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  1. Yeah, my range pets were good enough to 3-shot the pylons before they got initiative, as long as I took great care to only fight a single pylon at a time. But there was no getting my pets over the lava squares into the northern mines. Guess I'll just move on to the arena.
  2. I randomly decided to dust off G1. My old save games were dated 2013 Subject says it all. Without mind nutrients, I can't get the servant mind to disable defenses in the various parts of the mine. Am I screwed? It's been so long since I last played that all the quests in the journal are meaningless to me. I'm not sure how to proceed.
  3. Is there a (hopefully not too spoily) list of magic trainers somewhere? My guys are around level 30-33, but their offensive power seems to have plateaued, so I can't take on the really big bads. I haven't been able to find NPC trainers that teach the bottom rows of spells (Fireblast, Divine Retribution) etc.
  4. Originally Posted By: Randomizer Asterios is still upstairs and you need to talk to him too. Yes, he is. I had overlooked him previously.
  5. OK, I Click to reveal.. saved Asterios. The Cotra army leader now tells me to Click to reveal.. join Asterios in the Cotra basement. There are two down stairs on the north side of Cotra, but both of them are barred by portcullises a few squares into the basement. What am I missing?
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