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  1. Doggie

    Cant find resources folder

    Thanks Randomizer. Right click worked on my Mac.
  2. Doggie

    Cant find resources folder

    I recently downloaded a new copy of Avadon one. My previous copies which I played years ago contained a folder called at Avadon Data with resource folder and saved files. All I got on this download from humble bumble was the game itself with no other folder? Am I doing something wrong?
  3. Doggie

    Which to purchase?

    There is a continuing storyline, although your character is new each time. The games are best played in sequence, I think, although it isn't necessary. Why not play Avadon 1 and then decide if you want to continue? There are annotated maps and patches for Avadon 1 not available for the later games. I noticed that you are 15; I am 78 and relatively new to RPGs, and this one was the most fun for me.
  4. Doggie

    Where is Audun?

    Audun is based in the information center, but wanders.
  5. Doggie

    Goldcrag Patrols

    How do I find the leader?
  6. Doggie

    Goldcrag Patrols

    Do I need to kill all the wandering patrols in Goldcrag before I can do the quests there? i don't seem to get anywhere without encountering multiple ogres, wretches and titans.
  7. Doggie

    Avadon 3 v1.0.1 Being Rolled Out

    Thank you. I am also having a problem with Avadon 1. I moved the game after I had installed the character and items cheats. I must have several copies of the saved files, so when I try to start a new game I have lost them. Can you suggest how I can delete them all and start over with the cheats? BTW, I am 78 years old and playing the game as simply as I can, However, I don't seem to need cheats in Avadon 3!
  8. Doggie

    Avadon 3 v1.0.1 Being Rolled Out

    I purchased the full version. But I cannot find saved files in library (or in documents) on my Mac. If I download v1.0.1 will i lose my saved games?
  9. Doggie

    Lord Svarl

    But what about the second quest if you kill Deathskull? Or is that obvious?
  10. I freed Eye Laria, got the Warborn papers and Protus's permission, but the door is locked and "too complicated to be picked?" I also spoke with Dirran. Am I missing something?
  11. Doggie

    Sazi (possible spoiler)

    Does telling commander about the still stop Sazi from selling items?
  12. Doggie


    Duh! Mistook him for just another Guard.
  13. Doggie


    Why can't I find Kasich in the hand camp?
  14. Doggie

    Avadon 3 cheats?

    Is there a cheat comparable to "returntoavadon" in this game?
  15. Doggie


    Yes, ironic to observe that British ships were constantly seeking citrus (hence "limey"), when they had access to potatoes!