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  1. Thanks Randomizer. Right click worked on my Mac.
  2. I recently downloaded a new copy of Avadon one. My previous copies which I played years ago contained a folder called at Avadon Data with resource folder and saved files. All I got on this download from humble bumble was the game itself with no other folder? Am I doing something wrong?
  3. There is a continuing storyline, although your character is new each time. The games are best played in sequence, I think, although it isn't necessary. Why not play Avadon 1 and then decide if you want to continue? There are annotated maps and patches for Avadon 1 not available for the later games. I noticed that you are 15; I am 78 and relatively new to RPGs, and this one was the most fun for me.
  4. Audun is based in the information center, but wanders.
  5. How do I find the leader?
  6. Do I need to kill all the wandering patrols in Goldcrag before I can do the quests there? i don't seem to get anywhere without encountering multiple ogres, wretches and titans.
  7. Thank you. I am also having a problem with Avadon 1. I moved the game after I had installed the character and items cheats. I must have several copies of the saved files, so when I try to start a new game I have lost them. Can you suggest how I can delete them all and start over with the cheats? BTW, I am 78 years old and playing the game as simply as I can, However, I don't seem to need cheats in Avadon 3!
  8. I purchased the full version. But I cannot find saved files in library (or in documents) on my Mac. If I download v1.0.1 will i lose my saved games?
  9. Doggie

    Lord Svarl

    But what about the second quest if you kill Deathskull? Or is that obvious?
  10. I freed Eye Laria, got the Warborn papers and Protus's permission, but the door is locked and "too complicated to be picked?" I also spoke with Dirran. Am I missing something?
  11. Does telling commander about the still stop Sazi from selling items?
  12. Doggie


    Duh! Mistook him for just another Guard.
  13. Doggie


    Why can't I find Kasich in the hand camp?
  14. Is there a cheat comparable to "returntoavadon" in this game?
  15. Doggie


    Yes, ironic to observe that British ships were constantly seeking citrus (hence "limey"), when they had access to potatoes!
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