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  1. Monarch was a man with infinite power and no sense of scale--a madman, as we'd call such a creature in our own world. There's a pretty great John Mulaney skit where he says the line "That's the thing about crazy people, they just have unlimited crazy currency, the things they say don't mean anything to them." This was someone who was at a power level where he could lift a finger and wipe out a swathe of countryside with a horde of ravening beasts. If he wanted to be rid of society (either as an end in itself or as a means to get peace for his research) it took comparatively more effort to pick up and go someplace else rather than just raze and kill everything within a hundred-mile radius of his laboratory. We see that canisters erode a user's empathy, and indeed their ability to care about anything but their own pursuits, their ability to so much as recognize the sentience of other life forms. What if Monarch was so far down the rabbit hole that this was just his solution to finding a mess on his kitchen counter? What if everything he did, from his perspective, was no more unreasonable than taking some Clorox bleach spray and cleaning house?
  2. So the Spiderweb Software Facebook page just dropped an article from GeekWire interviewing Jeff. Most of the content focuses on Avernum III, but a little over halfway through, we get this gem: I'm yelling, I don't know about you guys. It's in the cards, even if the original IP is probably going to happen first.
  3. Val Ritz


    Favorite meme - Incorrect quotes and modified image text, such as the following gem: [Edit: Image removed for mild swearing] Least favorite meme: Those things with the expanding brain.
  4. Bastard Bonds is neat, but the lack of an autosave function really knocks you in the teeth, considering the difficulty curve. Honestly, the title that's felt most like a Spiderweb game has been Tyranny, right down to the faction-picking and Omnicidal Neutral option.
  5. I'm with Lilith on that front. The Five-Factor index is too much like homework. Specifics and no sweeping generalizations to give me a sense of artificial identity and pride.
  6. Easydamus has a pretty great test for what Dungeons and Dragons alignment you are. It's not horrendously obvious what options lead to where, and I like it a lot.
  7. Eradicate them. Hyper-intelligent, magically gifted, naturally-procreating creations with tendencies toward sociopathy and megalomania? The fact that they were ever allowed out of the Rebellion's warrens is a testament to their madness.
  8. The perfect weapon for striding up to someone who's been studying what they shouldn't and separating their head from their shoulders. Bravo.
  9. For Geneforge I would absolutely suggest a baton, but I'd also suggest a Control Rod. The weapons of the Shapers are far more than just steel.
  10. All hail the Midwestern Nexus, apparently. This is really shaping up into a web one can get caught in.
  11. I don't, mainly because I haven't needed one yet. If one of my parties winds up wandering out that far past Dillame, then I'll consider putting one together.
  12. 438. Dilemming - Savior dies for your sins over and over again A potential problem with any model of salvation that is not committed to the sufficiency of Christ's sacrifice: If he didn't completely take care of it the first time, he'd be required to do it over and over until it was fixed, resulting in God being some sort of divine lemming, running toward death. If he didn't do it, though, he wouldn't be omnibenevolent. Dilemma. I'm reaching for this one.
  13. Night Claws. The best worst only low-budget sasquatch horror movie you'll ever need. Howling 2 is the same, but with werewolves. It gets bonus points because Christopher Lee is in it!
  14. 426. Obake Opaka - What you get when an alien baby is forced to attack distant, psychic relatives of its foster mother An obake is a Japanese changeling, and the Opaka is the spiritual leader of the Bajoran people, who serves as their conduit to their Prophets. The Changelings in Star Trek sent out one hundred of their young into the universe to gather information. Thus, an Obake Opaka would be a Changeling Opaka; one who is forced by their adoptive, foster "mother," Bajor, to wage war on the Dominion, ruled by the psychically-linked Founders. 3/6
  15. 413. Hermeneutikos - An essential part of speaking Greek. Hermeneutics is the branch of study dealing with interpretation, and thus would be very necessary for anyone trying to speak Greek. 411. Breastless Pilgrims and Tragic Views - They're too important to be lies, according to Shah Zaman, according to John Barth An excerpt from John Barth's Chimera, where Shah Zaman describes the eponymous story as "too important to be lies - fictions, maybe, but truer than fact."
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