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  1. Thank you Randomizer. I had talked to all the NPC's but was warned at the Fortress not to reveal why I was in Dhorl Stead. I revealed why I was there to Kellen and the game said that the woods will appear on the map. This even though I had already received a quest involving the woods from him and two other NPC's. Thanks again.
  2. I purchased Avadon 1 from the Apple App Store. I reached Dhorl Stead. I obtained 3 quests from 3 different NPC's that referred to the Dhorl Woods. When I left Dhorl Stead to the map of Khemeria the map did not show the Dhorl Woods. The game is behaving like a demo. I did not use a mod, the editor or anything else. I re-downloaded from the App Store and nothing changed. Could the saved game still contain the problem? Could this be an apple problem? I cannot progress any further in the game. Any suggestions?
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