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  1. Nim

    Geneforge 4 display problem

    Aww. Well it was worth a try. And yeah, it's not your physical mouse. Other things you can try with low probability of success: http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/17549-avernum-4-mouse-hitching-problem/?tab=comments#comment-232161 Try the demo right here from the site, also try the gog installer. If your cpu has integrated graphics switch to that. Aspect ratio settings from display driver and monitor.
  2. Nim

    Geneforge 4 display problem

    Not surprising. Uninstall does not get rid of the G4 folder in 'my documents' that contains the Geneforge4Settings.dat .Try deleting that ? The game will create a new one on the next start.
  3. Nim

    G3 small oops

    This one doesn't shift you at all. Whatever you tell Litalia outside the school has no bearing on reputation.
  4. Nim

    Need Help Geneforge 2

    Yeah, Zak has no dialogue option to leave. He does have a new dialogue option once you have left tho. And killing that wimp doesn't really make much of a difference. Now trashing the radiant college and leaving Barzahl alive, that gets you a nice change in the ending text
  5. Nim

    Need Help Geneforge 2

    Mind that you can't withdraw from Zak as he is lacking that option. You can switch to other sects tho.So don't do him last if you want to go unaligned in the end.
  6. Nim

    Need Help Geneforge 2

    G2 faction guide if you don't mind spoilers https://app.box.com/s/e099rcyq0c
  7. Nim

    Need Help Geneforge 2

    Do you want to stay unaligned ? Because that limits your current creation options a lot. To create Drayk more or less. Phariton will teach it if you are unaligned, Elissia in the Upper Research Hall if you join Zak All other higher creations either require you to join the takers or barzites or have canisters in areas you probably won't manage as of now. Give it a try if you haven't already ? Just make a bunch of drayks with 2 int and nothing else. You should easily have the essence for that.
  8. Nim

    Need Help Geneforge 2

    Oh, I was thinking more about uploading it to some external site and then linking here, sorry for being unclear (smth like dropbox ? ). All those areas are hard. Creations to-hit and damage comes from their strength stat, not from dexterity or int . Also +creation strength items don't work in the old games (pre G5 I think). If they can't hit something then they need more levels -> automatic more strength or upgrade their strength directly (but thats inefficient). War blessing is an additional 20% to hit and 4 damage dice. The best route though is to get better creations. Preferably ranged, most melee creations suck under the old action point system. Rots should be ok.
  9. Nim

    Need Help Geneforge 2

    Upload a save if you can. Stats are a bit meaningless if we don't know how much comes from items, canisters etc. I don't see how you can not finish the game tho, most areas are non-critical (shats and pit of misfits def can be skipped) and you can get into the taker labs with minimal combat.
  10. Nim

    Lava Pits in Northern Mines G1

    Nope. Be in combat mode, use a shielding pot (50% less damage taken) and whatever items you have that mitigate fire. Not sure how much armor helps.
  11. Nim

    Geneforge 4 reputation

    Search for inc_flag(100,0 You will find instances like inc_flag(100,0,-2) which is a 2 point rep move towards the rebels. Modify one to whatever value you want.
  12. Nim

    G2: Creation Questions

    Mines in G2 are finicky. Sometimes they explode before you even reach them and they can go off during your turn in combat mode. If you have to take the damage get Augmentation/Essence Armor (armor pots) as they add hitpoints (flat base value+1/lvl) and protection/steel skin. Also putting the difficulty to easy should cut the damage they do a bit.
  13. Nim

    Geneforge 4 Golden Crystal

    Should be +6 damage levels.
  14. Nim


    That*s because it isn't there At least from G3 onwards it tells you the key on the load/save screen.
  15. Nim


    It's F9/F10.