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  1. eaintree

    Avadon 3 - Advice for Players (some SPOILERS)

    Personally I cannot be bothered with filling my inventory with fluff to sell. I use the Shift-D money command for everything.
  2. eaintree

    Velusa temple questions

    What lower level? You mean the main level? Not finding those stairs.
  3. eaintree

    Doublestrike utility?

    That's funny - I retrained Silena'a skill from 4 down to 2. Now it lasts for 36 rounds instead of 27.
  4. eaintree

    Doublestrike utility?

    Does increasing the skill give more than double damage or is that ratio static? At level 4, the ability lasts 27 rounds, or about 20 rounds longer than the longest possible combat. If damage doesn't increase it would be best to leave it at level 2.
  5. eaintree

    Zethron'a new digs

    This seems silly, but I can't find Zethron after he's moved to the Arena. Is he in the underground section or above ground?
  6. eaintree

    Spies on the River

    So I'm guessing that the underground passage barred by a gate is how you solve this quest. When I first showed up at Ft. Foresight there was a dialogue window where someone said "go talk to X about getting that gate open." But I didn't make a note of who they said to talk to and when I asked again I couldn't get that dialogue window back. What's the score on this?
  7. eaintree

    Wallace's Errands and Strange Plants

    I can't find a hidden switch in the records room where the paper trail ends...
  8. eaintree

    Scorched Greaves glitch

    Some will get it, others never will. I've played hundreds of RPGs in my life, but without the explanation I would never have thought anything about it besides that it was a glitch (and I'm not a gamer who maths out details to that degree, so I would never have known that it gives a Blademaster or Shadowwalker crit percentage.)
  9. eaintree

    Wallace's Errands and Strange Plants

    Oh. That's confusing.
  10. The "first love's gifts" quest first of all. I got that guy's quest 10 or 15 hours back in terms of gaming time, and have not seen any sorts of "strange" or "experimental" plants to run back to him. Clue? I also never found the papers you're supposed to find and burn in Goldcrag for Wallace. As far as I know I went through the whole city top to bottom.
  11. eaintree

    Scorched Greaves glitch

    If it's a joke I have no idea what the joke is. It's obviously a mistake. "The cows stare at you, uncowed" is a joke. This isn't.
  12. eaintree

    Khemerian scout

    Yes. I never thought to go into the underground cells when I was first at Nightshade. I only popped down into it when I'd gone back to have Nicodemus craft something, when all the Hands were already at the Green Refuge.
  13. eaintree

    Scorched Greaves glitch

    Maybe someone has mentioned this already, I don't see it in topics, but Scorched Greaves give a +1 to Focus Mastery, the Sorceror skill. Sorcerers can't wear the greaves.
  14. eaintree

    Khemerian scout

    Maybe rather than deleting the quest, let someone who's left tell you he's dead so Hanna can end up hating the Pact even more?
  15. eaintree

    Khemerian scout

    Her brother Miklosh? I've looked through the whole Stead, no sign and no dialogue about him.