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  1. Howdy everyone! Just took the poll. Hope you've all been well.
  2. Restless Souls Mac/Windows Author: Excalibur Difficulty: 1-4 Version: 1.0 [composite=eyJ0aXRsZSI6IlJlc3RsZXNzIFNvdWxzIiwidGlkIjoyMTIxNywidGFncyI6WyJhdmVybnVtIHVuaXZlcnNlIiwiYmVnaW5uZXIiLCJzaG9ydCJdLCJiZ2FzcCI6eyI1IjowLCI0IjoxLCIzIjoxLCIyIjowLCIxIjowfX0=] Composite Score: 3.5/5.0 Best: 0.00% (0/2) Good: 50.00% (1/2) Average: 50.00% (1/2) Substandard: 0.00% (0/2) Poor: 0.00% (0/2) [encouragenecro] [/composite] Keywords: Avernum Universe, Beginner, Short
  3. If they did not disappear, I suspect the "summoned" NPCs may have been part of a scripted encounter or special spell.
  4. Personally, I've never found giving something 2500 health and invulnerability to be a problem. For all practical purposes, this monster is unkillable.
  5. Why change it? Well, if you wanted a custom version of BoE upon which to make your own scenarios, then sure. In that case, I reiterate that a branch is most appropriate for such things.
  6. Tricky situation with nerfing blessing duration. Had this been in the early days of Blades 12-13 years ago, I would have said, definitely. Unfortunately, some portions of scenarios had assumed this behavior by design. We're sort of stuck here in this respect. While, yes, legacy compatibility options are indeed possible, I could see the amount of legacy portions becoming out of hand quickly, making code more difficult to maintain. At the point of modifying basic mechanics of how gameplay features work, a branch is a preferable option, in my opinion.
  7. That would be great. Any reason in particular you have selected that breakdown? Perhaps we should do a simple analysis using the composite rankings of BoE scenarios at ShadowVale. I propose the following: Best = Top 5% Good = Top 20% Average = Top 50% Substandard = Top 75% Poor = Below I pick these because BoE has a lot of mediocre and outright bad scenarios having a fairly shallow learning curve. I would advocate a more generation system for BoA. A quick calculation (assuming I counted right) this yields the following: Best: 9.0 - 10.0 Good: 7.6 - 8.9 A
  8. Welcome to the Blades of Exile Rewiews forum! This forum is intended as a resource for both designers and players, so that players can decide what to play next, and designers can hone their skills. Just a note, everything here must abide by the Code of Conduct. Anyone using the review system to attack others will be reprimanded. How can I find a scenario I want to play? This is tricky since no two people are alike. However, the comments of others can be helpful. There are a few things that can be helpful in addition to reading everyone's comments. First, we provide list
  9. Sure. Bain, would you like to head up the project? I'll make the forums. We just need somebody with more time than me to populate it with scenarios.
  10. I don't discriminate on the scenarios and review processes; it is up to you guys to be honest. I deemed the review in question to be inappropriate for these boards and it was removed immediately just like any other post would be.
  11. Good catch. Forgot to add that to the mage attribute. It's now in the Appendix.
  12. Thanks. According to the main rules, all structures are announced when built.
  13. Rules have been updated. I think I got everything inconsistent with the previous game, but if someone would proofread, that would be awesome. The lists of stuff have been moved to the appendix.
  14. This appendix contains lists of attributes, items, and other game concepts. List of Artifacts Crystal Spire: Once per holder, if you are attacked by an enemy and would have lost, you will perceive the attack and flee. When holding this, Gladwell can learn your identity. Beware. Flaming Sword: +2 skill when attacking and all opponent's skill from armor and any derived skill bonuses are negated. (weapon) Fury Crossbow: If correct ID made during an attack, +2 skill and the skill bonus of all positive status effects except berserk is doubled (bow) Holy Symbol: +1 additional skill
  15. Good. Luck is always a skill that seems a little off in terms of realism anyway. I mean, how do you train in such a thing? Granted, things like resistance and such could be similar, but at least that has a well-defined meaning.
  16. Fixed. Yeah, the rules are still a work in progress. I'll let everyone know when I have a "final" form. Of course, suggestions are more than welcome!
  17. I will pick the best possible weapon, bow, armor, shield combo. There is no need to specify. Multiple types of equipment are allowed, but not, say, a sword and a spear. The exception is the infiltrator who has a dual wielding skill.
  18. Exploring, like trades with the moderator, are done on a first come, first serve basis. If you cannot explore a region because it has been explored, your task becomes invalid. Generally speaking, it is always good to explore. There is Gladwell's Tower, which has its own penalty for exploring. Now Gladwell knows who you are, which could be really bad.
  19. Only that the region was explored. This is done because I only want regions explored once.
  20. Basics At the start of the game, everyone is assigned a secret role. Except for a few rare exceptions, no one knows the roles of the other players at the start. Everyone has an individual victory condition. Some facilitate collaboration with certain other players, whereas some are in direct conflict. The game lasts for at most five days. To win, you must be alive and have your victory condition satisfied at the time the game ends. Role Assignment Roles change from round to round. Please read the relevant role list for the current round. There are 16 roles. The first 10 are alway
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