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  1. Books are good when they are awesome and easy to read. Im reading a book right now that is short but the story is so concise and awesome how can you refuse? Master of Chains-Dungeons and Dragons Fighters Book #1
  2. I always thought that acting outside the norms of common good/altruistic behavior would be considered evil. Someone killing another person without a reason or to kill a mass amount of people for no reason. Those are strong indicators that the person is not playing with a full deck and is evil. Anything that is pointless murder or stuff like that. Rapists and child sexual abusers should be executed without a trial. The problem is the justice system in America awards the bad guys with life imprisonments/temporary insanity. Its a disgrace.
  3. Whether its D and D or not D and D-I still wouldn't find anything wrong with offing an evil person. If I had a chance and could prevent world war 2, I would take Hitler down a notch and hope for the best. I could care less whether its evil, neutral or good-its preventing a future tragedy which is what matters. I don't think you can get away with being nicey nice. Evil people like that have no rules and therefore neither should the person that takes them down. How is killing a defenseless evil person bad?
  4. D and D is always cool especially Baldurs Gate. I really think the alignments even though some weren't completely correct, were best done in that game series. The only thing that is lame is that Montaron wasn't a playable character in BG 2. He was my favorite character until Dorn came around.
  5. The D and D personalities are very much flawed. The reasoning is that chaotic-neutral makes no sense. Jarlaxle is chaotic-neutral yet he makes the right choice to save Drizzt because Drizzt is a good guy. He does this out of altruism so he would be considered chaotic/good. Yet he is made neutral just because he kills a few people. Here's a news flash-killing bad people isn't going to make you indirectly bad. If anything it should be considered a good thing. The problem with this is that as soon as a neutral good character kills an unarmed/noncombative evil guy without giving him a chance
  6. I just finished the Eastern docks with my solo lvl 13 Guardian. It was really risky/hard but it was fun as anything sniping enemies with my javelins. Im of the opinion that any agent/guardian ranged weapon user is definitely overpowered. You basically get 3 attacks against melee opponents before they close. 1 attack to stun which they close to melee/never getting close, 2-round the corner-end combat-then start combat and 3-rinse and repeat with similar long distance/stun.
  7. Some might not classify this as a book but I do. Im reading Jeff's toddler stories and it is pretty funny.
  8. Originally Posted By: runequester I had decided to play the game as a hardcore avadon loyalist, KGB attitudes and all, but I must admit the game made it hard for me to stick the course every time. Haven't finished yet, but looking forward to it. Just stormed the titan camp, which was a lot of fun Loyalist? I thought there was only 2 endings. You could join miranda or kill redbeard (which was hard). Am i missing something. There's only 2 endings right?
  9. Hello slarty, will this mod help the bizarre inability to hit enemies that the regular game suffers from? Im not talking about mages/priests, just my fighters they cant hit anything. Thanks.
  10. I dont want to nag anyone, but if some of you guys that happened to beat the game on the crazy difficulties (anyone but me), could you post your success on the different builds that are out there. Im not brave enough for torment but i would like to try hard. I find that with the new trait system there are quite a few different types of characters to make. Just a few are off the top of my head that i would like to find more about on the higher difficulties- Melee Tank-Hardiness/Pole or melee/parry or dualwield or lethal blow. This would be a typical brute build that either goes with d
  11. My favorite is the 4th chinese classic-"Outlaws of the Marsh", or Water Margin. Epic martial arts!
  12. Ive found it hard to read almost anything unless its on a computer. I used to read a lot and was a big fan of R.A. Salvatore and any of the great Chinese classic trilogies, now i cant pick up any book. Last book i tried to read was the first book on the wheel of time, couldnt get into it. The only good thing about this is that any of jeff's really awesome games are almost exactly like reading a book. Does anyone else think so?
  13. Thank you turtle, i can now play the game again. Very helpful of you!!
  14. runner faiga- 1-"Why do you live out here? 2-I am in need of information. Those are the only two dialogs i get and when i pick one, they connect with each other and have no relative info to the beast or the woods. That is faiga, kellen cant work because i told moritzkri. I really hope that i dont have to start over as ive never beaten the game but did get close.
  15. No unfortunately i dont, the game didnt autosave.
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