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  1. I have to say I miss the horses. Not having to walk everywhere was part of the 'difference' in being on the surface. Without that the surface is just a big Avernum. Something has been lost for me. And not being able to fly to Bigail any more. Looting the Anama treasury will be 'interesting' therefore.
  2. Well despite not being able to talk to her about it Erika's amulets still blasted the hole through the walls. I have been on a smash and grab raid and have Demonslayer. I would like to know how she got it, unless the assumption is she won the final battle in A2.
  3. So, I have defeated the golems and found the crystal evidence for Berra, had the conversation with Anaximander, been to Girkra, gone through the transporter and listened to the shade, fought Vahnatai, followed them eastwards and listened to Rentar Ihrno on the pedestals. Yet Erika won't discuss the Vahnatai with me and Ostoth only lets me ask about a weapon for giants or dragons. When opening the tunnels beneath the Giants and Troglos in previous versions there were crystals to collect there too in older versions. I've been back more than once and nothing. I only have the alien beasts and the Citadel etc to do leading on to Vahnatai. I like to get Demonslayer from Rentar's rooms before Linda goes rogue again before leaving Rentar for the very end. Do I have to fight Rentar to get evidence to get a weapon to fight Rentar with? I have the warpmetal blade, I have the Radiant Soulblade from Carmine. Do we get an anti crystal soul blade (the one in the golem factory was very tough) or not?
  4. Why can't I put a weapon in the quick use slot for changes? Why change that now? I have the Alien blade and now I've just got Smite. Is there some slot it has to go in or is that not an option any more? A bit grumpy.
  5. 10% bonus to what? to hit? with melee? pole? Bows? Thrown? Mage spells? Priest spells?
  6. Does anyone know exactly what blessing the ground under your feet actually achieves? This is after getting the Blessed Warrior trait. Or do I have to wait until I get nasty ground spells against me? At least it leaves nice orange coloured squares around. A lot of time I get it just as I need to move off the square to get close enough etc. Also with Tough Feet I have yet to step onto one my nasty fields and not get shocked or burned or frozen so again what is the point? Troglos all made dead. Levelling against wandering giants before tackling Giant castle. Tank is double wielding what I will continue to call the Alien Blade even if SW has renamed it and the Assassin's Falchion, a nice light but well bonused sword. Going through monsters on adrenalin rush like a does of salts. Most satisfying. Investing in speed and gymnastics for fighters with good results. Previously parry and riposte, again to good effect. Khoth is such an expensive spell salesman isn't he?
  7. Muscleguy

    Stone blocks not gold?

    I have donated the Xian stone to New Formello to help them with their building work.
  8. Muscleguy

    Stone blocks not gold?

    Now then in the past games, I have been going since Exile 1, that there was an Xian purse. That was slightly useful.
  9. Muscleguy

    Stone blocks not gold?

    Of course, I thought I had two black basalts, but one of them is Xian rock.
  10. Muscleguy

    Stone blocks not gold?

    Hmmm, I have put the Xian skull in the chest, closed it and I am now in the Troglo Temple after defeating Vahkhos and that second character is still getting stone blocks in his inventory. He wasn't even the character who was carrying the Xian skull anyway. Any more ideas?
  11. Muscleguy

    Stone blocks not gold?

    Actually, yes I do have the Xian skull. That would explain it. I think I've pretty much exhausted its repertoire so I'll put it in the chest in the Mansion bedroom with the Xian slacks. I intend that to be my Xian collection.
  12. Muscleguy

    Stone blocks not gold?

    Actually the second character seems to get stone blocks and sometimes other stuff just appear in his inventory. I've had dried flowers as well. What has happened? Did the hermit off the Western Kriszan coast who cursed me do more than just make everyone wounded?
  13. Note the centering works much better when proceeding South East or South West. The screen centers when the group is within a couple of spaces of the text box. When proceeding directly south the group actually disappears under the text box before the screen centers. Sorry should have said. Mac OS 10.12.6 Mid 2010 15" Macbook Pro.
  14. When proceeding in a Southerly direction with screen centering on the text box often obscures the view ahead. It seems the stimulus to center the the screen is the edge of the window but this doesn't work when going south. I'm constantly moving the screen manually so I don't blunder into monsters unbeknownst. The old version (running on an older computer) recenters with every step. It also doesn't have the text box issue. A2 Crystal Souls, latest version does not have this problem so it is obviously solvable in a similar game engine.
  15. Twice now I have been informed of the receipt of gold nuggets, once in far NW Kriszan when you defeat a drake and now after completing the kill Lizard chieftain quest for Golddale and my second character has had large numbers of stone blocks placed in his inventory. This is despite there being space in the first character's inventory. What is that about? And did I get the money? I'm not so sure. Are we being given fairy gold?