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  1. Wow, it does seem from the book that he would be an extremely good teacher.
  2. Finished "Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman!", was a pretty good read.
  3. I read the whole book believing it was standard stuff, and now I have lost my copy, which particular topic was covered in that chapter?
  4. I feel it's generally accurate, apart from higher Neuroticism than what I'd think.
  5. Just started reading Einstein : The Life and Times by Ronald.W.Clark and now that I'm past "his father's business failed again" section, it's getting pretty interesting.
  6. Here's the code for essence lances:- To change the spell you can change the values in ab_damage_type, and ab_status_effect, I don't really know the values but you can just search for the spell which has the ability you need and check it's value, all I remember is acid(status) is 6 and lightning is 20(from this spell ). (Everything in file gf5objsmisc.txt in the scripts folder)
  7. That awkward moment when you reach college after a one hour journey and realise it's a mass bunk.

    1. Dear Potato

      Dear Potato

      It could be worse: it could be a mass dunk [massive appaluse here]

  8. Why will you answer a two year old question and that too with the answer not actually related to the game for which it was asked?
  9. Some of the nearest ones as I remember were in the Silvar sewers and Goblin/Nephil cave, you can also steal from the guy selling farming supplies in fort Duvno, and If you don't want to steal there were some in Nephil fort as well.
  10. I was trying to give creations the ability to heal but couldn't manage, do you have some Idea how to do that?
  11. That might be pretty amusing if possible, give Rawal a wife who smacks him over the head each time he laughs or even better each time he speaks, oh the sweet sound of revenge.
  12. Seems like the link for collection quest items is not working, Can someone restore it?
  13. I went for they are all good, while the older ones have a better story the better engine of the later games compensates for that, and i actually end up enjoying all of them equally.
  14. Originally Posted By: The Rev It seems like it might be a bug, but it's one that helps rather than hurts, so I haven't complained about it. It was the same in A6 so i guess it's not a bug, it's intended to be that way.
  15. Originally Posted By: Trenton the Crazed Twilight Teen Please don't resurrect just to post stupid crap like that. By being so rude you are breaking rule no.2 of the code of conduct yourself. Especially to a new guy.
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