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  1. And don't answer 'arrows' because there haven't been arrows since Exile. Which leaves thrown weapons as the outlier missile weapon which can run out (and are bloody heavy in Av4). So either give us arrows again or make the bows available or cut it out. I miss arrows of light for eg. Yes, I've been playing these for a LOOONG time.
  2. Judging by the sheer number of enemies able to poison or inflict acid on you with missiles AND hit really hard this ability must be really common. Yet there is but one ever rotting bow and its piss weak in terms of hitting power. It does not compute.
  3. I have a general complaint. Time again enemy archers get to poison you with their shots, yet they drop ordinary bows. How does that work exactly? Case in point the Darkside Loyalist archers.
  4. Belay part of the last one. I had v1.0.2 of Av6, upgrading to v1.1 has restored keyboard function to it. So, whatever the difference is between Av6 1.1 and Av4 1.1.2 and Av5 1.0.4 is the key to resolving this if it is of any interest to you in developing 4 and 5.
  5. The problem extends to Av5 and Av6 as well. Without the keyboard you cannot split up stacks or properly identify the properties of an artefact. You also cannot make quicksaves or retrieve them.
  6. BTW I'm running a mid 2010 15" MacBook Pro. I've played the game in the last year without issue so it must have been a recent update of some form which has broken the keyboard.
  7. I'm running Mac OS 10.12.6 and the game runs but the keyboard does not work in the game. So you cannot rename characters, do a quicksave or respond to dialog elements by hitting the numbers. The game will have to played as though it was the tablet version clicking everything. Yes I have tried launching it with the terminal and the same problem arises, keyboard is non functional. I also tend to rely on the keyboard since in many situations placing your party or characters precisely can require the arrow keys as the space you want to select is pretty much impossible to
  8. I've just found out how to kill the annoying wandering Anama around Farport etc Just rob the Anama treasury and they will attack you of their own volition. What fun. BTW the way to get off Bigail after doing the deed is to make your way to the docks, getting your mage to cast How of Terror and then get on the boat to Marish. You pay on the boat and you can do that whilst in combat. That whisks the party off to Marish. Since the latest version blocked off the option of flying across near the roach factory this is the only reasonable way. BTW make sure you have done eve
  9. Ah, when iterating through the first option to talk to him, the 'tell me about the library' disappears towards the end. You have to choose it when it appears. Sneaky.
  10. That was my memory so I went and talked to him without success. Is there someone else who gives you a pointer to him or something?
  11. I have been collecting magical notes but who is it who wants them? I can't find them, been too long since I last played it and forgot who it was. Currently bumbling around doing stuff I haven't gotten around to waiting for the Tower to Blow, already been down to Rentar's Fortress just to get Demonslayer from her rooms.
  12. Oh dear, it's a managing resources game. No, no, no. Will not be buying it. Except it won't let me place anything despite having done all of the above. I cannot be bothered having realised after he had a sleep that this is a resources management game. I'm not interested. Give me enemies to smite, monsters to purge, missions to bring iron bars or tools or swamp nodules. Fine. But manage resources? Forget it.
  13. So I go to Miranda who gives me more resources to buy a smithy and an apothecary. But I can't none of the other building sites will let me build anything saying i need to keep my resources. So does that mean the two I did order rebuilt happened to be the two I need or what?
  14. Not much impressed, the game is very simplified compared to the Avernum series or Avadon. You can only get things through chests which sit there giving off sparks. Please. Haven't found any wandering monsters to level on. I'm going to have to increase the difficulty as well as Normal is really easy. Also I don't like not knowing which character is going to act first. What is the point of being able to change the roster order if it has no effect? Lacking in game play and interest would be my initial verdict. Also when you kill some things white
  15. So I tried to quit the game after saving and in common Spidweb mode it asked me if I wanted to save. So I clicked no, as you do and it put me in the save game slots. I could not quit or do anything as the game (Mac Demo) would not let me do anything until I had 'finished my task'. I had to use Activity Monitor to Force Quit the game. Not impressed. Oh and the Demo has no icon. Mac 10.12.2
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