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  1. Restless Souls Mac/Windows Author: Excalibur Difficulty: 1-4 Version: 1.0 [composite=eyJ0aXRsZSI6IlJlc3RsZXNzIFNvdWxzIiwidGlkIjoyMTIxNywidGFncyI6WyJhdmVybnVtIHVuaXZlcnNlIiwiYmVnaW5uZXIiLCJzaG9ydCJdLCJiZ2FzcCI6eyI1IjowLCI0IjoxLCIzIjoxLCIyIjowLCIxIjowfX0=] Composite Score: 3.5/5.0 Best: 0.00% (0/2) Good: 50.00% (1/2) Average: 50.00% (1/2) Substandard: 0.00% (0/2) Poor: 0.00% (0/2) [encouragenecro] [/composite] Keywords: Avernum Universe, Beginner, Short
  2. Rats Aplenty Mac/Windows Author: Smoo Recommended Levels: 1-5 Version: 1.0.2 [composite=eyJ0aXRsZSI6IlJhdHMgQXBsZW50eSIsInRpZCI6IjEyMjU3IiwidGFncyI6WyJhdmVybnVtIHVuaXZlcnNlIiwiYmVnaW5uZXIiLCJkaWFsb2d1ZSBoZWF2eSIsImh1bW9yIl0sImJnYXNwIjp7IjUiOjMsIjQiOjEzLCIzIjoyLCIyIjoxLCIxIjowfX0=] Composite Score: 3.9/5.0 Best: 15.79% (3/19) Good: 68.42% (13/19) Average: 10.53% (2/19) Substandard: 5.26% (1/19) Poor: 0.00% (0/19) [encouragenecro] [/composite] Keywords: Avernum Universe, Humor, Dialogue Heavy, Beginner
  3. Howdy everyone! Just took the poll. Hope you've all been well.
  4. Class and Creation Analysis: HP, SP, and Essence formulas Creation costs and levels Servile Guide Warrior/Guardian Guide Shaper's Guide Sorceress Survival Guide Shock Trooper's Guide Agent/Infiltrator's Guide Study of Fire Creations Study of Battle Creations Study of Magic Creations Strategy and Tactics: Basic Tactics for the Geneforge Series Changes from previous games Mechanics and Leadership Challenge Area Tips Brocktree's Practical Walkthrough Faction Reputation Guide Endings Chart What and Where: Trainers Canisters and Books Items to keep for quests Crafting Description of crystal enhancement effects to armor and weapons Faction Only Areas jlsgaladriel's Walkthrough Quest List Synergy Style Item List Schrodinger's incomplete FAQ / Walkthrough Editors and Information: DISCLAIMER: FAN-MADE CONTENT MAY DISRUPT YOUR GAME Cheat codes Scripting Information Scripting Artifacts Vendor - Fan-made Content Halt's G5 Character Editor - Fan-made Content TheKian's G5 Character Editor - Fan-made Content Alhoon Mod - Fan-made Quest Chain and Content Artifact Baton Mod - Fan-made Content Warrior / Guardian quests mod - Fan-made Content Dream-fight Mod - Fan-made Content Alternative Creations - Samcast mod - Fan-made Content Ganduv's Geneforge 5 editor
  5. A Perfect Forest Mac/Windows Author: Stareye Difficulty: Beginner Version: 1.0 [composite=eyJ0aXRsZSI6IkEgUGVyZmVjdCBGb3Jlc3QiLCJ0aWQiOiIxMjIxNCIsInRhZ3MiOlsiYXZlcm51bSB1bml2ZXJzZSIsImJlZ2lubmVyIiwibGluZWFyIiwicHV6emxlcyJdLCJiZ2FzcCI6eyI1IjoxLCI0IjoyMSwiMyI6MiwiMiI6MCwiMSI6MH19] Composite Score: 4.0/5.0 Best: 4.17% (1/24) Good: 87.50% (21/24) Average: 8.33% (2/24) Substandard: 0.00% (0/24) Poor: 0.00% (0/24) [encouragenecro] [/composite] Keywords: Beginner, Linear, Puzzles, Avernum Universe
  6. Avatar Mac/Windows Author: Terror's Martyr Difficulty: Prefab Version: 1.0 [composite=eyJ0aXRsZSI6IkF2YXRhciIsInRpZCI6IjEyMjIzIiwidGFncyI6WyIyNC1ob3VyIiwiZGFyayIsImRlc2lnbmVyLXNwZWNpZmljIHVuaXZlcnNlIiwiZGlhbG9ndWUgaGVhdnkiLCJsaW5lYXIiLCJwbG90IGhlYXZ5IiwicHJlZmFiIHBhcnR5Iiwic2VyaW91cyIsInNob3J0Iiwic2luZ2xldG9uIl0sImJnYXNwIjp7IjUiOjAsIjQiOjQsIjMiOjUsIjIiOjEsIjEiOjB9fQ==] Composite Score: 3.3/5.0 Best: 0.00% (0/10) Good: 40.00% (4/10) Average: 50.00% (5/10) Substandard: 10.00% (1/10) Poor: 0.00% (0/10) [encouragenecro] [/composite] Keywords: 24-Hour Scenario, Dark, Designer-Specific Universe, Dialogue Heavy, Linear, Plot Heavy, Prefab Party, Serious, Short, Singleton
  7. Adrift Mac/Windows Author: Ephesos Difficulty: 1-5 Version: 1.1.0 (4-30-09) [composite=eyJ0aXRsZSI6IkFkcmlmdCIsInRpZCI6IjEyMzA3IiwidGFncyI6WyJhdmVybnVtIHVuaXZlcnNlIiwiYmVnaW5uZXIiLCJjb21iYXQgaGVhdnkiLCJzaG9ydCJdLCJiZ2FzcCI6eyI1IjoxLCI0IjoxMywiMyI6MiwiMiI6MCwiMSI6MH19] Composite Score: 3.9/5.0 Best: 6.25% (1/16) Good: 81.25% (13/16) Average: 12.50% (2/16) Substandard: 0.00% (0/16) Poor: 0.00% (0/16) [encouragenecro] [/composite] Keywords: Avernum Universe, Beginner, Short, Combat Heavy
  8. Speak with Erika about Garzahd. That should get you started with getting access to his fortress.
  9. Exile III had the central region of Erika's Tower and an entire Vahnatai-style area in the Dragon caves. Both completely inaccessible.
  10. *i

    Release: Restless Souls

    Done. What is the recommended level range?
  11. *i

    Code Dissection -- Munchkin Style

    I for one really appreciate all the time you've invested into this. As a former scenario designer, I can say I'm very thankful you and others are really moving this forward. As Slarty said, it's often a thankless job, but I am thankful and you should be proud in what you've accomplished!
  12. Having the two work the same is good. I went back and forth on whether to make petrification gaze weaker, since it is technically a more powerful ability because it can act at a distance. I'm glad to see how this project is coming along!
  13. Definitely feel free to change. Agree with the part about optimizing fun. I especially like having bless help avoid petrification. I'm also certainly not wed to the exact numbers. I did add some allowance for monster level in mine. I believe the justification was that a level 1 monster with petrification touch should be far less effective than a level 40 one.
  14. We need beta testers for the Windows version of Avernum 2: Crystal Souls. If you are interested please apply. Beta testing applications have closed. Windows testing is now underway.
  15. *i

    Avernum 2 Needs Windows Beta Testers!

    Beta testing applications have closed. Windows testing is now underway.
  16. We are looking for beta testers for the Macintosh version of Avernum 2: Crystal Souls. We'll be picking testers in late August for testing for a release in early December. We need testers with Macintosh desktop and laptop machines running OS X 10.6 or later. Please apply if you are interested. We will also be looking for Windows testers in a month or two. Keep an eye on this space.
  17. *i

    Northern Isles: Any Interest?

    After rereading everything, it may be possible to do a 8-10 person game by removing the Darkside Loyalists as a faction and any other characters dependent upon them. They were originally meant to be the "enemy" faction anyway. Roles 1-5: Adventurer, Anama Priest, Gladwell, Oliver, Shanker Role 6: Alchemist OR Craftmaster Strine Roles 7+: Randomly chosen This gives you a game with two factions competing, two merchants, a neutral ally Shanker, an adventurer who could go anyway, and then 2+ other random roles to add a bit of mystery, variety, and stock material for Gladwell or the Anama factions. You'd have to remake the victory conditions and extra actions accordingly too. I would also weaken Gladwell and strengthen the Anama a bit, as Gladwell appeared to be the stronger faction in the last game. Something I considered is making their bonus scale with the number of shrine pieces built, which should balance them a bit stronger.
  18. *i

    Northern Isles: Any Interest?

    We'd certainly have to tweak the rules a bit for a smaller number of players. It was difficult enough filling all of the slots in the later games, and my life got in the way, so it fizzled. To anyone who wants to host it, the biggest challenge is being active enough and keeping the order of operations straight. Actions are first-come, first-serve and need to be processed in a timely manner because a certain action by one player may preclude an action of another.
  19. *i


    Having a scenario design community also really helped the broader community. I suspect this comes from the level of investment one has to put in to make a high quality scenario. This investment of time and effort often translates into having an emotional investment into the community of people who play it. For much of the history of this community, the scenario designers and the fans of the scenarios formed its nucleus. Most of them are gone now because life moves on, and we're seeing the effects of it. A new Blades of Avernum could work to revitalize this, but it would be tough to pull off. Blades of Exile hit the sweet spot in simplicity of design but offering enough power for some incredible work. Blades of Avernum had a lot more power, but the learning curve was too high. A Blades of Avernum remake, which is not going to happen, would bring back GUIs for writing dialogue/narration, nodes, etc. that would write the basic scripts for a casual user, but leave the scripting options open for a more advanced user to do really great and unique things.
  20. *i


    In theory "General" pretty much covers most things people would want to talk about so long as the discussions remain civil and do not stray into things like cracks for Jeff's games, illegal activities, or not family friendly things that would scare off Jeff's customers. I'm not convinced personally that having separate subforums for different types of non-Spiderweb discussions would really help. On BoA, agree with what people have already said. Jeff released a product that was difficult to use with a subpar engine. Sales were poor and almost tanked this place. It's too bad, because Jeff will never try anything like that again, even though, IMHO, if done right it could really spur activity here.
  21. *i


    No argument that things have been quite a bit slower in the last few years and the issues you identified have much to do it. Trenton's original post implied that the community is effectively dead. I disagree with that statement. And my point being is that it has seemed a lot worse in the past and yet the community is still here and doing fine, albeit not as strong as it once was.
  22. *i


    The death of this community has been predicted numerous times since at least 1998. I recall the days before Spiderweb hosted its own forums, when the primary place for our community to interact was Aceron's (you still reading this Aceron?) forums and there would occasionally be posting droughts (no posts, not a single one) for days. Those were depressing, especially considering we didn't really have now over a decade and a half's worth of history to inform us that these were temporary blips of inactivity. So yeah, things are pretty quiet right now for reasons others have said. Nonetheless, we've seen much quieter times before. Expect a bump after summer and a flurry of activity in the weeks following the A2 release. Moreover, I don't really see this community fading away until Jeff finally decides to retire. People go, but new ones arrive.
  23. *i

    How to look for a suitable job?

    While the knowledge acquired in humanities and social science courses is often not directly applicable to a job, the analytical and communication skills required to get through those courses is quite valuable regardless. College offers a great opportunity to develop and, as far as an employer is concerned, demonstrate those skills. My experience hiring engineers is that many candidates tend to be strong in the scientific, mathematical, and technical areas, but are lacking in those others, and I do not hire them. Like it or not, most STEM jobs involve working on teams, communicating work both verbally and through writing, writing proposals that persuade sponsors to fund you, interacting with those sponsors, managers, or policy makers (who are not always technically savvy), drawing connections between ideas, assessing the abilities of potential collaborators, etc. Many of the skills I listed are not going to acquired in any classroom, but through life experience. Others, like the ones involving critical thinking and communication of ideas, are, in my estimation, developed better in liberal arts courses than in STEM ones.
  24. *i

    How to look for a suitable job?

    It's a long and, at times, emotionally draining ride, but it's not as bad as it feels (and I'd know!). An undergraduate degree focused on math, physics, and chemistry can give you a good foundation, but you are right that it is very difficult to make any significant contributions prior to that. After that, you'll probably end up going to graduate school, and there you can really drill down and focus on the learning the highly-specialized knowledge you'll need. This typically takes about two years. Adding this up, if you can get through undergraduate in four or five years, then that's about six or seven until you really get to start contributing in a significant way. So definitely not the path of least resistance to a successful life, but if this is your passion, once you make it past all of that the rewards are worth the journey. And while we never know how the economy will shift, you'll have plenty of broadly applicable skills that have historically been in high demand for quite a while.