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  1. Thank You! I just couldn't see him on my screen before.
  2. Where do I find the owner of the boat in Gale? Trying to get over to Maddok Isle. Thanks
  3. Never mind, I discovered that they're not traps, but actually make a path. Not sure why they look like traps though.
  4. Hi, I'm in the Castle of Vothkaro and I'm down by the large barrier and at the control panel which moves the traps along the stone floor. No matter what I do, I cannot enter the west room. I've moved the traps all over the place, but keep getting smoked out. I know I need to get to the little switch on the right hand wall, but even when all the traps are on the left hand side of the room, I can't enter. Help!
  5. Bevk

    Zethrons treasure

    Is there a way to get that loot in the boxes under Zethrons Keep? I've stood on the platform in front of the lava, but nothing happens.
  6. Bevk

    Avadon Fortress on map

    Hi, I have been through the Avadon Fortress for the first time, gotten some quests etc, spoken with Protus and finally used the portal, ending up on the Zethrons Lair map. I now want to go back to the fortress as I forgot to do something in the Avadon dungeon, but I can't see it on my world map?
  7. Hi, I am in Thompsons Lair in the first room and I know you trigger/open the northern gate by stepping on the wooden panel. However, as soon as I start heading to the gate, it slams shut again. What am I missing? Thanks!
  8. I have an update on this bug From Spiderweb on 22 Feb: Gate In Tower of Elderan Closes Permanently In v1.0 of Avernum 2, there is a gate on the top floor that can get permanently stuck in the closed position. This will be fixed in v1.0.1 or later. In the meantime, there is a workaround. Press Shift-D to bring up the debug window. Then enter this exact line ... sdf 102 20 1 The gate will open.
  9. Where so I find the spell book for level 3 barriers? I thought it was in Pyrns Tower, but he seems stuck fighting a demon/wizard.
  10. Where is Starcap? I'm doing the lab equipment quest and just cannot find the guy. thx.
  11. Hi, I can't seem to get back to the top level of the Tower of Elderan. I went there to kill him, succeeded and then left. Now I have to find the location of the sceptre and I need to get back to the top of the tower in order to come back down the middle section to the desk for the key. The gate on level 4 is shut, no matter which switches and levers I pull on the levels below. What am I doing wrong? tx
  12. My mage is also getting hit by acid from time to time. The character has some Phyrric gauntlets and in the description it says that they produce a tingly feeling (like the Uranium bars, I think).
  13. I must confess that I always buy the hint book. That way I can just cross off quests and sections as I complete them. Much easier than taking notes and I get to enjoy every single minor and major quest available.