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  1. Questions as I play through Avadon 3

    Final question - did Jeff ever hint what he was trying to say with Avadon 3? Whatever it is, it seems hopelessly muddled.
  2. Avadon 3: Which Options Matter

    Fun fact - if you hand Envoy Dirran Redbeard's hair, then murder her, she will briefly resurrect herself to disrupt him during the battle.
  3. Avadon 3 guide

    I'm finishing the game right now, and I still have no idea what " Give Potion of Disguise, Scroll: Freezing Bolts, Assault Crystal, Shard of the Phoenix, Potion of Battle, Scroll: Resurrection, Elixir of Speed, and Drake Skin to a secondary character before visiting Avadon for the first time." is all about?
  4. Questions as I play through Avadon 3

    I faced down Velusa (to the point where he asked to back off) and apparently this isn't enough for the healer lady at fort forsight? She claimed I didn't need to kill him. Is there a point of diminishing returns for stat investment? Is a warrior with 25 / 25 in STR and DEX at a major disadvantage compared to someone with 38 in either of those? Should I start investing in END (for example) after hitting 30 in the class relevant stat?
  5. Questions as I play through Avadon 3

    Am I missing something about the Temple of Velusa, or do you HAVE to fight if you want the invitation? PS - Velusa is way easier than the dragon, even on Hard.
  6. Questions as I play through Avadon 3

    My team currently averages level 25, and I have no idea how to kill the dragon without dropping the difficulty to Casual. I managed to slay his constructs, then run off upstairs. Should be easy now, right? Just lure him out for a 1:1 outside his frozen room? Well, he keeps two-shotting my squishy NPCs (what the hell is Slow even supposed to do if it isn't stopping him from acting twice?) and basically ignoring warriors hammering on his thick hide. I tried several different parties, and never managed to take off more than half his health.
  7. Questions as I play through Avadon 3

    Before I waste time trying: 1. I can't find the passphrase for the Spiral anywhere, can I? 2. It was impossible to catch up to / kill the titan high general at the Arena when I first met him, right?
  8. Questions as I play through Avadon 3

    I'm belaboring the point a bit, but is that all there is to the Goldcraig Warborn factions? Ally with 1 and kill 2, or kill all 3? I was expecting... shenanigans of some sort. Turning them against each other or something. That was just hella boring.
  9. Questions as I play through Avadon 3

    Just to be sure - hard mode friendly fire only applies to the party, right? Enemies seem content to fire off area-effect spells willy-nilly.
  10. Questions as I play through Avadon 3

    "Again - 300c (if alive), Runesoled Shoes (5% armor, +10% to blessings/curses you cause), 400 XP at level 13 (alive), at level 12 (killed) " I'm don't think you can provoke Shezass before part 3, so the only difference is 300 gold and... some xp, if I'm reading this correctly? Not sure what the difference between 400 xp at level 13 and level 12 actually means.
  11. Questions as I play through Avadon 3

    Really? Drake trouble part whatever was the last quest before we left Green Refuge, and camps generally don't give you quests after you've moved on. 1. Will I ever get a chance to steal Zhetron's hoard? 2. Is there any benefit to actually allying with one of the Warborn tribes in Goldcraig? Or would massacring them all get me more xp and loot?
  12. Questions as I play through Avadon 3

    I don't know, it seemed as though the reward was the same regardless. If I didn't stick by Redbeard (not my keeper! Make the pact great again!) would I have the ability to put on scarabs in Avadon?
  13. Questions as I play through Avadon 3

    1. Is there a point to sparing Shezass (the green refuge drake)? 2. Is there a list of skill effects? Knowing the Spiderweb series, I'm moderately convinced there must be skills that don't really do anything, but confirmation would be nice.
  14. Just thought I'd have a single topic for what will probably be a number of questions. 1. If I spare people like the necromancer at Vantok's Reach, the chief at 4-circles etc, which of them will I see again for greater profit, and which are just gone? (Obviously, I don't mind spoilers) 2. Does the game account for raising a skill to level 9+ (8 + bonus points)? 3. Um... were Titans and Wretches ever referred to as "Warborn" in previous entries in the series.
  15. Party size mod in Avadon 3

    I just talked to the Wyld.... rebellion leader, and all 5 companions chimed in. The game was kinda confused about how to display that, but still.