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  1. Warp

    a moderately designed scenario. it's pretty innovative for boa/e in that it's the first scenario to my knowledge that tries to flesh out time travel, one of the most overused sci-fi topics out there. unfortunately, this isn't hugely original, and the plot ending(s) are too predictable. but the town design was pretty good and the dialogue was all right. just not something to be immensely proud of or memorable. the characters weren't badly explored, if a little rushed. rating: [rating]Average[/rating] ephesos, please try to make something bigger. you're a very talented designer but you don't set your sights high enough. honestly, i think you're the only one capable of making an epic scenario other than kelendon.
  2. Mad Ambition.

    does anyone think that everything TerrorsMartyr has ever made for boa/e is........mean? back when i bought blades of exile in '98, no one really seems to have been as mean to parties as he is.
  3. Avernum 6 - September update.

    Quote: It won't be a copy of E3. It'll be the end of the Avernum series. Gonna be a lot of new stuff. Seriously, read the first post. of course i read the first post. but jeff stated a long time ago (post-A4 release?) that A1 (my exile would never be so medicore!) was meant to mirror A4, A5 (although I will say that it was actually improved over the previous avernum/exile games, something that jeff promised us so very long ago) to mirror A2. he really hasn't done anything new with any of the avernum games that Exile didn't beat. well, he did of course do geneforge, and nethergate i suppose (never played it however). honestly, none of that really hyped me; he should have stopped at blades of avernum and done something new. Quote: A6 has an all new plot. Same old post-apocalyptica
  4. is anyone having a problem were you read a topic one hour, come back later, then the topic/forum is still marked as unread? that's keeps happening to me.
  5. How to punish computer criminals

    Quote: So, short of termination, how could one punish an AI? you could down grade it into windows vista. thats a fate worse then death lol
  6. Party XP[G5]

    there definitly seems to be a lot more levels available in G5 then in the previous Geneforges. My other shapers could barely hope to get to 35, now their clearing 40 easy. the hp and essence counters have also been increased.
  7. Avernum 6 - September update.

    i hope A6 isn't a carbon copy of Exile 3, like A3 was, and not bring anything new to the table.
  8. BoA Slith Singleton

    i'd skip magic spells all togethor and go for more endurance or melee skill, personally.
  9. Cave cows vs Ornks

    ornks still moo however. they're pretty clearly a hybrid.
  10. What class is the most powerful?[G5]

    Interesting build Thuryl. maybe i'll try that one time. Quote: Jeff's games have always given all characters the chance to do everything. Rather than removing that and making the classes real classes, why not accept that pure physical fighters are not a good build? It doesn't take much to make warriors good enough with shaping or with mental magic to be quite playable that's just flat out lazy. combat has been unique in many games; jeff is totally capable of improving combat skills, he just doesn't because he knows those kinds of excuses are enough.

    this scenario's pretty bad. it's "plot", if you even call it that, is to try to show you how you should expand and rely on yourself and whatnot. it was pretty boring, and although the trick where you could play as a kid in the begining was pure awesome, the scenario isn't entertaining as much else then someone whos experimenting with scripting. its glitch free at least. the message itself wasn't bad, just way it was done. if there was an actual plot, some devlopment, and maybe a little action, i might of actually liked it. but for better or worse, this scenario just wasn't a good experience. i would have much rather not wasted 5 minutes playing this, to be honest. Rating: [rating]Substandard[/rating]
  12. Cave cows vs Ornks

    who's the more bovine one?
  13. What class is the most powerful?[G5]

    thanks for the tips although I already do those things regularly. i'm no newbie Iudex Machina & Thurly = ooic, what would you say is an order for the most powerful characters? i haven't tried the sorrcerross just yet, i keep seeing her as a flimsy agent. would you say its better to play her as a Agent class then? Or a medicore shaper? because I'm having a hard time seeing why she's more powerful. if I want to go the magic-using route, then wouldn't it be better to be an Agent? And if i want to be a Shaper, i would think i should pick, you know, a shaper.
  14. G1 Oh how Art Thou Game Strange

    yeah, mindlessly clicking tools, then levers, then tools, then levers, then tools, then levers while being bumrushed by lots and lots of rogues from the spawners in the area who are hellbent on stoping you from continueing was really fun