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  1. SIMMIC On A Ship To Algiers is by Ian Klinkhamer. It is for Low level parties and is rated PG-13 (R in Blades). Like Tatterdemalion, On A Ship To Algiers provides you with skill potions in the beginning of the scenario — also like Tatterdemalion, it strips you of skills in the beginning. However, unlike Tatterdemalion, it strips you of everything but your strength, dexterity, intelligence, hp, and spell points. Of course, as soon as I realized this, I made a new party and didn’t spend any skill points on those skills which would be stripped. Waste not... perhaps Ian would consid
  2. Lew Titterton’s Review Caligula nailed this one with his review, and his score, Good I will begin my own review with the most apparent thing in Algiers next to the plot: Variable town entry. This is indeed one of the hardest-to-master, and, potentially, one of the most rewarding programming aspects in all of the editor. Ian certainly did master it — to a fault, in fact. There were times when the same version of the town could have been used, with VTE replaced by simply called various specials, like place town encounter. Unnecessary VTE creates needlessly large .exs files and also req
  3. CALIGULA As always, it is good to notice that some of the following informations can be considered as SPOILERS. Alcritas is now a prolific designer, but this was his first successful attempt. First successful, in the way that he began some bigger scenarios before, but let them down and decided to make Algiers, a smaller and more easily designable scenario. So, he had some designing skills before he did this one, and this is obvious since the beginning. You awake on a beach, without any memory, and you soon discover that you will only have some skills left. Slowly, memories will
  4. SHYGUY On a Ship to Algiers is a short but bumpy ride. I just played this one for the first time. Maybe as a designer I'm harder on scenarios than the others. Or maybe it was good in it's day. But I found it to be a standard, monster on the lose tale. I had no interest in the characters, as they were basically there just to be monster food. And the mage who helped me and lead me to the monster just made me feel like a pawn and not like I was doing or discovering anything on my own. This was a linear adventure with virtually no role-playing elements as I was given few choice
  5. THE CREATOR Like most early efforts, this scenario has it's flaws. Unlike most, they are overpowered by the many good points. Meletus' death in particular was a superb moment and is still one of my all time favorite sequences. Good
  6. DRAGYN BOB I felt the somewhat barren feeling of the outdoors detracted from this scenario. Not knowing who you were for the whole thing also struck me as wrong somehow. All the same, there was a lot of good stuff too, and the glorious VTE. I'll give it Good
  7. THE ALMIGHTY DOER OF STUFF Excellent! This is my favorite scenario so far. I hated the goblin hut, but the rest was good. Good
  8. MILU K Good. What affects my scoring most is probably the atmosphere.
  9. DRIZZT I was never really bothered by the VTE that others have complained about. A strong first work with a dark mood that set the standard for others to come. Good
  10. BOB THE IMPALER As a concept, it was a 10. Unfortunately, in the actual working it lost a bit. Still, I enjoyed this scenario hugely, and I'll give it Good
  11. DRAKEFYRE This is one of my favorite Alcritas scenarios, even though it suffers from major VTE abuse. Some people may be miffed by the fact that you lose skills when you play the scenario -- I enjoyed it. Good A very good scenario.
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