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  1. So I killed Grah-Hoth and despite previous experience and the text when he dies his m summoned minions didn't disappear. Any ideas? Back to it then.
  2. In which case it is pretty self defeating to do that in response then. I just had to type ouchouchouch and imdrained a lot. I got all the experience points of killing them too, one of my people went up a level. I honestly don't remember what I did in this game. Certainly a lot less than in other games. His minions always disappeared before. And you get no warning that this sort of thing might happen when you use them, or the editor. Which would make it pretty sneaky and underhand. As the revamped Avernum 3 nears release I may have to reconsider my attitude to Spiderweb games if this is the reason.
  3. Okay so I made liberal use of the cheat codes to kill all of his minions but the question still remains, why did I have to?
  4. Is it just me or is the Honeycomb in this version just too easy to wander through? My memory of previous iterations was that there were many more wandering monsters you bumped into when rounding corners etc. I wandered the whole place with hardly a fight in sight, and that on the Hard setting, or does Hard mean 'fewer wandering monsters to level against' or something? Otherwise the game is enjoyable, well done.
  5. I have just got the Orb of Thralni. I've been wandering about trying to see what it does. I cannot fly over water, over rocks in the way, over lava or up or down an outside ledge. So wtf is it good for? I have played every Exile/Avernum game produced and in this one the Orb doesn't seem to have any use at all. Any ideas? It seems to activate and my characters get a wing symbol that last for 3 moves. However they can only go places their own two legs are good for anyway.
  6. Thanks, that works, though by the other games and versions of how to use the Orb it is unintuitive.
  7. So I'm nearly finished, got everything necessary, breezed through the first two caves before the portal fortress but am completely stuck on the 3rd. I even checked the walkthrough but I can't get anything to happen. The gates don't open, I don't get transported anywhere new. Please help, very frustrated. I'm going through replaying 1 to 6 while I wait for Avadon and very much enjoying it. Being reminded why I got hooked on Exile 1 all those years ago.
  8. I was sure I had tried this before but I made it work this time. Go up the long East tunnel, cast MM, step on the rune, then go up the SHORT East tunnel, step out and take one step west, then you get transported to an area west of the second rune which allows you to get there etc. Phew!
  9. Yes, I have found the secret passage(s) been up the long one, stepped on the rune, heard chains, been back down (nothing) got transported down to start (nothing) and repeat (nothing). I have tried all combinations, can't get close to the 2nd rune. Been back out to the boat, around fought a patrol, gone back again, still no dice.