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  1. Stone pillar circles (or whatever the appropriate name is) increase your knowledge of priest skills. They seem to increase in the following order: Curing, Smite, Unshackle Mind and...? what are the last two? Need the info for a guide.
  2. Guide, complete with exact locations and screenshot illustrations: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1440208556 Feel free to let me know if I've missed anything / editing suggestions.
  3. Central Valorim (mainland) NE by Orb - focusing crystal, battle crystal - is that the little pool next to the Anama facility, south of Dellston? Central Valorim (north of Lorelei) CW cache [6] - Steel Halberd - Can't find this (Writing a guide, complete with screenshots and exact "location" coordinates, so I may a few similar questions down the line)
  4. Central Valorim SW body - blessed boots - could you give a slightly more precise description of where it is? can't seem to find it.
  5. No mention of the "Generic Dungeon" in Rentar's keep? 11 here: http://ironycentral.com/harehunter/Avernum3/Maps1/id171.html
  6. Ok, I've just spent several days waiting, and checking the Delan in every morning. Did he move from his location of "the inn in Delan or an abandoned shop in Krizsan"? What shop is he supposed to be in, specifically?
  7. Can you actually find Carrie or her remains during the Tower of Magi disaster? Resolve Bernard's request in any way? Also, where exactly is the mage with no name that's supposed to tell you how to enter the tower of Zakl?
  8. Howl of Terror in the Rhakasha part of the Remote Cavern. Requires more than 22 - 28?
  9. I'm about to reach the endgame, well before day 100. Can I keep playing afterwards to deal with the Tower of Magi disaster? Any way to camp / fast forward the days, other than running back and forth across the worldmap? Edit - Apparently, I don't have the option to ask Judith about Pit of the Wyrm? What's the per-requisite?
  10. What does Demon Feast do? Would I have been able to avoid the compulsion to travel to the Great Circle had I not worshiped at the various circles? What's the fight under Keep Tinraya like if you didn't get the anti-Vahantai weapon? Do the crystal souls do anything interesting?
  11. Haha, you can get it Gale without ever discovering the tunnel. Talk to one of the blackmailing citizens through the gate, deny them repeatedly, then run around the walls until you're captured as a spy. I guess that's a way to bypass whatever rep/plague check allows you to use the tunnel.
  12. Is "one of your characters falls ill for some reason" the result of having carried around a Uranium bar, or something to do with Xian artifacts, or what? Also, how do I get rid of that problem?
  13. It's what one might refer to as "a joke". "Sentinel Golem" or whatever.
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