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  1. Normally, when an enemy levels up, he gains a few health points; when you level up, you usually gain some health points and 1 mana point and if you have a level below 20, 1 skill point. So if you do a battle with the same equipments, the battles will take longer. As I played a lot of singletons and tried to clean some difficult areas (for the singletons) early to prevent the enemies from levelling up, I finished the game by cleaning some basic dungeons at level 22 (instead of level 6), it was much easier than if I had done the same fight at level 6: no need for good positioning, for healing and I finished these dungeons with a lot of available mana, health points... . Notes: a good way to prevent the enemy from levelling up is not to return quests when you've done them because some quests only give skill points when you return them; basically, you'll get the same equipment as before, you'll fight some enemies with a lower level than before but you'll have less skill points to distribute, ... rebuilding the fort is a good way to get better equipments earlier, when I reach level 17/18, my equipment is almost optimal as I have not return many quests, ... ; probably, you will reach the same limit when you reach level ~20.
  2. You only get experience by returning quests, cleaning dungeons, solving puzzles, dreaming, which limits the amount of experience you can have. Indirectly, it also limits the level to a maximum of 23.
  3. It's not a big problem because usually, even if the monsters' level has increased, you've had time to acquire better equipments, so you'll do more damage per turn and have better protection, but the fights will take longer. However, I advise you: to open the passages to the new areas (Ukat, Vol, Ahriel) as soon as possible because it allows you to build a new fort, ... to try the difficult dungeons with the right level : final battle in Tower of Nisse at level 19 and Dragon's Lair at level 21.
  4. It is no so bad, if you know what it's feasible and when it's doable(*); ie. I just finished a game without trying to kill Shubael and avoiding the final battle in Tower of the Nisse(**), the only battles that were very, very hard (where I had to reload a lot of times) were the battles inside the three Nisse refuges(***). In fact, it felt more like banging my head against the wall with my first try in casual mode where I started to clean the Haven areas and then tried to get through the Ahriel/Ukat/Vol gates with a high level character and basic equipment, it was almost impossible. (*) of course, you will need to reload more often as more things can go wrong, (**) I accepted the 100-year deal, (***) maybe, because at that time, I was no longer updating my equipment thinking it was good enough to finish the game. So at the end, my singleton was clearly less optimised that my previous singleton in veteran, but still very optimised...
  5. To give you some little news, I just finished a game with a singleton in veteran mode ; it's much more difficult than playing a full party in torment, but cleaning most areas is still relatively feasible with a good strategy (sometimes unusual). There are two areas in which I have not found any good strategy: - Tower of the Nisse: the first battle is feasible but the final battle is almost impossible, i.e. I finished it, but I reloaded several times while waiting for an improbable event to occur. - the Dragon's Lair: I don't see how to kill Shubael without completely cheating, so I did not try to kill Shubael. Note: - Killing the Hidden Prince (Murkhala Mines) with a singleton at level 16 was also surprisingly difficult (but still doable), I am not sure it can be done in torment mode.
  6. Just two comments: I'm not sure I agree with this part; of course, if you can't finish a dungeon and you level up, the enemies' level will almost always increase, so if you can't buy new weapons, new armor, yes the enemies will be fundamentally harder. But if you don't level up, the enemies keep exactly the same characteristics (*). So in my first game, I almost always took a first stage that consisted only of mapping most of the dungeon and killing the first groups of enemies; then I came back with some strategy to try to kill the boss. In the latest games, I still do a lot of dungeons (about ~50%) in several stages, simply because some enemies don't reappear when they are killed or because it is possible to avoid a group before killing the boss (and I want to check all the chests). The ennemies scaling is also interesting because it clearly changes my games, ie. as I want to at be level 19 when I do Tower of Nisse (to fight enemies at level 18), I skip some quests and a few easy dungeons just to avoid gaining too much experience. Of course, I complete these remaining dungeons before the end; for instance, in the last game, I completed Neil's Manse and Barb's Bastion only when I was at level 20 (as not to leave any pockets of resistance :-~). (*) I just checked with a saved game: I killed the first group of enemies, I left the dungeon, I came back, the respawn group (and the following group) have the same characteristics as before. With a full party, even in torment, except Tower of Nisse and Dragon's Lair (which are very tough), I save very often but I don't often need to recharge the last backup. With a singleton, I need to reload more often ( in normal, maybe on average one reload for two dungeons ; in veteran, much more, on average maybe one reload per dungeon)...
  7. Does this happen more often in the iOS version than in the desktop version ? If yes, this would probably annoy me a lot. If not, I have finished this game in normal without knowing how to right-click and it was quite feasible ; since then, I have finished the game with greater complexity, I sometimes use the right-click on enemies: either to look at their starting characteristics (to plan a battle) or to guess if a enemy which is bleeding, ... will die or not on his next turn, but hardly never because I do not see an enemies health status. I am not sure I understand this part, ie. if you have build enough apothecary shops, you can ask to convert the healing potions in energy potions which is really useful when you play a singleton (ie. in the last part of the game, my pack is almost full of energy potions)...
  8. Sorry, I remember seing this message in my first games (one time when I have already rebuild the first Vol's fort) and that my resources/golds were frozen but I have not done any screenshot. In my last games, this message no longer appears, probably because now, I rush the beginning:
  9. Oops, sorry, definitely this message is more accurate than my message :-~ ; yes, minimal resources are collected to cover forts' maintenance costs(*). I see that as a method to freeze the resources/golds situation and to avoid cheating by teleporting/... until you have enough resources/golds to build all shops/buy all equipments... (*) I do not know if this is still true if some of your resources are in deficit. For instance, if your shops use more woods than you can collect.
  10. The consequences of the uninspired messages are that the forts (in all lands) no longer collect any resources and any golds every two days. Note: - I have rarely seen this message, so I am not sure if it is related to some timeframe, the numbers of cleared zones compared to the number of rebuilt forts, or doing nothing in the last X days... In fact, I suspected that if you do not keep teleporting between far places just to collect resources, you will rarely see it:~
  11. When I wrote this message, I mostly wanted to explain why having two glitter-stones does not seem intended to me. The hint was here to help to reproduce the problem but I also mean it to be a little cryptic. However as I often play with a singleton, when I think of my pack, the first thing that comes to mind is that it is full, so it was probably too cryptic, sorry... I mentioned in this email that there is two glitter-stones in the initial chest of Haven, ... , probably because my pack was full when I bought them to Obro (as it was always full at these times of the game). So I suppose that this is sufficient... I imagined something similar: he has found a big source of glitter-stones and he was a prudent guy, so he only sell them one by one to trusted people (to avoid to be robbed, ...)
  12. In fact, I also thought of a flag's problem (due to a change in the code flow), ie. when I bought these stones, there appeared in the initial chest in Haven fort (because my pack was already full) so this triggered a warning message. But maybe this is already corrected in 1.0.3, ie. if this happened here, it is probable that this can happen in other places and that someone reported it.
  13. You can also change the difficulty settings for this battle and try to do it in normal or in casual. Ie. the first time, I try to play the game, it was in normal and I can not even finish this battle, so I finish it in casual. Since I have finished it in torment with a full party with better equipments and tactics (I used the behind the counter technic and it was not so difficult), and with a singleton in normal (it was almost impossible, ie. I need to reload the game a lot of times, ...).
  14. Hello, I am clearly not a strategic expert on this fight: my main problem is survive the first wave of monsters, the last three waves are much more easier to deal with. I guess that if you can wipe quickly the first wave with spells, standing in the center platform is better ; if not, you can try to stand in the south of the room (ie. between the watchers) and kill the casters first, the warriors will have problem finding a path to reach you, so it is relatively easy to block temporarily one entrance with a summon and make most of the warriors turn around the table (to try to reach the second entrance).
  15. I have done more tests and I am still no sure that this is the intended behaviour, ie. normally, after you buy your first glitter-stone to Obro, the dialog used for buying this stone seems to disappear forever. However except if you want to start a collection of glitter stones, it does not matter, ie. I returned to Obro to buy a third and fourth glitter-stones, then I retrieved them (hint: there were not in my pack), and tried to finish the Glorious Spear with 4 glitter-stones, this tentative failed miserably :-~
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