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    Wanna hear something sad but funny, when I first played Exile 1, I played the demo over and over again until my dad finally bought me the registered version (and by over and over again, I mean I mean probably about 30+ times). Was it $15 back then? For some reason I remember it being incredibly cheap. In all seriousness, I've played EQ, FFXI, WoW etc. and I still prefer Spiderweb games.
  2. Miriam


    Back when it looked like this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Exile_shot.gif Quote: More recently the Exile games have been remade as the Avernum series, which replaced the two-dimensional tile-based graphics system with an isometric one and made numerous changes to the RPG system and some changes to the content. Fifth and sixth titles in the series are available under the Avernum moniker and engine. I didn't really like Avernum as much as Exile, probably because I played the original so long.
  3. Miriam


    I said Exile. It was either Orc or Ogres and it was when Exile first came out, the first major game here.
  4. Miriam


    Yea lol. Good times. When I started Exile: Escape from the Pit, I was too young to be able to afford it myself so I played the demo. I remember in one of the Orc towns, I could row into one spot in my boat and rest until the whole room filled up and they couldn't reach me, then I would AoE them all until they were all gone, go collect the gear and money, then repeat. So awesome.
  5. Miriam


    I remember Solberg (in-game). I started the very first Exile when it was brand new, which I see is called Avernum now.
  6. Miriam


    This was the first actual RPG I started playing (exile) and I've had the name Mirewen in games ever since!
  7. Miriam


    This place still exists. I love this company.
  8. Miriam

    Favorite Plauge?

    My favourite plague was Golems, I hated them SO much but you had to use skill to beat them so I guess its a respect thing. If I went for the most "fun" I'd say trogs.
  9. Miriam

    Best story?

    I found Exile 2 to be like most second movies in a trilogy, very important storyline to link the first to the third but otherwise boring.
  10. Miriam

    celts or romans????

    My ancestors were celts/gaelics/druids, guess who I choose. . .
  11. I have tried a singleton party (as the Celts) and then signed on a Roman NPC later on in the game. It was fun, but I wouldn't recommend it to people that have yet to finish the game with a 'normal' party first.
  12. I have a question: Why would you want to kill her?
  13. Schrodinger is right. Bad things happen to Romans who enter Nethergate (much like what happens to the Celts if they go too far into the Roman's camp). How did you manage to get that far inside?!
  14. I have never run into that problem. A few questions: 1. Where are you trying to talk to these peolple? 2. Who are these people? 3. Mac or PC?
  15. Drakefyre has got a point and it does not take very long to download.