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  1. Upcoming Titles

    I am a little confused about your having a problem with your iPad version of Avernum. Jeff updated all 6 of the iPad games to the latest Apple requirements within the past year. You should re-download and see if you still have a problem.
  2. Have any of you alpha testers been put to work yet?
  3. I do not have a separate graphics card. Mac mini (Late 2014) Graphics Intel Iris 1536 MB
  4. I get a brief hint that it wants to load. There is a quick shadow on the screen where the opening window would be, and there is a glimpse of the dock making room for a new icon. They are very brief however, then all gets quiet - like I had never tried to open the game.
  5. Well, it's not looking good for Nethergate on the latest Mac systems. Sigh......
  6. Has anyone else had a problem opening Nethergate: Resurrection on their Mac? I am running Sierra 10.12.5. It downloads properly. The folder looks to be normal, so far as I can tell. When I click on the icon with the graphic labelled N: Resurrection v 1.0.3 nothing happens. No error message, nothing...
  7. Finished Spiderweb games - recommendations for similar RPGs?

    The only other contemporary indie game developer I am aware of who has turn-based combat with an isometric view is Basilisk Games. There is a 3 book series called Eschalon. Personally, I think it is terrific. You can always download a demo and give it a try.
  8. Avernum iPad - Wasting APs Frustration

    Yes, eyeballing does get easier. The stylus is what really saves me.
  9. Testing?

    Does anyone know when Jeff will start the first rounds of testing for Avadon 3? I'm just curious about where he is in the development cycle.
  10. Inventory question

    So true. You can always be assured that there is some nice little item tucked away amid piles of boxes of stuff that belong to someone else. Also, you should be careful about using the Junk Bag for things that aren't going to be sold. If you try to use it for general storage you face pretty high odds that you will forget and sell something that you really wanted to keep.
  11. Inventory question

    You need to click on each character's inventory bag to see it's contents. The only exception is the Junk Bag - it can be opened from any character's inventory screen and is common to your whole party.
  12. Why We Might Start Writing For the iPad Again

    I was just generically updating my iPad apps when the new version of Crystal Souls showed up. I am so excited! Thank you Jeff. I know this took a lot of hard work, and I also know you don't really expect to make much money off the iPad version. But, I love playing your game on the iPad, so please know that your efforts are not in vain. Love your games so much!
  13. Why We Might Start Writing For the iPad Again

    Jeff, you are not a flake. You are nice, hard-working and creative guy who got overwhelmed a few months ago. I love your games on the Mac, and I love them on the iPad. I'll take them however I can get them. I must say that the style of game you write works really, really well on the iPad. So, I selfishly hope you continue to develop for that platform. However, most of all, I don't want you to stress yourself to the point of burning out. Do what you need to do to take care of yourself. You have a huge devoted fan base because you are so good at writing great games. Keep up the good work!
  14. Prescient

    Has anyone else read the New York Times article today (03/20/15) about gene-editing techniques that can alter future generations? I was struck by how prescient Jeff's entire Geneforge series is in relation to that debate. When I think about the Shapers and the Serviles I can totally see that the potential for that situation is developing under our very noses. It provides some real-life food for thought.
  15. It's pretty much been my experience that Jeff makes the final battle (plus maybe another one or two) much more difficult than the rest of the encounters. Don't know why, but that seems to be a pattern.