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  1. sorry didn't see that my bad meant Red-Beard.
  2. so a war has started, redbread has gone missing perhaps gone to seek allies or just dead anyway avadon needs to exist there has to be an incorruptible judge to maintain peace. Am sure this war will end soon, why? cause i believe what we just learnt about the corruption opens the door to even a bigger threat not just to avadon but to everyone else. As the war rages on am sure avadon will leave the corruption unwatched and focus on pushing the rebels back, leaving whatever sinister demons or spirit is in the corruption to flourish. As we know nobody is ever satisfied with what they have and soon the corruption will want more lands to purify as it likes to put it(opening more portals inviting more demons). Soon the rebels and avadon plus the council ofcourse will realise a need to sign a peace treaty and focus on how to fight back the corruption or face extinction. Just a wild Guess....
  3. where did red bread go? miss out on the love part was looking forward to it. am sure if i had gone rogue silke would have played the love interest. oh and i tried killing red bread doesn't seem possible with the escaping portal and all and i have a good reason too cause for someone who saved up all those corruption wands and the many other wands it should have been possible. All In All It was as always an interesting game. simple advice always run from a fight when u can. kill some and run off then return when ur health is perfect to finish the job
  4. Spiderweb games have become a part of my life. I love these games so much having come across it some years ago. i just wanted to say well done and thanks to jeff and all those involve in the making of these games. i was sceptical at the beginning but once i got engulf in the stories i couldn't let go. Thanks for being a difference in the gaming industry. AdiĆ³s all the way from Ghana.
  5. Shadowwalkers just have something attractive abt them. Jenelle has got the best personality. Nathalie gets my vote for the most dangerous in the squad. she kicks ass. but sounds like a nagging wife. Shima gets my vote for the most touching life story. Sevelin gets my vote for being the strongest in the squad in terms of how easy attacks damage him. useful when distracting enemies from Nathalie. avadon has better graphics compared to his predecessors but geneforge still rules
  6. i hope jeff can make fighting strong enemies less frustrating (eg RED BREAD).
  7. adrenas

    avadon 2

    Am sure am not the only one who realised the game left some questions unanswered. the only way i see it getting a closure is the creation of avadon 2.
  8. i just hope avadon is more like geneforge can't wait to get it.
  9. i really got infused with the storyline of geneforge so much so that when alwan died i felt kind of sad. the game is really great and kudos to the producers. thank u.
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