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  1. Hi there πŸ˜€ I forgot many things about Avadon 1 and now I am stucked with the second series of Duke's quests. To be precise I am supposed to meet Shigaz again in Berada Woods and to defeat some "well established bandits" there. But I can't find Shigaz there or in Beraza Pitts. I found some bandits underground but no Shigaz. What am I missing? Thanks
  2. Found a fine waveblade in a tomb in Vahnatai land I needed the Orb to reach, all set and done ☺️
  3. Hi, I went back to Avernum 2 after some years and I thought to remember Patrick needed a simple waveblade so I sold the high priced ones that I collected... main difficulty, as I went back to Vahnatai lands to find one but found no other... so I am stucked with Patrick's quest. Any idea where to find a Fine Waveblade, by Vahnatai or upstairs in Avernum? Thanks!
  4. Hi, I know, it's years I do not write here πŸ™‚ I used to be a frequent user of the forum. This days I opened Avadon2 and I could not remember which mod I have on, I presume it is not the one that gives incredibly good weapons at comand but the one to modify characters stats. Only, I can't remember what it does and, above all, how to launch/turn it on/operate it. Any suggestion on where to start? Thanks a lot!
  5. Sorry if there is and I did not see it, is there a Demo for Avadon 3, and where?
  6. I think that nobody in Silvar is interested in my successful liberation of Cotra... Silvar's Captain isn't, Asp isn't. Nobody assigned me the mission, all right, however I expected somebody to notice it, isn't this an unusual behaviour?
  7. In Motrax liar you meet Ostoth the mage, who among other things tells you there is a "tablet" he is missing. I played the game to its end more than once, still I don't have a clue about what this tablet is or where might it be.
  8. Well, in the meanwhile I killed the dragon, and the gate opened for me. I hope I did not mess things up...
  9. I talked to Scrab, then to Asp, back to Spire the box won't open. Can't remember what I missed to do and none of the listed quests seem to have something to do with the circlet.
  10. Yes! That was it. I followed wrong directions until now, as it was written the exit would have opened on north wall... thanks a lot, wackypanda!
  11. Yes, thanks, but I already followed the exact same inctructions, let's say that when the switch does something, and not "a soft click", it doesn't open else than a southern exit to nothing. I know the way to Drath is north, but doesn't open even after about ten minutes of in and outs. In other terms, I would need some basic directions to get out of here, i.e. N-E-W-E-E-E.
  12. Did I say "last question"? I am sorry. I am stucked in Drath's maze, as usual. I know there is a Randomizer's file or post where it is told the sequence of directions through portals to get to Drath level. But, I don't find it here anymore, only the "click and go through eastern portal a number of times", that doesn't work.
  13. Found it! Thanks again Lilith. It is located in the general Settings.
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