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  1. I used to accidentally trigger "You want to save..." out of context without knowing what I did, and I'd get nervous what happened or was about to happen. I thought something had changed but I wasn't being told what.
  2. Destiny of the Spheres isn't post-apocalyptic per se, but it takes place in a barren, dangerous alternate dimension where you and a small amount of others are trapped and must survive, and kinda has the feel of what is being described here.
  3. CM and I have been discussing it for... years? I think. It's not a short-term goal but it's a goal. Like other OBoE goals, we're stalled for lack of help and lack of interest. But yes, we want to do it. Also, I know some wealthy geeks who want to make me happy because they love me, and they are willing to fund OBoE development, so hopefully that'll pan out. Money motivates people to work. Names and details withheld for now. EDIT: To clarify, CM and I think it would be better to get the thing running properly on all supported OSes before we worry about adding a bunch of extra features. So that's what I mean by "not a short-term goal". Also I am only an assistant. It's just CM doing the programming alone, still. Thus long development time.
  4. Yes, the Open Blades of Exile project has, as a goal, including the ability to plug in the freeware Exile Trilogy and have it run in OBoE like a scenario. It is a while off though.
  5. I'm pretty sure those limits have been removed from OBoE. There's a button at the end of the lists of itens, monsters, nodes, and terrains to add another, and I think there's no meaningful limit to this.
  6. I brought Inspector Peanut to the hospital. Was that a grave mistake...?
  7. I read neither the New York Times nor the Style section of any paper, fwiw.
  8. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are probably the biggest cause of the decline, I agree. I don't even use those anymore, though. I talk to three friends whom are hard to reach through other means, I follow a handful of musicians, and that's about it. I'm in a long-term psychiatric hospital. I spent 6 months in an acute one before transferring here, and when I came here and got Internet access, I quickly decided I didn't need to have any more of my life sucked away. I'm given to understand, from what I've read, that the postmillennial generation places little emphasis on social media in their lives, using it more as a tool than a way of life, as millennials have. They look at my generation with a lot of bemusement and frustration, with regard to what we've valued, and what danger we've underestimated. I haven't done in depth research on this, but it's what I've gathered from news articles. Veracity unknown.
  9. I think it sounds like I'm bragging... May be the modesty deficit. I probably am bragging; my impulse control and clarity of thought go down the toilet when it gets this late, but I was tossing and turning and couldn't sleep... I suspect I'll get a lecture from my friends tomorrow. I'd edit some out but as I recall there's a full edit history here...
  10. Hmm. Extraversion: 61. It's kind of inaccurate because I'm not moderately extraverted at all. I'm highly extraverted to the point that it sometimes becomes annoying to friends, but I'm also autistic, requiring me to take more space than I wish I had to lest I have a meltdown. Agreeableness: 65. "Your level of Agreeableness is average, indicating some concern with others' Needs, but, generally, unwillingness to sacrifice yourself for others." This is hugely dragged down by my lack of modesty and trust. Other numbers are highish-to-high. (Deleted?) Openness: 98. (Baleeted?) Neuroticism: 97. Sounds about right. Conscientiousness: 22. Also about right. I know I have abnormally high abilities to do certain things, but I'm not confident. How this relates to my lack of modesty is unclear.
  11. Hello! I have returned from a six month absence because I was in a psychiatric hospital, and now I'm in another one that allows me to have my phone, laptop, and wifi. Yay! Severe psychological trauma and a messed up eyelid aside, I'm not too shabby for the adventure. My personal crest is upgraded too! I want to get back into playing Avernum and working on OBoE, if anyone will say hello in chat...
  12. I like Cheese In Space, and the Hugo trilogy was great too. At the time I wasn't smart enough to beat the first game though, and I don't think I remember the second one. "How much is that doggy in the window?!?!!!!!"
  13. It was discovered, upon examining the code, that Bows skill was completely non-functional in legacy BoE due to a programming error. Thrown Missiles skill worked, I think.
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