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  1. quicksave?

    That*s because it isn't there At least from G3 onwards it tells you the key on the load/save screen.
  2. quicksave?

    It's F9/F10.
  3. G4 Barrier Bros

    Khur is the servile in Ilya Safehouse whose group was killed in Nort Ilya Woods (?) and yeah he gets killed by Moseh (not sure if he can actually survive that encounter). Looking at the scripts, there is one encounter where shaper rep gets you out of a fight (Matala). Khur attacks you when you go too much towards the shapers. That seems to be it. The drakons at quessa uss gates certainly don't attack on sight, neither do the ones in grayghost or Khima. How much sense that makes is up to you, I don't think Jeff likes to restrict too much content. And G4 already has the shaper side potentially cutting you off and the unbound specs locking you into an ending and removing some stuff in Khima.
  4. G4 Barrier Bros

    Khur joins if your rep is 100 or lower. And where do you get this idea that you have to fight armies of drakons ??? Grayghost Gates/Khima Uss has nothing to do with rep, that's simply the result of giiving the shapers the specs. It is. Yes, you can forget about heping the Infiltrators and Poryphra will be hostile. If you manage to not get the Restore Moseh quest then you can forget about Shaper Camp Gamma too.
  5. G4 Barrier Bros

    How exactly is rebel rep being low a problem ? From what I can see you would lose this if you go all out shaper Apart from the mental focus charm that seems mostly trash. Low rebel rep doesn't stop you from going for the rebel ending so going full shaper or fence sitting both seem fine. Otoh going full rebel is going to lose you quite a bit more.
  6. G4 Barrier Bros

    Yeah no. Restored Moseh and gave the notes to the shapers.
  7. G4 Barrier Bros

    This is wrong. Greta will let you go into Burwood anyway.
  8. Need help with servile in GF4, chapter 2

    This is with items but looking at the skill point cost should give you an idea how far I pushed them. No-canister singleton melee on Torment, 3 deaths
  9. Newguy questions about Geneforge

    You can get Wingbolts as early as Shaper Camp Gamma, so make sure to help the shapers at least somewhat (def get the Repair Moseh quest, you don't need to actually help him). Cryoas & Vlish are fine till then, certainly on normal.
  10. geneforge series points

    Dex also has some impact on initiative. Mind, it is seldom a good idea to actually put points into a creations stats with the exception of 2 Int. It's just too expensive.
  11. More hated than Chitrach ?
  12. You will be perpetually disappointed if you seriously expect to get this. There is never any urgency in G4, most of the time you are off doing who knows what unconnected to the main plot, you can even make it to Northforge and then go off killing Monarchs Titan without anyone batting an eye. Nevermind that you are the only one actually doing anything, not even the fabled infiltrators really act, they just sit around. G1/2 had a single (good looking) world map with all areas on it. Going to a split map with dungeon areas not even on it is a major decline. Feels the opposite for me. G1/2 are are dusty, grey while G3 is colorful and bright. And calling both sides unappealing ? Nah, the rebels are just vastly worse, that one area you hinted at on the last island doesn't change that.
  13. question = "How have you improved battle alphas?"; text1 = "_We have developed a variety called the rotghroth. Stronger, larger, and with a corrupting touch How is this not a sufficient explanation ? What exactly more do you want ? Something about their society, their culture, their mating rituals maybe ? Dude it's just a rot. Stop sperging.
  14. geneforge series points

    Those are bugged in most if not all Geneforges. Edit: Looks like it was fixed for G5.
  15. geneforge series points

    Alhoon, I think that reply was to me. And again, all creations in all geneforges need strength to hit.