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  1. Originally Posted By: Excellence of Being Prudent I'd say it's in large part a post-Baldur's Gate II development. That was a game that let you pursue romances with party members. It was also probably the most sprawling RPG ever made. Its successors have tended to be more tightly focused, and they also generally want you to see more of the content. The result is that rather than being able to have romances, you're often able to stumble into romances by accident. So true. Dragon Age bored me with constant flirting from party members and random NPCs. I've heard about my PCs good looks all the time. And the concept that people will want to sleep with you if you are not a total jerk is... strange. I didn't want anybody from party - guys, we have to save the world, everything else can wait. So I couldn't talk to anyone without loosing their loyalty. The same for Mass Effect.
  2. Originally Posted By: Randomizer The battle system is challenging. You get a choice on how you want to die. Get killed by sword or spell. Err... Ahem... Ummm... So, there are swords and spells in game! Maybe you can make an example of the treacherous tactics you use against some special foes?
  3. I've tried BoA demo and have seen that level up system is pretty much the same. Combat has more variety but moctly because of less AP and punish hits for walking pass enemies. That's good indeed, but there was a strange balancing - AFAIR most enemies died from a hit or two and most of my characters too. Hm. Dunno why Jeff completely abandoned this system in favor of big running on the map castles. But thanks for fixing godless interface. And I don't quite understand why he abandoned exploring world on a big map. The Bard's Tale? Too old. Not that I needed fancy graphics, but those crappy UIs... Takes all the fun from the game. I can play 80's adventures cause UI hasn't changed in the genre much, but strategies and RPGs evolved much. You'd better recommend Wizardry 8 which looks like a deadly sin but has a perfect UI.
  4. Previous Spiderweb games were pretty much straightforward in decision making. You had to do some decisions in quests (who to help, to do or not to do sidequest), but there was a flaw common for all CRPGs: all sidequests were nust-to-do if you want your characters to stay in shape for mainquests. So no real decision here, except for some cases when you had to do sidequest much later after you get it - there you should see if you are able for the task, but it was mostly problem of save/load. So I really take some path only when I ally someone. It feels... Not enough. Gameplay. Similar system: you decide who's in your party and after that you levelup them on the same scheme of development, no surprises, no second thoughts, all the choice is like "will I rise Endurance now and Melee later or vica versa?" And you'll get either +3% HP or +5% to-hit, you don't feel like you've changed something. Take Wizardry. It had similar party system but then BANG you could change character class and transform him into something completely different. I don't want to say this mechanic is so great but it offers a choice, gives me a chance to think. Avadon will have skills - now that's something. But all above is just talk cause story and levelup system is already there. I wanted to asks (betatesters, are you there?) about battle system. Is it challenging? Does it makes your brain browsing through possibilities? Would we have something beside standard scheme "tanks tanking, mages and shooters give hell from the back"? Can it be tuned so that enemies have some special skills making us to seek new tactics for every battle? Hope so. Avernum is great game, but a bit monotonous. Hope Avadon will give good changes we've been promised.
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