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  1. Thanks, worked it out. Once you finish the King's quest to kill the shaman, is there any reason not to kill the king also?
  2. Seems like I could punch buttons all day without finding the way to walk across the hoverpads...
  3. eaintree

    A3 glitch?

    Yup, it worked, thanks.
  4. eaintree

    Carrie's lab notes?

    Okay, [censored]ing got it. That took a year.
  5. eaintree

    Carrie's lab notes?

    In the center-upper left part of the level is a room that's visible from the main floor, but the only entrance comes up from some lower level that I have no idea how to get to. That room has a chest in it and nothing else, seems the obvious place for the statuette.
  6. eaintree

    Carrie's lab notes?

    Okay: in the NE corner is the journal entry that says the bandits stole something from the "weirdies", obvs the Vahnatai. Directly next to that is a hidden room with a few chests in it but the statuette is not in there, is it supposed to be?
  7. Way too many barriers in front of way too many chests. Am I correct that I'll get DB level 1 and 2 in Sharamik? Where's the level 3 book for it? (May as well ask on level 3 Move Mountains while I'm at it.)
  8. eaintree

    A3 glitch?

    Hey cool, just saw this, I'll try it.
  9. eaintree

    A3 glitch?

    That's dumb. If it was gonna show me that dialogue option again it would've. Oh well.
  10. I finished the Shayder plague quest before officially getting the quest in Krizan - when you finish the slime pit the mayor tells you to "investigate Shayder." Going back there and talking to Shayder's mayor doesn't remove the quest; is there something else to do or am I just stuck with that tag in my quest list now?
  11. eaintree

    Carrie's lab notes?

    Ok... how about Koriba's statuette? I went through the whole bandit cavern a while before I went to the Vahnatai town, and rummaging back through it I'm coming up empty, though I found the book page that mentions them stealing it.
  12. I've been through every part of the Tower of Magi and ain't seen 'em...
  13. In the roach pit the text prompts you to ask someone in Shayder how to get a large enough flame to torch the pit, but no one seems to have info? Also no clue yet where to find the town the librarian says his mage friend lives on.
  14. eaintree

    Avadon 3 - Advice for Players (some SPOILERS)

    Personally I cannot be bothered with filling my inventory with fluff to sell. I use the Shift-D money command for everything.