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  1. Isn't an iPhone port a possibility with the new game, Queen's Wish? I think it was on the Kickstarter list, and believe it reached it's funding goal.
  2. One complicating factor is that some of the quests like "bring me mushroom meal" don't repeat forever. Normally about 50 items will allow you to finish the quest.
  3. I was involved in the beta for the iOS port. It would seem that Jeff sent the code to Apple a couple of weeks ago and is awaiting final approval.
  4. That problem usually happens when the the enemy is standing on uneven ground (like the side-slope of a hill). It's because the square isn't properly selected by your finger or stylus. I'm not sure there is anything Jeff can do about it. I have had one character miss hitting the grid, and therefore waste a turn (or wind up on a square that put him in harms way), but the next fighter attacked the enemy properly. I suspect it's something you will just have to live with. If it's any consolation, most of the important battles are indoors where the ground is level. It's never been a significant problem for me - even if it is annoying. You can also try running away from any slopes before starting combat if possible.
  5. Okay, so this is unique to Avernum 3? Does it make it impossible to be a completionist? And, does the timer run more quickly on the higher difficulties?
  6. Excuse my ignorance, but I haven't played Avernum 3 before. What is a "time limit"?
  7. I really like the second one a lot. The color you picked for the gemstone is awesome.
  8. I am a little confused about your having a problem with your iPad version of Avernum. Jeff updated all 6 of the iPad games to the latest Apple requirements within the past year. You should re-download and see if you still have a problem.
  9. I do not have a separate graphics card. Mac mini (Late 2014) Graphics Intel Iris 1536 MB
  10. I get a brief hint that it wants to load. There is a quick shadow on the screen where the opening window would be, and there is a glimpse of the dock making room for a new icon. They are very brief however, then all gets quiet - like I had never tried to open the game.
  11. Well, it's not looking good for Nethergate on the latest Mac systems. Sigh......
  12. Has anyone else had a problem opening Nethergate: Resurrection on their Mac? I am running Sierra 10.12.5. It downloads properly. The folder looks to be normal, so far as I can tell. When I click on the icon with the graphic labelled N: Resurrection v 1.0.3 nothing happens. No error message, nothing...
  13. The only other contemporary indie game developer I am aware of who has turn-based combat with an isometric view is Basilisk Games. There is a 3 book series called Eschalon. Personally, I think it is terrific. You can always download a demo and give it a try.
  14. Yes, eyeballing does get easier. The stylus is what really saves me.
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