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  1. Why would you need to scrounge for anything? Just keep a notebook handy for all your gaming notes. I find it much quicker and easier to jot it down on paper than have to type it out. I prefer pen-and-paper anyway, as with an on-screen notepad, you're limited to text alone. With pen-and-paper, you can write or draw whatever you want, and have it in-hand without having to go to another screen. Much more convenient, IMHO. Heck, I miss the days when the only map you got was the one you drew yourself...
  2. Brown_Thunder

    E1 - Locked door in Spire...

    Boy, do I feel stupid... I didn't even think to check the other side. Thanks!
  3. Brown_Thunder

    E1 - Locked door in Spire...

    I don't suppose anybody knows how to open this door to my party's left in the northeast corner of Spire... I can't pick it, bash it, or Unlock it magically. Am I missing a key?
  4. Brown_Thunder

    Exile I maps not saving

    Huh, that's... weird. It seemed to fix the problem with losing the maps, but it still won't remember that I have "Save Maps" checked. After some experimentation, it looks like I just have to remember to turn that on before I load up a game. I wonder if this is a Windows permissions thing. I'll look into that tomorrow. Right now, the sun's coming up and I have to go to sleep. Thanks for the assist!
  5. Brown_Thunder

    Exile I maps not saving

    Good evening! I can't seem to get the maps in Exile I to save beyond the current session. I have selected 'save maps' in the Options menu, but every time I exit the game and restart, that option is unchecked, and any town or dungeon maps are blank. As long as I don't exit the game, that option remains checked, and all maps remain saved when I reload a save. So far, everything else has been working fine. I'm using the Windows XP setup from Windows Virtual PC. (My computer is running Windows 7-64). Any suggestions?
  6. Brown_Thunder

    Exile I item list

    Oh, thanks! I must have passed right by that post. The hunt begins...
  7. Brown_Thunder

    Exile I item list

    Hi all, After playing A:EftP and A2:CS a couple times, I decided to play good old Exlie I again. I'm a short way into the game, when I decided to go online and check out the full item list, but had forgotten that no such thing exists. Then I remembered that, waaaay back, in the Before Time, the long, long ago, there was a tale told in this very forum (at least, I think it was this very forum) of a spreadsheet that had a full list of Exile I items and their properties. Does anybody know if that still exists, and if so, how one might procure it?