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  1. From the video it looks like the mage is getting 3 new spells added. Guessing the priest will also have 3 new spells?
  2. Five-Dimensional Political Compass

    You are a: Communist Authoritarian Interventionist Bleeding-Heart Progressive Collectivism score: 100% Authoritarianism score: 50% Internationalism score: 33% Tribalism score: -100% Liberalism score: 50% Came off more authoritarian than I would have suspected, but the communist part was accurate.
  3. I just realized I passed my 10 year mark here

    Been 15 years now for me.
  4. Back in the original Avernum 3 I think that you could sell something to a shopkeeper and it would permanently be added to their stock. As I recall I sold magical notes and knowledge brews so I could have infinitely many, Plus the notes could then be resold to another NPC who would give you XP (and possibly profit). Hence you got unlimited XP and skill points. Not to mention the level cap was removed.
  5. Item/Character Editor in Avadon 3

    Not sure if it was in the final version but I vaguely remember a cheat like 'giveitem' that would give you any item listen in the scenario data, but that may only be available in the beta versions
  6. U.S. Election Day, 2016

    This is the second time the electoral college gave the presidency to the candidate that got fewer popular votes in my lifetime. The first was back in 2000 when they gave it George W Bush. We really need to make it so the person that gets the most votes becomes president. Yet I can't help but wonder, If Bernie Sanders had won the primary, could he have beaten trump?
  7. Actually When playing Avernum 1 I kept a bunch of stuff in a single barrel and later on when I went to get something out of it some of it was missing so I think containers can only hold so much. Now though I just use my junk bag, but be careful not to sell it's contents by accident.
  8. What to do with a full Inventory...

    The down side of that is that if you store good stuff in the junk bag you might accidently sell all your good stuff. There have been way too many times I clicked the sell button, thinking it was only going to sell the items I selected, but then instead sold my entire bag full of artifacts.
  9. "Low" budget horror films.

    The Mimic series of films were fairly good, and one of the sequels (either 2 or 3) had an awesome twist at the end.
  10. Avadon 3 ending text?

    Anybody willing to post the text and the requirements to get them like the thread at: http://spiderwebforu...sting-spoilers/ ?
  11. I don't know if this is forum-appropriate, but here goes...

    The best way for me would be to valiantly sacrifice myself to save others, The more virtuous the people being saved the better. Though that may violate the choosing the time of death rule.
  12. Merry Christmas

    Merry vlishmas!
  13. PC Showdown

    Did Avernum 3 have a level cap? From what I remember you could use a shop duplication trick to get an unlimited amount of items that can be turned in for XP, (Also good for knowledge brew ingredients.)
  14. The constant remaking

    Actually I'm rather looking forward to the upcoming remake of "Ruined World". This is likely Spiderweb's largest game (in sense of the world) it has ever made and I'm quite excited to see what they've done with it and any new enhancements.
  15. politicomp

    That may be the reason how I got the -12 score. When it griped at me for leaving some of the questions blank my guess was that maybe the answers were counted twice, one for when some were blank, and again after it made me fill in the questions that were missing. This only happened once though and I have not been able to reproduce so maybe it's been fixed. Either way I sent an email to the site to let them know anyway.