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  1. I once named my old Fyora Old Bill, but he died one map afterwards. He was the only one I ever loved.
  2. I think that the worst person was the guy at the beginning of G4. I let the monsters kill him, and he still appeared at the stupid fort. Then, when I tried to kill him, I got killed by Greta.
  3. I think Jeff is winning.
  4. I believe that both the Geneforge and Avernum skill sets can also be used with the class system. For example, a mage can have skills with magic and a warrior can have skills with swords, but the mage can't have a skill with swords and the warrior can't have a skill with magic.
  5. I think I made the Alwan page, or at least edited it. Also, I made some of the keywords and made the Astoria and Rawal page.
  6. Then again, there is a reason why Red Beard hasn't been killed yet. Had we found that he was easy to beat, I don't think that the power of Red Beard Spiderweb Software wanted to show us would be long lost.
  7. Hints: 1. Have the Shadow Walker and the Mage in the northern secret room, and put the warrior in the southern room. 2. Have the Warrior "see" the Soul Jars. This way, the Shadow Walker and the Mage will be able to fight in both rooms without having to walk to the two separate rooms. 3. I prefer to have the Shaman fighting Red Beard as she can easily heal herself. 4. I prefer to have the PC fighting the Soul Jars, but I suppose a person can try to fight Red Beard. If you need: 1. Turn down the difficulty of the game using the Preference Screen 2. Use cheats like healmenow and rechargeme. Using these hints, I defeated Red Beard in about thirty minutes.
  8. Actually, if you don't kill any important characters then there will still be those three rebel leaders. So, not good if you like the Shapers.
  9. I believe that if you take the Barzite path, you are able to take all of the canisters and become freaking powerful. Or, at least, that is what I think happens. I've never played a Barzite. Or Awakened. I've only played Servant and unaligned. And man, unaligned can be pretty difficult. You just kill and kill and kill without being able to learn much (except with the first trainer in the Shaper Warrens and from the Agent in the Loyalist Encampment). Other than that, little to no canisters, no alterations, and little training until the third quarter of the game for an unaligned character. However, killing everything does give a person a pretty good plus in experience points and a pretty good ending, and a person can actually get some training in Medab. (Although, I believe that if you raze Drypeak, people don't like you. Or something.) Sorry, getting off track here. If you play Awakened, I don't think that it is terrible to become a canister junkie, as they were the ones who pushed the PC to use the Geneforge. Even the Takers didn't do that.
  10. I had a bunch of living tools by the end of Geneforge 3 (50?). Then, I met that one horrible, horrible, horrible stupid tiny island and I barely had any living tools left. Then again, it was pretty awesome getting those gloves which gave me a HUGE bonus to my Strength.
  11. The Geneforge: In Redbeard's quarters, there is a fountain which really, really reminds me of the Geneforge. Why? - It is red - It tempts the PC to use it. - It kills the PC when the PC decides to plunge his or her hands in it. - The only user is Red Beard, a person who * lived a long time (An effect caused by the Geneforge) * looks strange to the average person (Another effect caused by the Geneforge) * is insanely powerful (Yet another effect from the Geneforge) Shaping: - The wizard created that strange creature. He didn't summon it like a shaman. - Some uses of magic is strictly forbidden in Lyannaus. Could these magic techniques be the lost Shaping Arts? - On that note, can the lost Shaping Arts be the 6th mage technique that one woman in the inn was looking for? Obviously, one part of magic is missing. - The Corruption is considered to be a place where rogue mages live, a place that is considered to be infested with rogue creatures and an impractically bizarre place. Shaping, anyone? Geography and History: - The geography of Lyanneus looks very similar to Terrestia if the two sides of Terrestia can be seen at once. - In one of the books, it states that there were strange people who came over to Lyanneus a long, long time ago. The time of the Shapers, anyone? - The dragons of Avadon used to fight the humans. The drakons of Geneforge did fight the loyal humans and Shapers (and killed my PC a couple of times, too) In the end of Geneforge 5, we learn that the age of the revolution has been long forgotten. Due to the multiple endings, we don't really know who won. The Shapers? The Rebels? Who? Even if the Shapers did win, they would surely be put to rest in a few centuries if not a few thousand years. Avadon, while it isn't stated, does have the ability to become the future of Terrestia. Or, I suppose, can be the Schloai's home since all of their mages only used magic but no shaping. Anyways, what do you think? Are the Geneforge games and Avadon games connected? Or are these just easter eggs?
  12. Sorry, guys for your time. I finally found the mistake.
  13. I absolutely love the Geneforge games. In fact, I bought the first three games at one time! Unfortunately, I accidentally spilled my beverage on the laptop. Now that I have a newer mac, these games aren't able to run. Is there anything I can do so that my games can work?
  14. Alright, so I'm not a history junky, but it does seem pretty clear that countries like the Tawon and Kellemendriel are based from real life countries. The Tawon could be Russia, with most of the destruction coming from the communist takeover, and Kellem could be Italy in the Renaissance. So, what do you guys think?
  15. Be awesome and come back, otherwise I'll use the wand of attr... nevermind. That sounds bad.
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