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  1. *yawns*

    Flying pigs FTW!!
  2. Ornk Playthrough Geneforge 1

    I think you could change the Ornk's walking speed if you are willing to fiddle with the scripts, that will probably make it more fun.
  3. trapped in east shadow road G5

    Upload the image at some image sharing site (like Imgur), then give us the link, or use the "image" button in the editor and put the URL in that.
  4. Fighter/Marksman Solo A4?

    Yes, as Slartibus said, go with either Bows or Swords but not both, that's a big waste of skill points, I would recommend bows, also it will be very useful to get enough mage levels to cast haste.
  5. Avernum Art Project - Redux

    I don't really know much about it, but in Avernum series you couldn't use a shield with the spear, maneuvering a spear with one hand does seem kind of difficult, much easier with most swords.
  6. Fluffy or Tank

    Would be cool if you could tell people that you have a tank at home, but Fluffy is just better.
  7. First Miranda Fight

    Yes, I mean without items, I never use items, can use scarabs though.
  8. First Miranda Fight

    Anyone managed to do it on torment without a tinkermage? I have been going around with Khalida and Yannick and my main character is a shadowalker, they just couldn't get past the room with rats, I had to tone down the difficulty to hard for this particular fight.
  9. Big Argument!!1

    I do play a strategic card game called "Spectromancer", it's however not a CCG in the traditional sense since you get pretty much all the cards if you buy the latest expansion of the game, it's a lot of fun though, one of the guys involved with magic (I think Richard was the name) was involved with this game too, maybe you should try it someday,
  10. My brother just died

    Oh Dear, I think I might know who is your brother, this is horrible horrible news, I'm very very sorry about it.
  11. Nikki

    Where's the pun police when you really need them?
  12. The Noob-wiki Quest

    Laziness is not the main point, most of the information that anyone can possibly need is already here on the forums, and we don't bite if anyone asks anything he wants, so a wiki is really just a duplication.
  13. Avadon 2 First Impressions Thread! (no spoilers)

    Demo seemed to be average, almost every aspect of it, hopefully like Avadon it will get better later on.
  14. What have you been reading recently?

    Wow, it does seem from the book that he would be an extremely good teacher.