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  1. He said he'll probably put it on YouTube soon. He kept checking that it was recording, and it was. It'll be uploaded in two parts.
  2. Not presently, no. Sorry. We're hoping it will happen someday but there are currently no plans to make that happen.
  3. Aw, the bear creature isn't either? It fits right in and Kattana certainly didn't draw it. Maybe it was Luz... I'll have to dig through the scenarios' readmes to find it at some point, then.
  4. http://www.OpenBoE.com/ados/TimFBoEGraphics.zip That's everything I could find, Tim. Some of it was mislabelled on the site where I got all the old graphics though; you can see one bear creature is labelled as being made by Kattana. Also, filename credits were chosen seemingly based on the scenario a modified graphic was taken from, rather than the original artist, in many cases. That Fungoid Queen graphic: Was that yours? Shyguy's graphics don't typically seem to reach that level of quality and I know he modified other graphics of yours. I'd like to stick some tentacles on it in place of the rocks, if I'm sure the graphic is clear to be included with the program someday.
  5. Hello, Tim! Yes, we have many of your graphics, and we picked out a bunch of them that will ship with BoE eventually. I was able to reach Luz and Milu and get permission to use their work as well. I never reached ShyGuy. I can certainly ZIP your graphics and post them here in a bit. As for helping with the project and programming, Celtic Minstrel would be the one to talk to.
  6. You can set full-screen mode on or off in Preferences, along with 2x UI scaling.
  7. Nevertheless, this doesn't have to be a competition. I am under a lot of stress from other sources and it doesn't need to leak out onto here. I apologize for losing my temper.
  8. I have no further comment on the main topic of this thread. I am satisfied with the responses and don't plan to push for expanding the terrain view. Asking questions about something isn't the same as feeling strongly about it. Slarty has a way of phrasing minor disagreements as though they are calamities however, and I'm always the one getting it from him. I did nothing aggressive or strongly-felt in this thread until he jumped on me yet again.
  9. I think me asking questions about an idea isn't what drives people away. But go ahead and compare my input on the project to vomit. Then feel free to participate yourself.
  10. I disagree. If, by some strange chance, there is an unknown worth-playing legacy scenario that comes to light, we can just stick the node in that one too.
  11. I just had a thought. Create a "Restrict Field of View" node. It can: -alter how far away a player can see, -select a square or circular field of view, -select whether to use the fog of war fringe, and -enable or disable scrolling. We can edit the relevant scenarios and stick them in there. I was thinking we should probably do some bug fixing for custom scenarios anyway, subject to the same "ask us to stop if you don't want your scenario altered/included with the program" practice which has been discussed before. There are some really solid scenarios which have gamebreaking bugs, IIRC. I don't think the designers would want a good scenario they made being unplayable, at least not this long removed from when it was designed. Thoughts?
  12. Thanks! That was a good list like I was hoping for. I just wanted to get an idea. Worth noting is that even in legacy BoE, you could already click the light brown border to scroll the view around, breaking many of those scenes as you say. But at least now I know what everyone is talking about and what we're dealing with.
  13. I need some info for OpenBoE GUI purposes: Does anyone know of any scenarios which rely on having a terrain view no larger than 9 x 9 tiles? There are a handful of scenarios with cutscenes, and one of TM's scenarios has some photo opportunities, but is that it? I'm working on a GUI which fills the screen with terrain view, much like recent Spidweb games. So I need to know what exceptions we'll have to account for.
  14. At least someone confirm to me that they see nail polish and a hair bow on that spider and that I've not spent too much time around the GIFTS.
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