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  1. Thycavivor

    More Avadon 2 Screenshots

    Will the citizens of Rockridge Keep all be named Johnson and will the keep be patrolled by Sheriff Bart?
  2. Thycavivor

    What Do You Think Will Be Canon For Avadon 2?

    I never saw Nathalie as having feelings for anyone except herself. Seriously, that woman had a massive case of NPD.
  3. Thycavivor

    Avadon 2 Announced.

    Anyone think Jeff will have boats in Avadon 2? I really liked getting to use rivers in the Avernum series.
  4. Thycavivor

    A6--Find Asterios/Oculus Cult problem

    I had the quest (and dbl checked) but still nothing. I finally rebooted my iPad and happy day, the quest worked. I'm blaming Apple.
  5. Several hours of gameplay ago, my party stumbled into the lower tunnels of the Eastern Gallery and it took a while to fight our way back to the top. We came upon the Oculus Cult, who attacked us, so we wiped them out. Now I have the "Find Asterios" quest. I talked to the cranky Cotra commander and I'm back down in the tunnels. The blood trail has petered out. There's a locked door I can't open and it's otherwise totally empty. I've read on here that there's supposed to be a gazer and a key in a blue box. I found an empty blue box with velvet but no gazer or key. So, um, did Asterios go for a mani/pedi or something? Is this a bug? Or am I still missing a quest?
  6. Thycavivor

    Class Choice

    I like the shaman the best but I had to play her several different ways before figuring out just how useful she can be. Having a called beast available makes a huge difference in battles where you are seriously outnumbered (lower level of Bandit Roads, for example). The two basic called animals are a wolf or a hellhound. If you are facing a fight with lots of fire-immune enemies, use the wolf. Otherwise the hellhound is better. It recovers its spell faster. I've yet to get the salamander spell high enough for a drake. I'd rather put the XP points into Spirit Claw. You can get that spell up to a 12 with right equipment and it does tons of damage. And her poison/acid at high levels is pretty good, too. The Shaman's biggest downside is her weak melee and missile attacks. Her missile is nearly worthless by about halfway through the game. If she has to fight for more than 5 or 6 turns, she either needs to use recuperation potions or use her so-so melee while acting as healer for every one else. The healing is certainly helpful but it isn't as helpful as killing your enemies.
  7. Thycavivor

    Do I blame Steam, Asus, Bill Gates or Jeff?

    Asus is to blame, then. The screen is 10.5 ". It's a little deceptive how it's marketed b/c it says "1024x768 DISPLAY." (emphasis mine) And when I go into my display settings, it tells me that my "display" is 1024x768 but my "resolution" is 1024x600. Here's to hoping my iPad 1 holds out until the release of Avadon 2.
  8. Steam is having its summer sale (you may have heard). After checking that my Asus EeePC netbook had the right specs (specifically, memory, 1024x768 res, 32-bit color) to run it, bought the Avernum 4-6 pack. The OS is Windows 7 Starter (I have another name for it). Everything installs fine but upon launch of any of the three games, I'm told that I have to have the screen res set to "exactly" 1024x768 at 16 bit color. Fine, I go change to 16 bit. Same message. I poke around a little more and realize that even though the screen display says it is set at 1024x768, and even though Asus put a sticker on my keyboard that says, and I quote, "1024x768 screen display", I in fact have a max screen res of 1024x600. I feel like I've gone down a cup size or something. Suggestions? And yes, I realize people on this forum have issues with Steam, Windows 7, and netbooks. I have the same issues, too but the netbook is all I have for gaming outside of an iPad. The purchase of an HP Pavillion is not a viable answer for me.
  9. Thycavivor

    In defense of Archers

    Originally Posted By: Rehctawthgin's Spectre Who told you that? Archers are pretty awesome, but needs more Defense and Hardiness in case it gets hit. And you don't have to waste too much action points just to get to an enemy... ---------- -Nightwatcher is one, Nightwatcher He did: http://www.spiderwebforums.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=264048
  10. Archers are getting an unfair reputation as being a waste of time. My archer is 100% dex and one of the most useful members of my team. Here's why: 1. She's hard to hit. I'm not spending a lot of energy trying to repair her or protect her. 2. She hits more often--a LOT more often. This is because a) she rarely misses her target and she often gets a second shot. Even though her hit points are a little lower than anyone else on the team, she gets to hit her enemy twice, which more than makes up for the difference. 3. Her blade-sweep is the best on the team. It is especially good for wiping out hordes of summoned enemies. Not only does this reduce the number of enemies in a battle, it also means that the enemy summoner(s)wasted a turn on a dead pet. 4) Go ahead, ensnare her! She can shoot you anyway. She doesn't have to stand next to you to do damage. Yes, the archer has crap for a melee skill during the few times when blade-sweep is not available. But my tank has crap for missile skills and I don't see anybody here thinking that disqualifies him to play. (Ever had a tank ensnared and unable to come to the aid of the rest of the lightly armored team? He's useless.) So my advice is to ignore the haters and build one high-dex archer.
  11. Thycavivor

    Lower level jarlswood NPCs (spoilers)

    Yeah, I know. There are no other NPCs left in Jarlswood--they have all been killed. It's only my party and Vid's men (represented by green dots). And then there's this other cluster of red dots that I can't find that only show up while I'm in the tunnel.
  12. K, after several months away from the game, I'm having another go at Avadon. I have just finished stupid Jenell's stupid quest. While in the tunnel b/t the warriors house and Theresia's hideout, I did the showmeall cheat to check for NPCs. There were a small clot of them aways off to the left of the map. I found a secret switch which led to loot but not to the NPCs. I checked the rest of Jrlswood for another trapdoor but didn't find any. Ideas?
  13. Thycavivor

    Geneforge for IOS

    Awesome. Thanks, Randomizer!!
  14. Thycavivor

    A Cheat to Make Secret Switches More Visible

    I actually did jailbreak my iPad after the warranty expired but it got very buggy within a day. I restored it a week or so later because I got tired of a new influx of force closes.
  15. Thycavivor

    Geneforge for IOS

    Count me in as a supporter of bringing Geneforge to IOS. My iPad is the only thing I have where I can game. Our one desktop is shared by my hubby and kids for various things and is in constant use. Avadon was my introduction to Spiderweb games and I'd love to be able to play earlier titles. Although, now that Inthink about it, I do have a super crappy netbook. It came with Windows Starter, which is next-to-worthless. I had been thinking of dumping Windows and using Linux instead. Will Geneforge run on Linux?