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  1. Thank you Randomizer. I had talked to all the NPC's but was warned at the Fortress not to reveal why I was in Dhorl Stead. I revealed why I was there to Kellen and the game said that the woods will appear on the map. This even though I had already received a quest involving the woods from him and two other NPC's. Thanks again.
  2. I purchased Avadon 1 from the Apple App Store. I reached Dhorl Stead. I obtained 3 quests from 3 different NPC's that referred to the Dhorl Woods. When I left Dhorl Stead to the map of Khemeria the map did not show the Dhorl Woods. The game is behaving like a demo. I did not use a mod, the editor or anything else. I re-downloaded from the App Store and nothing changed. Could the saved game still contain the problem? Could this be an apple problem? I cannot progress any further in the game. Any suggestions?
  3. I noticed that equipped items with a damage bonus does not print the increase in damage to the screen. Eg., I equipped 3 items with a +X% missile damage bonus( +15%, +10%, and +10% ) and there was no change to the damage of the bow shown under the mouse arrow. This was also true of +X% to melee and magic damage. Is this a minor game feature(bug)(change not printed to the screen) or a major feature(change not applied to damage in a battle)? I would appreciate an answer to this question if anyone knows, because I am about to place enhancements on my items in preparation for the end game. Thanks in advance.
  4. The link at the top does not work for me. Is the link broken or is it me (iMac i7 OS 10.6.6)?
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