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  1. I found a copy of the JtHM Director's Cut at the bookstore the other day... my inner gothy teen was pleased, I never did get to finish the series because my parents had taken away my comics many years ago. So I'm finally reading it now. It's not nearly as good as I remembered, there's a lot of technical flaws in the art and the writing is not the best. I don't regret my purchase, though I do like Jhonen Vasquez best when he's collaborating with others (mostly Zim... Zim is great).
  2. The gist of the test tells me: I am an introvert who seems cold to strangers. I have absolutely no desire to thrill seek. I am very easy to cooperate with and I have a lot of sympathy for others. I scrape by with the bare minimum of work needed and am easily distracted from my goals. I almost never act rashly, I think everything through beforehand several times before making a decision. I'm anxious and prone to suddenly burst into anger when frustrated. I'm self-conscious in social situations and easily overwhelmed. Very imaginative but not adventurous. I'm bored by hypothetical debates an
  3. I'm working my way through the Dexter books. They're very different from the show but still dark, strange, and oddly beautiful in how grotesque they are. This one I just finished is super duper weird and henges on the side of supernatural, which throws me off a lot. I will probably read the whole series but I have to profess I like the first three seasons of the show better.
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