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  1. Bahssikava->Exodus-> ??

    No. Poor choice of words on my part. When I say "I know this is too little too late...," I don't mean "You deserve an apology. I will make a show of contrition." I mean "Although it's been a while, if knowledge about what motivated me to give Exodus a poor review will positively influence future scenario releases, then let me share what I remember."
  2. Bahssikava->Exodus-> ??

    Hey folks. I used to post on the Spidweb boards a lot when I was younger. I generally went by the name rakshasi, and my member number was 5814 I think. I was part of the Exodus open beta, and I wrote a review of Exodus a long time ago in which I said something like "The name Exodus is stupid. It's a pointless reference." and wrote about a page of rambling text trashing Kelandon's hard work. I think I ended the review by giving the scenario a 3/10 or so. The review wasn't copied from the Lyceum, probably because my review was basically a personal attack that had nothing to do with the scenario. In a thread made years later, I think Kelandon mentioned on the Spiderweb boards that my review was one of the most disheartening and confusing. I can't find my review or his later post, unfortunately. Anyway, I hope you believe me when I say that I contributed a lot of negativity. In case it'll help, I'll now explain why: I was trying to mimic TM and be offensive. My low review of Exodus had nothing to do with Exodus's storytelling or gameplay. I know this is too little too late, but in case Kelandon ever wondered what motivated people to go on the internet and say soul-crushing things about his scenario, there it is.
  3. A Markov chain defines the chance that a process will move from one state to another state. Music can be thought of as a series of series of states over time. By parsing a musical script, you can generate a matrix that defines the chance of playing a note n after having played a note m. By pulling a series of (semi) random numbers out of a source, you can generate a new song whose movement from note to note is similar to that of the original song. Someone in the youtube comments guessed that this was gleaned from a Debussy song. For reference, here's Claire de Lune by Debussy:
  4. When did the first men get names and what were they?

    Some animals have a sense of self. Some animals are able to use a mirror to locate and remove an object that is attached to some part of their head (and would be invisible to them without use of the mirror). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mirror_test Many animals can also learn that a particular human vocalization means that human wants attention from that animal. E.g. dogs and birds. I'm not sure if animals like rats and kangaroos can learn their name. So some animals have a capacity to be self-aware and to learn their own name. The potential is there. Songbirds are believed to use their songs as a way of communicating their identity. There's a lot of sites on the internet that say that, but few citations...
  5. SWTOR

    I'm really looking forward to it.
  6. Buying a second computer

    http://configure.us.dell.com/dellstore/c...piron-17r-n7110 Code: PROCESSOR 2nd generation Intel® Core™ i7-2670QM processor 2.20 GHz with Turbo Boost up to 3.10 GHz MEMORY 6GB Shared Dual Channel DDR3 Memory HARD DRIVE 640GB 5400 RPM SATA Hard Drive VIDEO CARD NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 525M (128-bit) 2GB for $799.99? Sounds like a good deal, I think. Should I go for it? Does anyone have opinions on Dell manufacturing, support, and durability?
  7. Are your tubes filled?

    Originally Posted By: Kelandon I assume that's the fastest my Mac Mini can process data, not the fastest that my network can send/receive it. Harvard Law, bro? Nice.
  8. Every day I'm Eulerin'...

    Well, I was bored during my lab hours so I tried to find the site. I remembered that it was projecteuler.something, but I didn't remember whether it was a .com or a .org. Not wanting to appear foolish, I didn't bother googling. I went directly to the .com, which is apparently a scam site. It's probably a website set up by Dantius to steal bank account information and passwords. Joke's on you, I'm a student. I'm POOR.
  9. Is Every Story Like This?

    Originally Posted By: Dantius Originally Posted By: Dikiyoba Freytag's triangle is so general that it's useless for analyzing fiction. However, it's still important for writing fiction. It's a lot easier to write stories that follow more complicated structures if you have the basic triangle down. Dikiyoba. I only bother reading fiction whose narrative structure provides a good approximation of fractal behavior. Syntax is highly recursive. Does syntax count as structure? "Dantius crushed the rebellion." vs "The rebellion crushed Dantius." I'm pretty sure that grammar affected narrative in that sentence.

    Originally Posted By: Micawber Can anyone remember, what spell in A1 was replaced by Cloud of Blades in A2/A3? I know Sanctuary was in A1, those Slith high priests liked to cast it...
  11. Left shift, Right shift, Or caps?

    I'm a left-hander who uses a laptop with no USB mouse. I prefer to keep my right hand in the power zone: backspace, enter, right shift, end, pg dn, pg up, home. Semicolons, parenthesis, and brackets also reside here. They are very important to me. Left hand moves around more, although obviously the right hand contributes to some degree when typing. But left hand is used for ctrl-l, ctrl-t, ctrl-v, ctrl-c, ctrl-x, ctrl-w, and of course ctrl-z. I'm much faster than most people when, for example, using Firefox web browser or editing text. I'm working on incorporating alt-f4 and the keyboard's right-click into my keyboard use. Pressing caps lock initiates the self-destruct sequence.
  12. DOOM

    Originally Posted By: Trenton Uchiha, shaper servile. Thats me, I can run around the room like crazy...If I didnt weigh 214 pounds. And I cant listan to people, like I say what all the time. Wait. Wait wait wait. You weigh 214 pounds? That's not a joke or a typo? How tall are you? If you want to live a full active life, you need to lose weight. If you don't lose weight, you will die very early.
  13. Day 90, no orb of thralni in sight

    You know BoE is open-source, right? You can play all the scenarios for free and it's almost the same engine as E3.
  14. We're letting our children get off too easy

    The only reasons I check this forum are for BoA and long lectures on physics, discrete math, and advanced scientific research. I mostly skip posts by newer members because they don't contain any useful information.
  15. Bahssikava->Exodus-> ??

    Originally Posted By: Kelandon Glad to hear you liked the story! And I admit that I'm surprised, but I guess pleased, that people are still playing these, so many years after I made them. The plan was always to make a third scenario, Homeland, that finished the story. ("We have repented at Bahssikava. We have made the Exodus. Now, it is time for us to retake the Homeland!") After the poor reception of Exodus by the community at the time, though, I pretty much quit making scenarios for Blades, with the exception of Nobody's Heroes, a short joke scenario that I claimed was released by "Kelandon's friend" for a long time to avoid the crap that was heaped on me every time I released anything. It kind of pains me that I never finished the trilogy, and you get some hints as to what happens in Homeland if you play Nobody's Heroes (notably, the main quest-giver in NH is an older but not really wiser Machrone). I think the community is different now. Everybody who plays Blades is 1) not TM 2) an oldbie. So they've probably calmed down by now. Or you could write Homeland, and then not release it. You could just make posts telling everyone how awesome it is. But you shouldn't let an unfinished story roll around in your head. I know that I constantly edit my plots of upcoming scenarios, even if I've ever only released one. Am I right in guessing that you still have notes on Homeland, and you still edit them? Because it's so much fun to write a story! And so long as it's unpublished, it can still be edited and made more complex. The writing process only ends for when you release the story/scenario, because it's only then that you can stop editing and writing new content.