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  1. How is becoming insanely powerful and god like because a nice inn got destroyed like reality?
  2. Originally Posted By: Arch-Mage Solberg I'm re-reading the Twilight Series. Glutton for punishment, huh? I wanted to kill myself after reading the first one, thats how bad it was. I have never read a book as terrible as that before, and hopefully, never will again.
  3. Slarty knows something. That or he had the foresight to save this from a possible purge. Which means he still has sanity.
  4. Back when I was around four years old, my parents got me a clown doll with buttons for eyes. I still have a phobia of clowns. And anything with buttons for eyes.
  5. Morrowind, such a great game, with AI that cant pathfind its way through a door...
  6. Originally Posted By: Ezrah, Kitty of Wonder. ...tends to dissolve into a meaningless background of noise. Sounds like the majority of books that have ever been written...
  7. Shhhhhh!! Napoleon might hear you! Just finished the ninth book of The Malazan Book of the Fallen saga. Lord of the rings doesnt even deserve to be considered a epic fantasy when compared to this series.
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