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  1. I am trying to install Nethergate on Lion and get the above error. I follow the workaround and the install opens, but nothing happens when I click "Continue". Any ideas?
  2. Druidic Destruction

    Can't finish crown quest

    Just to clarify, I recently purchased Nethergate Resurrection and I am trying to finish the game, but I am stuck. I've done the Skull of Stone and The Eye of Cathrac quests without any problems. I went to Anwnn and returned with the crown, or 12 crowns in one of my games. I have gone back to Nethergate Village, gone into the Cheif's hut and tried all the dialogue options, I even tried to talk to the wolf. I've talked to Cormac and Mugain, and all of them tell me to go to Anwnn, when I am holding the Crown of the dead in my special items list. The chief and Cormac warn me about the spy, and I get the same dialogue from Mugain that I got before going to Anwnn. I am stumped, I can't go any further in the game until the chief gets the crown, but he won't acknowledge that I have it. Could my game be buggy? I even reinstalled to be sure it wasn't that, but I'm not the greatest tech genius.
  3. I am playing Celts and I have finished the Anwnn quest, left the land of the dead and got the ugly crown from the Romans. When I go back to Nethergate village I can't get the Cheiftan to take the crown. All he wants to talk about is Boutell the spy. How do I get the Cheiftan to accept the crown and send my group to the next quest?
  4. Druidic Destruction

    Can't get into rooms behind Bel's throne.

    Thank you, At least I can stop trying to get into those barred places. I brought the ugly iron crown back to Nethergate village and went to the Chieftan, Cormac, and Mugain and I can't tell them I have it, seem to get anyone to take it from me, or have them notice that I have it. The quest doesn't seem to complete. I just get told to go to Annwn, like I haven't done the quest yet. And I get warned about the spy. One copy of the game I thought I might have missed the crown, so I went back and killed the Romans 3 times, so I have 3 of the crowns, but no luck in finishing the quest. I am really confused, I can't seem to get the game to move forward. Is there some other important thing I missed?
  5. Greetings, I am playing Celts, and I am in Annwn and I can't get into the rooms behind Bel's throne. Using piercing sight I can see entrances through the hall of the Hunt in the NW and the other entrance in the NE, but I can't seem to get though them. Of course if I try to get through from the throne room I die from cold. I have done the hunt, and have the shadow key, I have all 6 of Skylaks keys plus the bone key, glowing key, titus' key, is there some other key in Annwn I need? I've tried pass portal, sever seal, and break barrier, at both hidden entrances and none of those spells helped. I copied my game before going into Annwn so I could try some different things, and the first copy I left and found the Romans and got their ugly iron crown, but it doesn't seem to be the right thing. I came back and got 3 total ugly iron crowns from the Romans, but they don't work to finish the quest. So what am I missing? Where is the real crown and how do I get to it? Also on the same map of Bel's hall and the hall of the hunt, in the south west piercing sight reveals an area in the SE hidden behind a wall, just a long rectangular strip of green, is there some way to get into that, and is there anything worth getting there? Thank you,