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  1. Thanks for the help Vinlie, I'll give that a shot! Can't believe I missed so many of those items lol. Edit: Worked like a charm, thanks again!
  2. So I've finally played through the entirety of Geneforge 4, and got up to one of my favourite bits in Geneforge games, the final optional areas. The trouble I'm having is that the first of those final areas in Geneforge 4 (Sealed Crypt) and I've found my progress blocked by my lack of mechanics skill. In previous games and, indeed, areas in this game, mechanics was not necessary for progress, but it seems that here it is impossible to turn off the Power Spirals necessary to proceed without a high mechanics skill. I've already tried equipping two mechanics-modifying items (bringing me up to 5 mechanics) but no success. Any advice?
  3. Interesting coincidence, I am currently doing a run of Geneforge 2 on Torment, except I'm doing it as a magic exclusive Agent, and will probably ally with the Awakened. Good luck to ye.
  4. Originally Posted By: Rehctawthgin's √úberCharge If you think that "Ur" means original, why did the Shapers bother to modify the Ur-Glaahks to a weaker version? Well, my suggestion was that the original version had a higher tendancy to go rogue.
  5. Ur, from what I have seen, means original. Now, while this might make sense in creations such as Ur-Glaahks, as I assume, their strength went side by side with their roguish behaviour, however it irks me in creations such as Ur-Drakons, as they are stronger than Drakons and yet both of them are rogues by nature. What makes Drakons better than Ur-Drakons?
  6. Originally Posted By: Triumph It looks to me like you probably spent some skill points on shaping that not really be helpful to you, and maybe boosted Dexterity unnecessarily, but other than that your build seems decent. I didn't put a single point into dex and I still get these stats: Click to reveal.. (Click for image) Originally Posted By: Triumph Also, if you don't have a crescent stone, you might want to go find one (randomly dropped by creatures in the Western Wastes zone, I think?), since if you fight your way all the way through the crypt and then don't have one, it'll be annoying. I hope that's useful! There's one special Thahd in the Western Wastes that drops it, I just constantly left and re-entered the area until it spawned (when you travel from the Dry Wastes).
  7. Originally Posted By: Randomizer Shaper's Crypt is an experts area meant as a challenge to the really hard core players. Using items is a necessity in the end. Welcome to Spiderweb Software. I guess it's too late to ask you to leave your sanity at the door. Don't expect agreement from the maniacs here about what to do. Actually, I beat the entire thing yesterday as a Mage (solo) on Tricky difficulty, without using the Geneforge and without using any items (Buffs, pods, spores, crystals etc). Then again, I am a mage, so I do have Blessing Magic, which makes me a walking god. Suggestion? Even as a Guardian, get Blessing Magic. EDIT: Damn, I only just realised that I should have played through as an Agent instead of a Shaper for going mage. I'm an idiot, but I guess now I know that if I ever want to beat it on Torment.
  8. I hope someone finds out. Because it seems like it could be something interesting. Anyhow, I just finished the game on Tricky as an Awakened solo mage, including the Inner Crypt. T'was pretty fun. Perhaps I'll try on Torment next time.
  9. Originally Posted By: Randomizer There's one in the Stone Circle zone, but you can find out now since it will give a shock. The correct order is given in the FAQ walkthrough. There are other hints in the game when you get past the Wastes in the northwest. Nah, there is none in the Stone Circle. I did that secret already. But I think there might be something more to the stone circle, I still find it odd that I get ill in the middle of it.
  10. Originally Posted By: Randomizer Touching pillars in certain zones will lead to the big secret of the game. However you have to do them in the right order and get a shock when you don't. I take it that it lets you know when you touch the pillar that starts it. And does it really include the ones in Stone Circle? Because DAMN there is a lot of them there.
  11. I've been playing through Geneforge 1 as a mage on Tricky difficulty, tbh I'm find it pretty easy, but I was wondering about the Stone Circle. I went through and examined all the pylons, got the Bone Batton, killed the specters, but I get the feeling I'm missing something. This is mostly because whenever I enter the big stone circle, it mentions that my character feels ill, now I don't know if there is some secret here that I'm missing, or whether that's all there is to it, but if anyone knows, I would be appreciative.
  12. G1 and 2 are my favorite. I played all the way through 3 once... 4 and 5 I havent played apart from the demos yet. Overall though g2 was my favorite, it's the story and the characters that make the game for me, and it's story blew my little mind at the time.
  13. <3 abusing a new game to the point of ultra glitching. Never been a tester before, but still have found bugs =D
  14. I don't think i'd have the heart to eat the servile. Though i guess you never know till you are in that situation.
  15. You're on an island with your one loyal servile, who is quite intelligent and has been your friend for years. You are both starving. Discuss. xD
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