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  1. Originally Posted By: Tirien Their called infinite respawns due to the fact that they never end. A time limit would mean it ends, thus, it would not be a infinite respawn. I meant something that indicated that there was a time limit FOR you to get out of there. Other people running etc. Originally Posted By: Tirien The whole "Infinite respawns" thing is a good indication that you should leave. Except it's sometimes hard to tell if something's doing infinite respawns or not. =p
  2. I think infinite respawns are silly if there's not some time limit etc / indication that you should REALLY be getting out of there. Or a reward for surviving for a certain amount of time / getting everyone out.
  3. It's been awhile since I played Avernum 3, so I was wondering if anyone remembered at what point in the game do the monster attacks stop? Not for each individual factory, but at what point do they stop overall?
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    I clicked the first page. Then I clicked the last page. Now I'm just lost.
  5. I'm leaning towards "Boosts things that other equipment does not / does so rarely". Probably boosts to skills (in the skill tree) or something like that. I've seen scarabs before in the Mardek RPG games (pretty good flash games based off Final Fantasy etc). There, they're "ultimate" trinket-slot (which includes rings, necklaces, etc) items that give boosts / permanent buffs or just stat increases to a ridiculous degree. I, personally, have a sneaking suspicion that scarabs are just things for a single class and that other classes have the same / similar items but with different looks / descriptions. It'd make sense since each class is based off a single civilisation in game.
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    Maybe she's thinking about murdering him.
  7. Originally Posted By: All Caturdom If the enormous amounts of health bother you, why not turn down the difficulty? —Alorael, who plays on normal most of the time and who has enjoyed the games just fine. He's also noticed that some fights start to drag, though, so torment must be torturous. I enjoy difficulty, especially in terms of bosses etc, and I usually get near to no difficulty when I play on normal. =/ Also I'm a masochist like a lot of gamers and I'm willing to inflict much pain and carpal tunnel on myself for a bit of imaginary self-worth. Originally Posted By: Randomizer Jeff still hasn't released the game so I don't know what he actually will do for changes. He had planned to mostly change the way boss fights work. Giving monsters more health was the easiest way to make the game take longer since you couldn't one shot kill things after the beginning of the game. It is really tedious in Avernum 6 fighting the sliths past the Eastern Gallery since you have to concentrate your damage while keeping the rest from attacking you. I'd personally suggest cutting HP values across the board (from Avernum VI's values) and increasing damage in harder modes. I'm not really sure of what kind of effect that'd have, but I suspect it'd go towards Jeff's current philosophy of "Get it closer to DA:O / old school D&D." Originally Posted By: Dintiradan The problem stems from how difficulty selection screens were done years ago. They would taunt you for picking an easy difficulty, and praise you for picking a hard difficulty. Years later, it's still an ingrained habit to start playing on the most difficult setting, and then shifting down only when gameplay is impossible. And winning games on Torment certainly is possible, just tedious, so I simply cannot change the difficulty. I mean, have a go of I Wanna Be The Guy. You get a pink ribbon in your hair and all additional save points have "Wuss" written on them. If that doesn't encourage you to shift up your difficulty to Hard (the lowest difficulty is Medium), then I don't know what will. Originally Posted By: Master1 And that is why Geneforge is better. Ok, that was not really meant to be taken seriously, so let's not get into a fight. I don't know what Jeff has in mind, but some more intellectually challenging fights would be nice, so long as there are always alternative ways around them. I never was very good at figuring out how to kill Zelda bosses. I'd love that, to be honest.
  8. I just signed up to say that this statement troubles me intensely. Jeff said it in the third developer diary. Here it is for the lazy buggers:- Originally Posted By: Jeff Vogel The opinions of my fans has been nearly unanimous on this point. Spiderweb games have gotten too hard. I am completely revamping game balance with this in mind. The normal, default difficulty will not be tough. Unless you go picking fights with dragons, Avadon will be far less tough that previous games. At the same time, I will make sure that the higher difficulty levels push back at you. This statement troubles me because Jeff seems to be completely missing the point of what the vast majority of people are complaining about. We're not complaining about the difficulty of the games (which seems to be equal throughout all the games or close to) but the tedium of having to cut through the massive life bars that many creatures have been given in the latest games. I've put off playing Torment in Avernum VI not because of the difficulty but because I really don't want to sit there for hours at a time chopping my way through the massive life bars of late game sliths (I mean, seriously, it's boring enough on normal mode, I can't imagine how much worse it gets when you get to Torment). Early games were considerably less tedious and had far smaller life bars on the vast majority of enemies, which was something I relished. I didn't like the switch in Avernum engines because I was quite capable of just using my warrior to deal with the chaff enemies and switch to full group mode when I got to a difficult encounter / large boss. What I'm trying to say is that it troubles me that Jeff seems to be missing the idea that what a lot of people didn't like about the newer games is not that the games were difficult but that they were dull during a lot of combat. It's one of the weaknesses of the Geneforge engine compared to the early Avernum / Nethergate one. Does anyone agree with me, or am I just talking a load of junk? P.S. I posted this here instead of anywhere else because it was in an Avadon development diary and it's directly related to the difficulty of Avadon itself.
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