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  1. Even if you move all your other characters to the opposite side of the map and send a lone character to press the button your whole party will still get killed.
  2. The drake will eat the food out of your junk bag though (kept a whole bunch of food and other stuff in there as I am obsessive hoarder). Does he eat it all, or just a lot of it? The merchants however won't be able to see the meal if that's where you've been keeping it.
  3. It was kind of disappointing that when you catch the unicorns that you couldn't take their horns to turn in down at Krizsan.
  4. From what I remember they will take 'normal' meal (a look through the a3itemschars.txt file only turned up one entry, "bag of meal") though you will have to take the them out of your junk bag if that's where you were storing them. Will the hungry drake eat your bags of meal? I was only able to turn in about 40 some bags.
  5. If the letsbefriends code works then that is awesome, in the original version when I chose the "reset towns" option it just brought back all the people I killed, but still left them hostile.
  6. Doesn't one of the cheat codes (freemymind) remove dread curse? Edit: Oops, thats for death curse
  7. Has anybody made a script to make the hidden switches more visible like there was for other Spiderweb games?
  8. So if you kill of a few of the crystal souls because you didn't get the thought crystal from the bunker it doesn't say anything about Avernum becoming an even greater enemy to the Vahnatai than the empire?
  9. You may want to move the papyrus from the crafting list to the potions list and then rename the list 'potions and scrolls'
  10. The nice thing about Eschalon is that the first one is now available for free and the others are rather cheap at 6 and 10 dollars (got part 2 when it was on sale for less than 2 bucks). For skills if you can learn it from a trainer for money than don't bother putting points in it except for maybe a single point. For cartography I only invested a single point (actually 3 to learn it from nothing) and then bought the rest from the trainer.
  11. From what I remember the visions were tied to a special date or holiday (day of visions?) though I could be wrong.
  12. Does the Slith racial bonus apply to all pole-arm weapons or only to spears? It would be nice if it applied to all of them. Equip him with the jade halberd.
  13. The ability to start a conversation with the Xian skull would be pretty sweet, I imagine he has all sorts of zany stuff to say!
  14. An idea for a gather quest (minor spoilers) Could either award gold or XP.
  15. From the video it looks like the mage is getting 3 new spells added. Guessing the priest will also have 3 new spells?