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  1. @Cesium and Dicetrain: Yeah, this is one of those stories in which there aren't many people to really like. Redbeard may make the trains run on time (usually), but he's also corrupt, as violent as most of the people who oppose him, and at times surprisingly inept. For instance, Click to reveal.. while Shima was probably the companion I liked least, his sidequest actually made the most sense from a 'greater good' standpoint. Yeah, he was mostly in it for revenge, but the fact stands that Harua was building a fortress inside the Beraza woods. A war could easily have started over less. It's n
  2. @Dicetrain: I don't see why this is such a problem. A lot of people have strong opinions on which side is right in various Spiderweb games. For instance, I loathe the Shapers, and pretty much always played 'rebel' sides in the Geneforge series. It's impossible to design a scenario that everyone will see as an even-handed and difficult moral quandary, and frankly I'm not sure why one would want to anyway. The measure of choice in a story like this should be at least as much its ability to divide its players as a whole as to divide any individual's mind. Geneforge seems to do this quite well; wh
  3. Impressively comprehensive and thoughtful, as usual. Only one question: "Golden girls grind?"
  4. Quote: Someone wearing Mercuric Chain will take approximately 25% more physical damage than someone wearing enchanted plate. This is not acceptable for a front-line fighter, but I don't see how it's such a deal-breaker for a magic-user who does not expect to take as much physical abuse. Well, and 12.5% more damage from fire/ice/magic, which seems problematic given the tendency of bosses and high level enemies to spam powerful elemental attacks. Also, while a deficiency in physical defense is not as much of a liability for a caster, a lot of the harder battles in the game (e.g. the darken
  5. The mercuric leather's low armor is okay in the early-mid game, but a serious liability later on. Even with the mercuric chain, I found that the equipped character took substantially higher damage (I never found the mercuric plate). The quicksilver sandals are much more worthwhile. Other than the radiant boots (which provide no other bonuses), and the gazerskin sandals (unique, and only available very near the end of the game), boot defense caps out around 8%. That's only a 6% armor difference; compare a piece of variously enchanted plate (34%) to the 10% armor on the mercuric leather or
  6. An addition to this list: there is also a quest in the early game that requires you to bring 1 unit of sugar.
  7. In my experience, killing the undead titans early on makes a huge difference. Their HP is high but falls pretty quickly to concentrated assault, and each one has attacks nearly as strong as Beloch's. In particular, they have an earthshatter-like attack that does heavy damage in a large area and has a good chance of stunning. Suck down two of those in quick succession and you might as well reload on the spot. Aside from that, keep characters out of Beloch's attack range as much as possible (unlike most enemies, he remains static, meaning his attack radius does as well). His strongest atta
  8. It does? I don't remember that. In any case, there are a lot of books with government conspiracies in them. I'm pretty sure if the government were interested in going after people based on their choice of conspiracy literature, they'd be more interested in those who read, say The Turner Diaries or Behold a Pale Horse than those who read Catcher in the Rye. I can only envisage that inspiring a sinister conspiracy of English teachers.
  9. Classic. Have they picked up the big Abortionplex story yet?
  10. I knew an elderly professor who referred to them as "MyPlace" and "FacePage," but I think he did that deliberately to annoy people. I don't know him that well, but those who do tell me he enjoys the real-life trolling. I think I became old the day I decided this whole "derp" fad was a colossal pain in the collective and personal posterior. Actually, I'm still not entirely behind "sick" as a synonym for good/cool/hip. Though coming to this forum makes me feel young. Bonus points to Dantius for the WorldNetDaily reference. Oh, the Hal Lindsey columns.
  11. Infinite Jest. And will likely remain in the process of reading it for some time to come.
  12. Are you referring to the Synergy list? If so, it's one of the links on Strategy Central, which directs you to http://www.spiderwebforums.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=98652#Post98652 If you search for "Jinx Blade" you'll find everything with that attribute. Though generally, most weapons with a special title in the description (Jinx Blade, Poison Blade, etc.) have some special ability associated with their attack. Well, except Heartstriker, which just does more damage.
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