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  1. Unbound Draykon's Character Editor for Geneforge 4 1. The first part of my editor is located in the first sign in the Rebel Base Docks it includes the following things: a. Invulnerability(you can't die until you disable it). b. Capability to edit all skills c. Reputation(increases rep by 100 for Pro-Shaper and -100 for Pro-Rebel) d. Experience(increases xp by 1000, 10000, or max leve(61)) e. Money(maxes out your cash to 30000, using twice resets you money to 0) f. Teleports you to Citadel Gates where the second part of the editor is g. No major changes
  2. I found a weird glitch through scrpting watch this video(no audio). Glitch Video to test it yourself download these files: gf4itemschars z0rebbasedlg Brief Description: You lose your turn in combat mode and are incapable of using your character but your capable of controlling allies. Well, back to editing the AI.
  3. I once tried to change the color of G4's interface. It didn't work but at least it didn't crash my computer. This is what i did: i took a screenshot with inverted colors and than i removed pixel by pixel to make it look like the orignal interface except a different color took me about 5 - 6 hours
  4. Pistols? Whats next? Rocket launchers? Machine guns? Nuclear missiles?
  5. You know i just realized something, this could be another version of 2012. It all starts with a mad scientist who creates and releases a type of modified lizard, not very different from an Unbound One. Of course from G4's description of an Unbound One is that they terrifying and nearly indestructable giant monstrosities. Even if he only made one it mean nukes would have to be deployed to destroy it.
  6. If you played Geneforge than you know the risks of creating life, like it go rouge and kill people. Now with that thought look at this link: [/url] A step to artificial life: Manmade DNA powers cell
  7. Originally Posted By: Warmaster Kahrikkis and i've heard about gost mode. how do i activate it? make sure you copy your scripts before you do download this file, click on the one 'gf4floorster' you then can walk through walls and on water file download
  8. if you like the Avernum series than you'd like these books: Tunnels and Deeper there is also a third one, but haven't read it yet.
  9. funny i can play games like Rise Of Nations and Age Of Mythology and both these are graphically more advanced than G5 and i can run them perfectly but when i try to play the still inadvanced graphics of Geneforge 5 and Avernum 6 its really slow
  10. Originally Posted By: Earth Empires 1: that depends whose chipset your videocard has so either Ati, NVidia or Intel. i have a Mobile Intel® 915GM/GMS,910GML Express Chipset Family and i actually updated it from 2005 to 2006 didn't make a difference though Originally Posted By: Earth Empires 2: its 3rd from left on that bar. if it is, is it supposed to be called 'enter an image'?
  11. my first question is: does anybody know where i could get my video driver updated for free?(so i can play Geneforge 5) and where is the 'File manager/Image manager'? that is in the FAQ so i can place files and images on my posts
  12. i tried to 'switch' the av6 and gf4itemschars scripts and see if it works it does work but theres an error i can't find where it is it says it its 'cr_icon_offset_y' i line 3 is the problem and i don't see one(i think i just solved the problem)
  13. are you sick and tired of those trees and walls that prevant you from getting to where you want to be? than you need a new gf4floorster script and it will fix up all those problems right away heres what it does: *it lets you walk through most types of walls and trees *you, your allies, and your enemies are all able to walk through walls *and the best thing is you get to see what Jeff didn't place behind the walls *you are also able to find secret exits out of areas all of can yours if you just visit the post and copy the entire in a folder and place it a txt. document
  14. well well, Saraph was a shaper, then a rebel and now he's gonna be a Trakovite whats next? no magic? now the Unbound Draykon will ssay this with a lisp 'well well, Ssssaraph was a sssshaper, then a rebel and now he'ssss gonna be a Trakovite whatsssss next? no magic? which one is better?
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