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  1. Cast Haste level 2 twice and in all the rounds the characters had that attribute only once did one of them get sped up. Nobody is encumbered. This is just the most egregious example. Often it is only my priest and mage who are hasted when it is really my warriors who I want to be hasted. They have to swallow a haste potion to get reliable speed and they are not common and neither are their ingredients. I have played AEftP a number of times and never noticed it be this bad (playing it Hard). Is this just a sampling thing or what? I'm certainly wondering what the point of wasting spell points on it is. I'm replaying AEftP because I can use the keypad and keyboard. I've been trying to play Av4 but having to use the trackpad for pretty much everything is seriously hurting my poor abused hands (I have a joint fusion in each one) and it was just getting too sore to play enough to make progress. Long fights? Ouch! So I have a plea for remakes: don't forget us people with bad hands/wrists and that not everyone on Macs is playing on an iPad and so it really needs two separate versions not slightly tweaked ones. A4 for Mac really is redolent of being a port from the iOS version. Even after playing it quite a lot I'm still hitting a to attack or speak to people or u to find out if there's anything usable around. Instead I have sweep the cursor around to see if anything lights up. Ouch again.
  2. I didn't need the beam my mage did it with acid spray, though my second grunt has the emerald halberd which is acid and he wasn't having any effect. Though getting my mage just, through to Adrenaline Rush meant she got quite a lot onto the crystal. My Nephil Priest had moved the mirror inside the room and was just in process of fetching the outside mirror while contesting with the Demon Golem when the shield was pierced.
  3. Just make sure you ask him why he has a rainbow pen.
  4. BTW it was the last of the major quests. I have returned all three crystal souls, reported got reward. Destroyed the Empire Portal, reported, got the reward. I even got both phoenix eggs, just in case. I have literally nothing else to do. But I cannot finish.
  5. I have killed Garzad, Rentar appeared and produced the teleporter. I teleported out to just outside her lab. I went back to Avernum and to King Micah and he won't let me tell him I have completed that quest. Erica doesn't want to know. Rentar didn't, the Vahnatai council didn't. What gives? Who do I get the ending from?
  6. I'm with Sade, the distance between Dharmon and Blosk for eg is just silly. Also Blosk used to be on a mound, then it wasn't. Can't put that down to cavequakes. I'm redoing 4 and the main bugbear is the lack of keyboard uses. I keep hitting A to talk to people. It betrays that the Mac version is just an iOS port. Also just tapping the trackpad isn't good enough when moving, it needs a long press which is very annoying. But on interaction screens a tap is sufficient. Also the inconsistency between the games in movement and action points is a bugbear for me. Must leave 5 action points when attacking or spell casting whereas in other games you just need 1 action point. It means instead of going up to most enemies, especially outdoors, you just hit pause until they come to you. Even with haste and high Quick Action it is painful. Also I'm sure that in Mac Sierra the hardness settings don't work. It seems stuck on casual. My level 1 mage, supplied with icy rain from Natural Mage seriously kicks butt. Against goblins you just let them all come to you then WHAM. No challenge and that is on Tricky. I've had one character knocked out, once, largely due to carelessness on my part. Chiefs, that Ogre, nae bother as we say in Scotland. It takes a lot of the challenge away.
  7. Something weird just happened. I had just killed the Efreeti in the north by the lava fields West of the Vahnatai lands. When I told the group to head back East my mage went by herself to where I clicked while the rest of the party stood in place with their legs going. I then clicked next to the rest of the group and the mage jumped back and they all moved one space. Interesting effect. A legacy of Efreet magic?
  8. Muscleguy

    Magic Items

    I'm unclear on how the additions work. Case in point, my Nephil priest had a Mind Effect resistance of 86%, a combination of Intelligence and equipment. The party killed the gazer in the SW of Cotra and gained the Ivory band which gives 15% to Mind Effect resistance. When the priest wields it his MER rises only to 89%. A rise of only 3%. So to what is the 15% the ring is claimed to provide worked out on? because it is obviously not the total.
  9. And having to target a scroll of radiate ice while next to a target is very silly. Why not a wand of fire? or a spell of lightning? I've had enough of this mod and its logical inconsistencies. I'm going back.
  10. And why is a fine steel waveblade a two handed weapon but an ordinary one is a one handed weapon? a fine steel version would be lighter. This mod is touted as being more weapon realistic when in fact it isn't. BTW my grunt is wielding a FSW and a shield, because he was doing so in the unmodded game I opened. And the strength levels needed for armour are ridiculous. And the blade sweep discipline is also ridiculously strong. A blade sweep cannot be too strong as it would get stuck in the first target. You don't seem to understand that. I'm less and less sold on this mod as it seems less, not more realistic.
  11. And my slith is now wielding a slith two spine spear but is animated as though he has a huge scimitar. Where is the consistency? the animation for spears and swords seems mixed up.
  12. Why do they animate with a two handed spear when they have a one handed sword equipped? After all this is supposed to be that spears are one handed?
  13. I presume for the Mac version you control click the app to show the contents then throw the files into Resources, except some of the text. files are not in there to be replaced so how does that work?
  14. Muscleguy

    Name Cameos in Jeff's Games

    1. He was on his horse, which threw him, not trying to ford on foot, he was 68 at the time. 2. Cold water shock seems to have been involved as well, which would have happened if he had been in armour* or not. Thus his death was an unfortunate accident which could perhaps have been avoided if he was equipped with a drysuit and and an aqualung or maybe swap the horse for a DUKW, though a recent event shows not even a DUKW is invincible. *I write British English.
  15. Muscleguy

    What Exile/Avernum you begin with ?

    Exile1 on Mac almost certainly from an FTP site for shareware back in the day. I only had net access at work in those days and I would have brought it home on a 1.4Mb 'floppy'. I was hooked pretty quickly, a large fully playable demo and it was only when you tried going south of Formello that the Shareware Demon would bar your way. I still have the hint booklet for it squirrelled away and if I had a machine working to run it I would still play it occasionally. I'm currently redoing A:EFTP for the nth time and still enjoying it. Found the exit and about to go kill Grah Hoth, just doing everything else and level 3ing all the available spells/prayers.
  16. So, I have defeated the golems and found the crystal evidence for Berra, had the conversation with Anaximander, been to Girkra, gone through the transporter and listened to the shade, fought Vahnatai, followed them eastwards and listened to Rentar Ihrno on the pedestals. Yet Erika won't discuss the Vahnatai with me and Ostoth only lets me ask about a weapon for giants or dragons. When opening the tunnels beneath the Giants and Troglos in previous versions there were crystals to collect there too in older versions. I've been back more than once and nothing. I only have the alien beasts and the Citadel etc to do leading on to Vahnatai. I like to get Demonslayer from Rentar's rooms before Linda goes rogue again before leaving Rentar for the very end. Do I have to fight Rentar to get evidence to get a weapon to fight Rentar with? I have the warpmetal blade, I have the Radiant Soulblade from Carmine. Do we get an anti crystal soul blade (the one in the golem factory was very tough) or not?
  17. I have to say I miss the horses. Not having to walk everywhere was part of the 'difference' in being on the surface. Without that the surface is just a big Avernum. Something has been lost for me. And not being able to fly to Bigail any more. Looting the Anama treasury will be 'interesting' therefore.
  18. Well despite not being able to talk to her about it Erika's amulets still blasted the hole through the walls. I have been on a smash and grab raid and have Demonslayer. I would like to know how she got it, unless the assumption is she won the final battle in A2.
  19. Why can't I put a weapon in the quick use slot for changes? Why change that now? I have the Alien blade and now I've just got Smite. Is there some slot it has to go in or is that not an option any more? A bit grumpy.
  20. 10% bonus to what? to hit? with melee? pole? Bows? Thrown? Mage spells? Priest spells?
  21. Does anyone know exactly what blessing the ground under your feet actually achieves? This is after getting the Blessed Warrior trait. Or do I have to wait until I get nasty ground spells against me? At least it leaves nice orange coloured squares around. A lot of time I get it just as I need to move off the square to get close enough etc. Also with Tough Feet I have yet to step onto one my nasty fields and not get shocked or burned or frozen so again what is the point? Troglos all made dead. Levelling against wandering giants before tackling Giant castle. Tank is double wielding what I will continue to call the Alien Blade even if SW has renamed it and the Assassin's Falchion, a nice light but well bonused sword. Going through monsters on adrenalin rush like a does of salts. Most satisfying. Investing in speed and gymnastics for fighters with good results. Previously parry and riposte, again to good effect. Khoth is such an expensive spell salesman isn't he?
  22. Twice now I have been informed of the receipt of gold nuggets, once in far NW Kriszan when you defeat a drake and now after completing the kill Lizard chieftain quest for Golddale and my second character has had large numbers of stone blocks placed in his inventory. This is despite there being space in the first character's inventory. What is that about? And did I get the money? I'm not so sure. Are we being given fairy gold?
  23. Muscleguy

    Stone blocks not gold?

    I have donated the Xian stone to New Formello to help them with their building work.
  24. Muscleguy

    Stone blocks not gold?

    Now then in the past games, I have been going since Exile 1, that there was an Xian purse. That was slightly useful.
  25. Muscleguy

    Stone blocks not gold?

    Of course, I thought I had two black basalts, but one of them is Xian rock.