. This allows players to look for somebody who has similar taste in scenarios, and see what that person liked. IMHO, this is the best way to connect new players to scenarios they will enjoy quickly and without hassle. And IMHO, that's easily
  8. You can also use Discipline Wands on the Drakon.
  9. I disagree. As long as reviewers try to be internally consistent, it should be fine. Wisdom of the crowds, law of large numbers, etc. We could also provide median scores in addition to mean scores. EDIT: And yes, specifying a 1-10 scale or 0-10 scale should be done. But aside from saying that a reviewer should "like" a scenario they rate 7 more than they "like" a scenario they rate 6.5, we don't need much. ("Like" or "think is better than" both work) Although we should discourage vindictive/adjusting ratings that are exaggerated to shift the mean. EDIT 2: Why couldn't we ho
  10. I think that numbers are fine. It doesn't matter if people have different scales as long as their scales are internally consistent and they rate enough scenarios. The numbers provide a basis for what scenarios people read about - they choose the threads based on the scores, then choose scenarios based on the comments in the threads. Wisdom of the crowds and all. Move it to a "neutral" place, sure. But putting more rules/restrictions on reviewing isn't what is needed. Score and comments is the simplest effective method for reviewing scenarios. DON'T provide any guidance for what
  11. Well, my first time playing Exile my party died of starvation ... not pretty. Early on in the first two Exile games I had a nasty habit of stumbling into Giant Lizards and Fire Lizards, who made short work of young parties.
  12. I haven't played Frostbite ... Emulations Quintessence Redemption Tomorrow Tatterdemalion Masks Echoes: Renegade Bahssikava Is what I think right now ... my CSR ranking is/was: Quintessence Emulations Tatterdemalion Redemption Tomorrow Masks Echoes: Renegade Bahssikava
  13. And that spiny aura spell works wonders when you're ambushed or fighting shades.
  14. Originally Posted By: Thuryl Well, yeah, it does that, but on Torment difficulty a small increase in dodge chance is meaningless. Drakey has an idiosyncratic playing style at best. Ha. Like I said, I was not following some preformed notion of a build, just upgrading skills and armor as I saw fit. I wanted to see if I could get hit less (I couldn't). In the end, I think I might have gone for more golden crystals or other resistances, since those were my main sources of taking damage anyway. Also, drips acid is by far the best weapon enhancement.
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