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  1. Which quest do you need the wine and sugar for? I'm up to the final major quest and I've yet to find these quest.
  2. You do find crystals in the skull piles from time to time so its worth looking.
  3. I don't want to sound like a winger, but can someone please tell me where I can find a trainer of the "dispel barrier" spell. I've been looking for one all afternoon and I'm starting to pull my hair out. I have already read the areana web and the book by khoth on the subject.
  4. I was completing the "Dranlon's Vengeance" and I stumbled across an option that both disturbed and confused me. In the slith cave there is a nursery containing the sliths eggs. You are given the option to either ignore the eggs or smash them all, killing the unborn sliths and drawing the rage of the slith chief. If you ignore the eggs then absolutly nothing will happen, which is understandable. If you smash them you are rewarded with xp and a seriously awesome suit of chainmail which increases your action points. This chainmail suit is perfect for spell casters and gave me a huge advantage in battle. The problem however, is that the only way to get it is to kill the defenseless, harmless, innocent slith eggs. Jeff wants me to KILL BABIES What the heck? The game doesn't even acknowledge the gravity of this slaughter of innocents, its just smash, kill the chief and then on with the show, never a hint of morality to be found. You don't even loose reputation points for it. Sure, the sliths may be at war with humans, but that doesn't excuse a crime of this magnitude. Just imagine what would happen if the sliths did a thing like that to a human village, the people of Avernum would be enraged and rightly so, but in reverse its ok? How is killing a bunch of babies going to be of any help to the war? Now don't get me wrong, I don't think that the option should be removed entirely, its a good role playing oppertunity for all those psychotic, killing machines out there. But there should be other ways to interact with the eggs and get that chainmail. Personally I want to kiddnap the eggs and take them to Gnass or lost Bhassikava where they could be raised as productive and peaceful members of Avernite society, it's non-violent but it would give enough incentitive for the chief to attack you, thus allowing you to take his stuff.
  5. I used the same party that I've always used. I have two melee fighters; one sword warrior, startng with a shield and sword and then grabbing demonslayer, and another warrior wielding pole weapons. The pole warrior takes the endurance traits is typically the "soak" while the sword warrior is my damage dealer with the traits of backstab, sure hands and mighty hits. I then have a hedge mage. He has access to the first 5 priest spells but apart from that is a pretty generic pure mage with every point available sunk into intelligence. In the original games I would usually give my mage the natural mage trait and a few points in strength so that I could slap a suit of chainmail on him, but in this game armouring isn't really necissary until towards the end game, if at all, so I only used the first level of sword mage and spent the excess on blessing and elemental focus. My priest is a standard priest, just with a couple of levels in archery attached due to her constantly running out of mana. This build works fine on normal difficulty, but I don't think it would hold up on torment. I also had a few levels of tool use and cave lore scattered throughout the characters when I discovered that "unlock" wasn't a spell anymore and that some of the secret doors required cave lore.
  6. Originally Posted By: RCCCL Or you could just take my method, be a really, really big guy. Course, that kind of depends on genetics, so, genetically enhance yourself to become a really, really big guy. Why stop there though, how about some retractable claws! trust me bub, you don't wanna go there
  7. "We were just trying to write songs about prostitutes and lesbians" -Paul McCartney
  8. That is why I'm glad that im friends with two guys from the medieval society, not only can they woop *** in hand to hand combat, but they can stab people with swords too!
  9. Originally Posted By: Dintiradan This week the trend... is making postcount threads? Given all this discussion, I think the theme of the week (or perhaps just these forums in general) is to go wildly galavanting off topic at the slightest provocation. So how bout this weather we've been having? pretty hectic huh.
  10. Quote: Well, that's a big step to go from collecting elements to trying to break them up. Maybe he wanted Technetium so bad that he decided to produce it himself (Technetium is a low proton element which cannot be found naturally in nature, but can be produced through Uranium fission (At least that's what wiki says (and yeah nested parenthesis are truly fun))) Its a bracket, in a bracket, in a bracket... Inception
  11. "thats the thing see, everyone wants our rocks" those two guys from the abc news that i cant remember the names of "beep, beep, beep" sputnick "we are young ones! we do what we want, when we want, where ever we want! *bus then falls of cliff*" "i have devised a cunning plan" Baldrick
  12. Originally Posted By: Erasmus Did the dodo ever exist? You only have hear say of its existence just like you have of the loch ness monster. It all comes down to what belief is acceptable enough for you to believe in it. do the many stuffed and mounted dodos and historic documents containing studies and drawings of dodos not constitute as proof for some reason?
  13. i found a source and it looks like the jokes on me, after 5 years of debate they have decided that is was either a meteorite strike or earthquake, most probibly the former due to a huge fireball reported by witnesses. *is sheepish*
  14. Originally Posted By: Cairo Jim Originally Posted By: Student of Trinity I reckon Canadians may have got you beat, there. I dunno about that. Australia has the lowest population density in the world. About 3 people per square kilometre, or so I've heard yep thats pretty much it, 90% of the coutry is desert where noone but farmers, miners and the ocasional aboriginal want to live , in fact the outback is so vast and unpopulated that a bunch of anarchists tested bombs (rumoured to be nuclear in nature, but the book didn't specify)in the desert and nobody noticed till weeks later when they reviewed the seismatic data.
  15. all this fighting about the merits of living in large countries versus living in small countries is making me glad that i live in a country where 80% of the people live in 10% of the space, thus rendering all your arguments invalid *trollface*
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