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  1. To be honest, I found the whole endgame somewhat anticlimactic - the enemies (including the crystal souls) are pretty weak at that point since you're high level, there are no large set piece battles like the Ornotha Ziggurat and you don't even get to fight the final boss directly - just push a few buttons and the game ends. I suppose it makes sense in the context of the story - Avernum 4 is where you get to finally deal with the Vahnatai threat, but it still feels disappointing. I preferred the endings of Avernum 1 and 2 where you have a clear antagonist and you actually get to fight and defeat them directly. Also, do you guys think Jeff intentionally made bosses in Avernum 3 easier after possible complaints about Avernum 2 bosses (with their whole increasing damage over time mechanic)?
  2. All right, if anyone's curious, here's how to defeat Sulfras on Torment with a singleton. She's probably the single hardest boss in the game, so come prepared - bring all your invulnerability, healing and energy potions/elixirs. I also assume that you'll be at max level (42-43), have done everything else in the game, and have maxed out resistances, two + action point items (I like the shield and sandals), access to adrenaline rush, etc. Sulfras' most dangerous attack is a Death curse that would normally kill a non-invulnerable party member, but the Death curse does magical damage to which some monsters are immune. So, just stand behind her on the platform and summon an Eyebeast via Simulacrum (you'll need level 3 Capture Soul to capture it). She will cast the death curse on the Eyebeast more often than not and it'll be immune to the damage. Then just slowly chip away at her health with Lightning Spray and the occasional Divine Retribution and Smite. Heal as needed. When she summons monsters (especially gazers), take them out first while at the same time damaging Sulfras at the same time if possible. Her final power is a burst of regeneration so you'll just need to outlast it. It takes a bit of luck since you can get terrified and run away, which messes with the fight strategy and may result in death/reload. Occasionally, she will cast Death curse on your PC, so make sure to drink an Invulnerability potion and resummon the Eyebeast if necessary. Eventually, you'll take her down. On a related note, does anyone know if it's possible to get into Sulfras' main treasure room?
  3. Also, did you manage to defeat Sulfras with a singleton? Her Death Curse is pretty annoying and even with invulnerability potions sometimes you get frightened/slowed/stunned and die from it anyway. Any tips on beating her?
  4. Wow, you're absolutely right. Getting just 4-5 extra levels from training with Zang made a huge difference for my singleton run. I'm not struggling nearly as much anymore and it's become fun again. It's a little cheesy, but given that torment singleton is about as stupidly hard as you can make the game, I think it's fair. I would recommend training with Zang for anyone who's struggling on torment. Thanks for the tip, Randomizer.
  5. I suppose that you can take a shortcut through the level grind by using Zang for training, which alleviates some of the level/XP scaling problem. Did you end up just doing delivery missions for money for a long time while buying XP/levels from Zang or accumulate money organically? There's honestly not that much to spend cash on past the early skill/spell training so it's probably a good investment in any case.
  6. Evasion doesn't really work that well on torment. You'll get hit and hit hard - the only way to survive is to max out armor and resistances, put some points in endurance and use the terrain to minimize the number of enemies you engage at once. I'm currently running a singleton on Torment with a build similar to the one Sade used for Avernum 2 (http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/21325-a2cs-singleton-build-tips-spoilers/) and it's working fairly well. I have to say that, unlike Avernum 1 and 2, which I also finished with a singleton, I'm finding Avernum 3 to be much more of a slog to get through due to the big change in the XP/leveling system (singletons only level as fast as a full party). That, combined with the time limit in the game, means I have to use all sorts of gamey tricks just to get through battles while at the same time worrying about whether it's worth running back and forth exploring or doing the ubiquitous delivery missions for money.
  7. Jeff mentioned that the 1.0.1 patch is out now. Does anyone have the patch notes?
  8. Is it better to clear out a bunch of dungeons first until monsters stop giving XP and then finally turn in all the outstanding (completed) quests to maximize XP gain?
  9. Randomizer, given the addition of AOE friendly fire (including from summon abilities) on higher game difficulties, which summons - either regular or Simulacra - did you find most useful?
  10. If it's not too much trouble, could someone go through Randomizer's list and extract the information for all the equipment (weapons/armor) into a separate list/post? That would come in handy when planning builds. Thanks.
  11. Can the blessings be stacked or is it one per item?
  12. So, are you saying that a singleton gets the same amount of combat and quest experience any party member in a full party of four - that is, they level up at the same rate? If so, that is a big difference from A1 and A2. What level did you finish the game at in your singleton playthroughs?
  13. It looks like Jeff pulled the order from his website until the 31st. It's only two more days, so not a big deal either way. Randomizer, did your singleton builds in Avernum 3 differ substantially from those in Avernum 2 since the mechanics don't seem to have changed much, if at all?
  14. Randomizer, I curious, how restrictive is the time limit in the Avernum 3 remake? I'm planning on playing a singleton again, probably on Torment, and I envision a lot of running back and forth from dungeon to town to regenerate. Is it pretty easy to get locked out of quests/merchants or did Jeff relax the time restrictions?
  15. I heard Avernum 3 is already out if you order directly from Spiderweb. Is that correct? Do you also get a Steam/GOG key when you order directly?