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  1. "Grinding" in video games means repeating a monotonous action for an extended number of times to increase a statistic or resource to an arbitrary level. There are a few respawning mobs but mostly you're only making a few trips back and forth to gather the loot that's already on the ground after you've cleared the dungeon. There's a mostly set amount of work to be done. That's figuratively "a grind" but it's not "grinding" in the video games jargon sense.
  2. Yeah, you can grind for resources, EXP, or Knowledge Brews in Exile games, although it only takes you so far, due not just to the level cap, but also due to the fact that outdoor wandering mobs will start fleeing and there's no "fight anyway" option in Exile. It's optional though. Even without grinding, I've become more or less unstoppable in my current play through Exile 3 just from doing half of Upper Exile before heading to the surface. The grinding, optional or not, isn't really the main thrust of this discussion though. As has been discussed elsewhere on the forum, the number
  3. How about sticking those in a corner of the icon? No symbol for level 1, then the symbol gets more dramatic as it strengthens. Just something I threw together, take it or leave it. No big deal.
  4. I envy people who are able to tease people who don't have endless free time. Lucky you. Are you twelve years old? I have nothing but time on my hands for now, but that won't last long. It feels like mere minutes are passing between the Weekend Briefing emails I get from the New York Times. My long-distance best friend is 76 years old and I'm terrified that I won't have the time to spend with him by virtue of his age. Time blows by and I desperately wish it would slow down. I don't want to spend even a precious minute flopping around doing mundane clerical tasks just to play a game.
  5. Following the link at the end of that thread, it looks like, if it's the same in Exile, I'm already running late, at day 10 still exploring Upper Exile... Thanks!
  6. I looked at the walkthroughs and hintguides in the forum header and did a bit of googling. I can't find how long it takes for surface cities to crumble. I'm surprised this information isn't easier to find. Does anyone know how long it takes to do how much damage? I know we used to have a list somewhere. I remember reading it... There are also two time-based events in the underworld, as I understand.
  7. He says it elsewhere in the conversation, not in that conversation node. You need to ask him why he was exiled. He still doesn't say it directly, but it's implied more there than in his actual performance of The Chart, as I recall. I'll go check... EDIT: Nope, I was remembering wrong. He says, "I think I just said more Truth than they were ready for!" Honestly I have some Chart-like ideas and experiences myself, but I won't go into them because it's Googly. Suffice to say that often, in the movies, the crazy guy with the wall covered in newspaper clippings and photos connected with
  8. Bernie from Formello, with The Chart, was exiled for his mental illness. It's also possible the player's party was already familiar with coping skills and just learned to apply them differently upon being traumatized by the horrifying descriptions and depictions of grotesque rituals. The description of the "item" states that they are not cured; they are haunted from then on with flashbacks and nightmares. They teach themselves skills. It's rare, but it's not something that doesn't happen. I've done it myself. I had the psychological maturity of a four year old until a couple years ago. I was t
  9. Spiderlicious 2 is a good theme. It reflects the color scheme of the early days of the forum, way back in 2001. Someone made that theme for nostalgic purposes. Slarty, I think? Not sure. The sign in link is there in Default, it's just the same color as the background. It's to the left of Sign Up.
  10. I'm finding that Exile 3 feels less bogged down than A1:EftP or A2:CS. There's a lot less description and flavor like I said, and Jeff's writing is engaging in the remake remakes, but Exile 3 feels easier to play without thirty screenfuls of text in every town. I'm surprised. I thought I would like it less, but I don't. I forgot to add a point of Luck when I created my party, and got worried when I saw Slarty's post earlier in this thread and remembered. But then I remembered Luck costs 0 gold to train in, just skill points, so it's better to train it after party creation, where ev
  11. It's permanent. Also, there's no cure for mental illness in real life, and nobody seems to be studying it in game. It ultimately comes down to the sufferer to learn to cope rather than have someone else fix it for you. In real life therapy is often available, but there are no therapists in Avernum that i'm aware of, and in the Empire people with mental illness end up in Avernum as well.
  12. Someone on the Spiderweb Software Discord server (I'm sorry I forget who) told me Dark Thoughts adds 1% Mental Effect Resistance. It's also a really cool way to include mental health concepts in the game; it is essentially PTSD, and the benefit comes not from the dark thoughts themselves but from the mental health coping skills the party had to teach themselves in order to get by from then on.
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