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  1. Ya, did compatibility mode (Windows XP, service pack 3) but no luck. I looked up what solutions others had done but I wasn't willing to go so far as virtual PCs and such.
  2. I love seeing all the towns and fortresses on the Queen's Wish world map. Reminds me so much of the old Might and Magic and Ultima world maps. The landmass is in a corny shape, though 😊 (Reminds me of this hilarious meme) I've been biding my time replaying Avadon (didn't get all the way through it first time) while watching Let's Play Avernum - Escape from the Pit by Atantuo (Atantuo's Playlist on Youtube). Seeing Avernum has made me really crave playing the old Exile games. My first Spiderweb Software game was Exile II. I got it on some demo disc and was so hooked on the turn-based strategy and the fascinating mystery of the barrier walls. I'm 37 now, but back then I had to beg my mum to order it through the post Australia to America, which we'd never done before. What I loved about the Exile series was the large party size, the pages and pages of spells, and having to scour the land looking for rare spells. There's something very satisfying about magic spells being lost across the lands and being found again, one by one, by you. There was always a spark of enthusiasm in finding a room with bookshelves, a pedestal or a shrine. I tried installing the old Exile games but they naturally don't work on modern OS' (Windows 10, 64 bit here). I'm wondering if Jeff will ever make the old games open source so us die-hards can update and recompile it?
  3. So great to see the Spiderweb Software engines running so strong! :) For this latest creation, my hope is that you re-introduce a lot of the great ground-based spells and effects from the Exile series. Things like the barrier spells and dispells, Quickfire and such. Things that can give you more control over the shape and tactics of the battlefield. Cheers!
  4. Ah that's much of a pity. Creating permanent effects really set his mages apart from the typical class. As he says on his blog on Avadon: "Sorceress ... Nothing innovative here. ... I don't feel guilty about having some of the classes be very straightforward and what people are used to in RPGs. I want players to have the option to stay with what they are familiar and comfortable with. The fireball-flinging magic user became a fantasy archetype for a reason." If he weaved these spell effects a strategy into the sorceress, it'd up their appeal quite a lot. There's something about giving the player that much control that is pleasing. Is there a way to edit these spells back into Avernum? I completed Avernum 1 and I started playing Avernum 2 but then got really disenchanted after finding out they are not in any of the Avernums.
  5. Hi all, This is my first post and I am here to ask this question that's been bugging me. I'm sorry if it's been answered elsewhere (I searched and couldn't find it), but I'm wondering what happened to the Fire and Force Barrier spells, and the other field spells, from the original Exile games? I remember loving these spells. They often played a huge part in my strategy. Being able to change the battle field with all the field spells made battle exciting and thought provoking. I just read Jeff's post about the classes for his latest game, and I was disappointed to see the Sorceress was just a dpser. I'm hoping he'll reintroduce some sort of battlefield modifying spells, including permanent walls. Anyone know what happened for Avernum? Cheers!
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