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  1. Thanks for the responses. If planning and routing ends up being the main issues with high difficulty I think I'll do fine. That appeals to my puzzle-gaming skills. Going to have to brush off Avadon 1 again some time too. From what I remember from browsing the forums, part of my issue there was with playing as a Shaman, although I'd imagine that it's still possible on Torment with any class.
  2. Hi. Long time Spiderweb fan who doesn't post here much, but I always loved reading your resources on the other games and enjoyed the theory crafting and philosophical discussions. I've recently started Queen's Wish and was wondering how other Spiderweb veterans would rate the difficulty compared to other Spiderweb games. I played most of the previous ones on torment and found Geneforge to be the easiest and Avadon the hardest, with Avernum somewhere in the middle. Does this match up with other people's experiences? How difficult is Queen's Wish on torment in comparison?
  3. I guess checking the scripts would have been a more definitive way of determining this. I was confused by your reference to the Quiet Marshes, but I'd forgotten that there was a canister encounter there. I guess Jeff had the idea about canisters right off the bat, but didn't start implementing it consistently until G2. I guess my memory regarding Learned Pinner was faulty. I was sure that I hadn't used canisters, but the scripts suggest that the dialogue requires canister use. Again, it's SDF (100,0) and 5 seems to be the threshold. Click to reveal.. begintalknode 3
  4. Originally Posted By: Pachycephalosaurus Originally Posted By: mauvebutterfly I suspect that once you've travelled to a certain area within the game, it simply sets a flag somewhere while making the assumption that you've used every canister along the way. Interesting. Did you make it into the Quiet Marshes, by any chance? Dikiyoba. I noticed it when I returned to Vakkiri from The Tombs, but the dialogue may have been triggered from the Quiet Marshes or any intervening local.
  5. I highly doubt this game keeps track of canister consumption. I tried doing a no-canister play-through and was still able to trigger canister-related dialogue options. The learned servile (Learned Pinner?) in Vakkiri for example eventually tells you that you have noticeably changed since your first arrival in Vakkiri. I suspect that once you've travelled to a certain area within the game, it simply sets a flag somewhere while making the assumption that you've used every canister along the way. As mentioned earlier, using the geneforge itself will change the game. Canister usage probab
  6. Thanks Randomizer. Yeah, I figured that some skills are hard to do without early on. This makes it slightly harder to spend skill points as efficiently as possible, but in all honesty I'm disinclined to do that anyway. Not sure why I need to play these games through on torment without thinking about my character builds too much.
  7. As in some of Jeff's previous games, do you need to visit the trainers before spending skill points on the skill?
  8. Originally Posted By: {Cartouche} Actually, now I'm thinking that maybe the ideal system would be a hybrid. The real weakness of the zone system is that you know exactly how large each area is because it will be zone-sized. If some "zones" were several areas, there would be more of a sense of real surprise and exploration. When you say this, I'm picturing something quite like the later Geneforge games, actually. Although the game had zone divisions, some zones had larger dimensions than others, and some also had different levels that could be reached (e.g. through a trapdoor or a pit in t
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