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  1. Well, no. In Exile 3, keyword clicking becomes available, and there are extra permanent keywords along the bottom for convenience. I'd consider the GUI to be part of the system. The underlying talk-node subsystem is the same, of course.
  2. I tested it earlier and bows use Archery skill, not Thrown Weapons.
  3. Yeah, but it's a big step up to E3's talk system compared to E1's talk system, is my point. I couldn't remember if the change happened in Exile 2 or 3, which is why I phrased my earlier post that way.
  4. I'm testing two PCs using bows and arrows. Both have 5 Dexterity. One has 10 Item Lore and the other has 10 Archery. I had heard during the picking apart of BoE's code that bows used Item Lore skill instead of Archery skill due to a mistake on Jeff Vogel's part; however, my test shows dramatically more accuracy and damage from the PC with Archery skill instead of Item Lore skill. Where did this idea and/or this bug get introduced? It's not evident from my playtesting that it was ever a problem.
  5. In GIMP, using the Brightness-Contrast filter, setting Brightness to -70 and Contrast to 20 gives a close approximation. It's not perfect, noticeably with the cave floor, but for purposes of adjusting Windows custom graphics to Mac appearance and have it look decent, it should work well enough. Also, unless there were mistakes in the OpenBoE graphics sheets I have and the Windows and Mac graphics are mixed, some graphics are the same already, like adobe walls and stone tile floors.
  6. No, the talking system. It was refined and made nicer. Exile 1 through 3, left to right. E3's is integrated into the main window, replacing the terrain view.
  7. Yes, I agree. Slarty and I clash often over argument styles, with the clash usually being mostly or entirely one-sided on my part, but he's not stupid. For professional reasons, if nothing else, I really wish I could understand how he thinks. It'd help the conflict mediation parts of my duties, for sure. It's not easy to be a good conflict mediator when you can't even mediate your own conflicts... Luckily I have teammates. Edit: I think if I were more familiar with the material and were discussing more practical, life-based issues rather than a fictional game, that's where i fare better with debate and discussion. Mediating a conflict over vague video game lore isn't the same as mediating interpersonal issues based in real conflict, I suppose.
  8. I respectfully say I understood Ess-Eschas's arguments, evidently well enough to explain them back to him, so I'm not sure if that means I'm an extraordinary guesser or if it means TM Paladin isn't always good at parsing sentences exactly as phrased. I suspect the latter as it's not an uncommon trait among people. It's actually part of my job duties to listen attentively and parse other people's words very, very carefully. I don't usually misinterpret people; if I do misunderstand it's usually that they're not being eloquent and I help them get their point across through careful questions and analogy, as I tried to do here. Oh well.
  9. Thanks! I'll actually catch up on reading this thread after I watch a movie with my friend. But I hate formalized debate, where people stand up and lecture each other and someone "loses" and someone "wins". A bunch of people putting their heads together and unraveling the truth using their own individual skills is far more gratifying to me. Making a verbalized case isn't so much one of my talents, but I try to be good at helping people understand each other. I like to think that's valuable too.
  10. But TM Paladin, I'm reading this debate and you did specifically state that not following from the game makes a statement false, and Ess-Eschas has been trying to clarify, regardless of how he phrased it earlier in the debate, that he doesn't believe "that shapers, in Geneforge, art least some of them, can actually do this thing." I beleive the phrasing of yours that I called into question remains worth examining. There's zero indication that a shaper with the proper talent and skill couldn't absorb and retain a personality. It's simply not addressed. It's nonsense to suggest that asserting a global principle is not an assertion and is somehow different from just asserting something. As an aside, a lot of things follow from scraped together evidence, in art and in life, that may be confusing, inconvenient, or even terrifying to come to understand, and hard proof is overrated.
  11. I love this. Just to try it, I saved that render, rotated it by 30 degrees counter-clockwise, and then sheered it with magnitude 6000 in GIMP. It's pretty cool to look at it that way too.
  12. The caches are mostly full of junk. I love the junk bag though. Exile features trips back and forth and back and forth carrying junk to merchants so you can afford to buy anything.
  13. You open chests and other containers by standing next to them and using the Look command with the L key. Nothing will happen if the container is empty, but if it has something in it, it will open the Get Items dialog. Also, you can place items in containers by pressing the Drop button next to the item in your inventory, and then clicking on an adjacent container.
  14. Mostly true, but three corrections: 1. You can store items anywhere in the storage rooms, typically, not just in a particular chest. 2. Towns and dungeons will reset but only after you've visited several other different towns without returning in between. This means you can still leave a dungeon, sell loot in town, and return, without having to do it all over again. 3. Clickable dialogue was introduced in Exile 2 or 3, I can't remember which. Exile 1 does not have clickable dialogue.
  15. Hello! If you have a 64-bit Windows operating system, you can use the software in this thread: http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/25777-exile-fix-for-x64-windows/ I was shocked by how easy it is to install and use. All you have to do is let the file bypass your firewall, with a few clicks. Otherwise, as Warrior Mage said, we won't be able to help you without knowing your system specifications. Welcome! :)
  16. Classic Shell is no longer developed. The code has been released and is being developed as OpenShell. I love it.
  17. The dialogue system is much nicer in E2 (IIRC), E3, and BoE.
  18. I don't know what that means. I'm saying the open source BoE versions currently distributed do not work properly, but legacy BoE does, using this fix. At least this way players can still enjoy the community-made adventures again. I'm trying to make a new one, in fact, using legacy BoE,
  19. Tool use is the use of lockpicks and disarming traps without setting them off. They require fine motor skills, a.k.a. dexterity. In RPGs it seems "dexterity" is used interchangeably with "speed" and/or "agility" but techically it refers to fine motor skills of the hands, like "ambiDEXTRous" means "able to use both hands equally well".
  20. This works not just for the Exile Trilogy, but also for legacy Blades of Exile. (Not Open Blades of Exile.) All four games can be downloaded for free if you go to the Games section of the Spiderweb site, scroll down, and click "older games".
  21. "it's not, by default, how things work" perhaps?
  22. This seems to be phrased as a positive assertion though. I know that's not what you mean but "it's not how things work" is an assertion of falsehood, not one of ambiguity.
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