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  1. Sorry if there is and I did not see it, is there a Demo for Avadon 3, and where?
  2. I think that nobody in Silvar is interested in my successful liberation of Cotra... Silvar's Captain isn't, Asp isn't. Nobody assigned me the mission, all right, however I expected somebody to notice it, isn't this an unusual behaviour?
  3. In Motrax liar you meet Ostoth the mage, who among other things tells you there is a "tablet" he is missing. I played the game to its end more than once, still I don't have a clue about what this tablet is or where might it be.
  4. Well, in the meanwhile I killed the dragon, and the gate opened for me. I hope I did not mess things up...
  5. I talked to Scrab, then to Asp, back to Spire the box won't open. Can't remember what I missed to do and none of the listed quests seem to have something to do with the circlet.
  6. Yes! That was it. I followed wrong directions until now, as it was written the exit would have opened on north wall... thanks a lot, wackypanda!
  7. Yes, thanks, but I already followed the exact same inctructions, let's say that when the switch does something, and not "a soft click", it doesn't open else than a southern exit to nothing. I know the way to Drath is north, but doesn't open even after about ten minutes of in and outs. In other terms, I would need some basic directions to get out of here, i.e. N-E-W-E-E-E.
  8. Did I say "last question"? I am sorry. I am stucked in Drath's maze, as usual. I know there is a Randomizer's file or post where it is told the sequence of directions through portals to get to Drath level. But, I don't find it here anymore, only the "click and go through eastern portal a number of times", that doesn't work.
  9. Found it! Thanks again Lilith. It is located in the general Settings.
  10. Right. What I thought as an explanation was that second place is default for the Slith, and that maybe the program adds some strength there, due to the implied higher level of strenght of his race, that doesn't change even when you switch race. But, all right. Just my imagination then. If you please, I am in need of help about a last question. I accidentally changed the order of entering combat (not the order of march). I couldn't say how I did that. Now my wizard is first in line of combat and this is quite a disadvantage. How can I restore the previous order? Thanks a lot!
  11. I understand. Coming to criteria, I elaborated a first hand selection of qualities, so when I write about "instinct" I refer to things like 1) items with no cut in hit percentage 2) items with percentage of escaping attacks 3) items offering high percent protection from phisical/magical damage. I am now running an unbalanced party with three Berserkers, two of them with dual wielding, one with pole weapons, and a superb wizard/archer. It works well. However, I have here another odd question: in many different playthroughs, I noticed that second character in line is always, and I mean always, more efficient than the first. No matter if I give the first (say, Aldous) the best weapons. Damage amount is less if compared to the second player (even if human like the first), I think I asked about this gap once and I was told it depends upon weapons and training. But, I tried different solutions and result was the same, isn't it odd?
  12. I noticed I have here and there some difficulties in evaluating useful/protection items criterias. Assuming I sell most of the items and that I don't like to have a heavy bag full of alternative items, it's sometimes difficult to understand which is better, which is to discard and why. An example: Spectral robe Value: 2000 Weight 5 lbs. Armor: +10% +5% to Energy Resistance +3% chance to evade attacks. +20% to Miind Effect Resistance. Shining Silk Robe Value 800 Weight 5 lbs. Armor: +12% +10% to Energy Resistance. +10% to Fire Resistance. +5% chance to evade attacks. I instinctively estimate the Shining Silk Robe more useful, but the higher value in coins of Spectral Robe makes me think there is some criteria I do not understand. There are more items which comparison drive me crazy...
  13. Yeah, right. In fact this playthrough was different and I forgot to do the Mica Tome related quest, so it came as a bit of a surprise when I realized I reached the end of the game... without proteins.
  14. I completed the three main quests, before I reminded about the Mica Tome quest and Quickfire secret that was promised us in exchange. So, how is that apparently the Phoenix egg is not essential for the game? There is a specific quest you have to do to obtain a useless item?