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  1. At least someone confirm to me that they see nail polish and a hair bow on that spider and that I've not spent too much time around the GIFTS.
  2. The spider is second to last on MONST2, and the glowing slith is last on the same sheet, in the WIndows version. I adjust my statement on what they are. In Avernum: Escape From The Pit, there is no Spider Lord, but there is a Spider Queen. I suspect this was a late change in Exile 1, which was changed back in the remake remakes (and also the remakes maybe?). It'd be humorous, I suppose, to see the fearsome queen of the man-eating, flamethrowing spiders done up in nail polish and a pink hair bow, but I can see why Jeff would decide against it. I still believe the slith is a Slith Avatar, the powerful ghost of an honored slithzerikai. In Avernum: Escape From The Pit, Slith Avatars fight you in outdoor encounters if you invade their crypts, and they are glowing, blue slithzerikai warriors. This may have been skipped just because it's not a well done graphic and looks a little tacky. I can't imagine this relatively unfearsome slith that looks like an everyday grunt would be the mighty Sss-Thsss, so either it is Sss-Thsss and was unused for that reason, or it is a magical glowing dead slith like in A:EFTP.
  3. Probably a good idea. That way people don't accidentally clip a chicken with the spell and make everyone hate them. In fact what might be nice would be a different color highlight for friendly characters.
  4. Oh. Implementing that highlight for spells like that would be good, actually. Thanks for the suggestion!
  5. Oh. No, there's no other way to count currently. There is actually supposed to be a highlight/frame showing you how far your missile/spell will reach visually, and it will disappear when you hover your mouse outside the range, so counting is hypothetically unnecessary. It can be glitchy though.
  6. You can scroll the terrain view by clicking the border frame so you can see where your spells and missiles are going, although there was a (recently fixed) bug making it problematic. I suggest using the newest version. Thanks for playing! :)
  7. The latter, if not Sss-Thssss, might be an undead Slith from some of those crypt fights. A:EftP calls them Slith Avatars. The former is a GIFTS. Note the nail polish and pink hair bow. There's some debate about it due to the low resolution, but that's what it looks like to me. It might have been an early-development idea that wasn't used, since the GIFTS are instead presented as normal-looking but giant spiders, similar to other giant spiders except in personality, in finalized-game text descriptions.
  8. It was a drake, not a dragon. Go ahead and check the ASR scenario file. The trees snd river are impassible. The only boats along that river are the two in Selathni on the bay which are not for sale. There is another encounter where you loot the corpse of a mage who died during flight. Jeff never said that about his intent while designing the scenarios. Please perform your own investigation if you don't want to take my word.
  9. Reread what I said. There is no way to reach that spot without flight, but not every BoE party has to start with VoDT and then proceed to ASR. One can play At The Gallows first and then come back with Flight, overleveled and overpowered, to ASR, for example. BoE was designed this way on purpose, so it makes sense for its creator to add details like this. Scour the scenario file if you don't believe me.
  10. There do not seem to be any boats for sale along that river, nor is the spell Flight available. There is no ford there, and the trees are impassible too. It looks like Jeff Vogel placed that special encounter there to reward players who enter the scenario already knowing the Flight spell. There's another encounter in the text dump I did, describing a mage who died flying over a mountain. It may just be that Jeff wanted to include little things to encourage players to take their parties between scenarios.
  11. I have group therapy for the next 45 minutes but I'll have a look after if nobody gets to it first. Thanks for playing BoE!
  12. Constitution might be approximable by looking at poison and magic resistances, and maybe monster type inherent traits, i.e. undead are immune to sleep, etc. Traits are in the OpenBoE documentation I believe. (Somewhere at www.openboe.com probably.) I don't know what Wisdom does or what CHR is.
  13. http://www.spiderwebsoftware.com/ftp/user_scen/MonsterData.rtf I assume it's still there because I download an RTF when I follow the link, but my phone won't open it. We should probably back up all the content from the Scenario Workshop to OpenBoE.com at some point.
  14. I think the idea that a quest that was not completely implemented accidentally is a very elegant explanation.
  15. I used to accidentally trigger "You want to save..." out of context without knowing what I did, and I'd get nervous what happened or was about to happen. I thought something had changed but I wasn't being told what.
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