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  1. Hi there πŸ˜€ I forgot many things about Avadon 1 and now I am stucked with the second series of Duke's quests. To be precise I am supposed to meet Shigaz again in Berada Woods and to defeat some "well established bandits" there. But I can't find Shigaz there or in Beraza Pitts. I found some bandits underground but no Shigaz. What am I missing? Thanks
  2. Found a fine waveblade in a tomb in Vahnatai land I needed the Orb to reach, all set and done ☺️
  3. Hi, I went back to Avernum 2 after some years and I thought to remember Patrick needed a simple waveblade so I sold the high priced ones that I collected... main difficulty, as I went back to Vahnatai lands to find one but found no other... so I am stucked with Patrick's quest. Any idea where to find a Fine Waveblade, by Vahnatai or upstairs in Avernum? Thanks!
  4. Hi, I know, it's years I do not write here πŸ™‚ I used to be a frequent user of the forum. This days I opened Avadon2 and I could not remember which mod I have on, I presume it is not the one that gives incredibly good weapons at comand but the one to modify characters stats. Only, I can't remember what it does and, above all, how to launch/turn it on/operate it. Any suggestion on where to start? Thanks a lot!
  5. Just to be sure about this, you meant the Fire Sword? Otherwise I would like to know where the Fiery Sword can be collected.
  6. Thanks, I knew that but it doesn't take me anywhere since I don't find a way to use those gates, I mean, I don't know how to reach those exit stairs and gates from the underground. Edit All right, all right! I like to complicate easy things, I expected these gates where there to exit from the underground so I went mad to find a way to access the underground. Gosh.
  7. Sorry, I don't get it. I can't enter the controls in the northwest. No way. They say one needs Move Mountains level 3 to enter there, and I got only level 2. But they also say one needs the Athame to get level 3 Move Mountains, and I can't get the Athame because I don't have level 3. So, it seems I missed something important here in terms of sense and knowledge. How is it? I only noticed there a message on the Athame gate that says it is probably made in Dharmon. Is it a hint that the key is in Dharmon?
  8. I have a similar difficulty there. When I am in front of the gate in the maze northwest corner, it says a key is required. I went away because I found no way to find that key in the Hall of Chos, not even going down the other stairs, those you open inserting abacus and other objects. I thought the key was part of another quest maybe, but I found no hints about that so far. Problem is I would have needed Move Mountains level 3 in many different places I have been, and to get level 3 I read here I need the Blessed Athame... so, what should I do now?
  9. I would like a simple bar for volume control in preferences panel, when I play and listen to a streaming radio from the internet the fight sounds are too loud.
  10. Ok, thanks, in fact I used the cheat, now it is all right.
  11. I went to change the bonuses already obtained with the Editor, to do this I retrained all characters to bring them back to original stats, and after this I tried to take the bonuses, but the editor was out of options (this is the same as in Avadon 1 editor), only I don't understand the "you have to respec" sentence, what do I need to do?
  12. I noticed something using the editor that might interest you. End game in Fort Foresight, the companions left for underground. I remind I left behind Valera's fight so I reach northern area border to exit but, as I expected from Avadon 1, this is not possible. Went back to the Fort fighting the Tawons and at this point I noticed all editor (full, 90%) protections vanished. The SW is still strong and attack features are all there, but editor protection is not working. Hope this report would help.
  13. I'll try anyway, thanks. Maybe is the App Store that blocked changes not the Mac, I can't say. Or maybe it is because I have a second user and the rights are mixed up. Puzzling. ... Ok, thanks, it worked. Had to authorize here and there, copy the folder from a second Avadon install, move original Resources folder to the trash bin, bit complicated but it worked. I read you pay attention to not overpowering SW hits, this is good because I had some difficulties with power in Avadon 1, as you may remember we talked about it once or two. Simply the hit was so powerful that the character
  14. Mmm... good suggestion but no, unfortunately I can't find the dmg, maybe the App Store did install the game directly or I lost it. But I trust Jerakeen has the know how, I mean he copied the folder.
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