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  1. 2 Questions

    i'm going to make a movie. it will be called [deleted].
  2. Do You Get Bullied?

    the tea party is not the kkk because we would [censored] kill them if they were
  3. 2 Questions

    also hitler was a vegetarian for largely gastronomic reasons: i do not believe he held animals in tremendous esteem. for example, jews.
  4. Do You Get Bullied?

    Originally Posted By: Harehunter The broad accusations being made are based upon less than 1% of the movement. You sound pretty confident. Originally Posted By: Harehunter And though minorities are under represented, there are a few adherents who are actually shunned by the black caucus Allen West, for one. There are hispanic and Indian representatives of the Tea Party movement, and almost all of the newly naturalized citizens I know, and in Houston there are a lot, agree with the aims of the movement. http://historymatters.gmu.edu/d/39/
  5. Kill Prize, Win Ogre

    What the heck is this? I must obviously be missing something. [rating]Poor[/rating]
  6. Gluckcluck

    The plot elements all made some sort of sense, and things stuck together alright; but it's especially hard for me to judge a humor scenario. Great work went into the dialog box pictures, but my sense of humor is probably not compatible with this scenario. (All I really got was that common adventuring themes are overwrought and come out of nowhere, for tasks that are essentially menial labor.) I won't be too harsh, since it's a good piece of work, as others' reviews indicate. [rating]Good[/rating]
  7. Do You Get Bullied?

    http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=whitesplaining http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=mansplaining
  8. Do You Get Bullied?

    A wound that is never treated gets infected. If only I was in the experimental group getting penicillin. Of course, it's actually true that "both sides" are guilty. Coloreds and proles have been completely abusive in their rhetoric: How can they expect to get anything done when they aren't polite? How else did we dismantle Hitler's death camps?
  9. do you know any time tracking software?

  10. Do You Get Bullied?

  11. Do You Get Bullied?

    Self-satisfaction with respect to ignorance is probably a U-shaped curve. http://www.wiwi.uni-hannover.de/Forschung/Diskussionspapiere/dp-467.pdf
  12. Do You Get Bullied?

    Originally Posted By: Nicothodes I don't think I could be satisfied with myself if I tried to ignore them. You are absolutely right--blissful ignorance comes naturally. But feel free to be terrorized by your lack of terror. The Kingdom of Ends is now taking applications for citizenship.
  13. Do You Get Bullied?

    Originally Posted By: HOUSE of S Einstein was wrong when he talked about being a citizen of the world. We should only support our own, and when others have endured grave injury, we should leave them to their wounds. Einstein was definitely wrong: He used the word "should." Of course, if we befriended the fair and gentle negro, he would undoubtedly join our political party of peace and liberty.
  14. Do You Get Bullied?

    Haha. You, sir, are right. I suppose I should be more thoughtful before saying such things in the future. EDIT: Oh, and I just remembered: Mr. House, are you seriously suggesting that the economic system is maintained by anything other than violence? Because if so, then I am no longer sure why I pay for things.
  15. Do You Get Bullied?

    Surely not. I would have no real choice.