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  1. Lilith

    Geneforge 4 Hidden Bosses

    If you kill both Alwan and Miranda in Northforge Warrens, you actually get to skip the final battle in Northforge entirely, although if you're capable of doing that the final battle wouldn't have been a problem for you anyway.
  2. Lilith

    Geneforge 4 Forgotten One

    I didn't get that impression. What makes you think so? Generally, if people think that anyone in G4 is the G3 protagonist, they think it's Shaper Monarch.
  3. Lilith

    Geneforge 4 Hidden Bosses

    The next most difficult optional fight in the game is probably Matala, although you can reach that a bit before the endgame. Another challenge you could try to take on if you're on the Rebel path is clearing out Alwan's assault group when you first encounter them in Northforge Warrens, instead of scouting the area and retreating as the game tells you to do.
  4. It might do the check after you leave the crafting dialogue. That seems plausible.
  5. Lilith

    How can I use my steam key?

    The option is in the "Add a Game" button in the bottom left corner of the Steam application.
  6. Lilith

    Geneforge 4 Golden Crystal

    I want to say it's +4 levels of damage, but I might be pulling that out of nowhere.
  7. Lilith


    It could be a DNS issue. If you know how to do so, try changing your settings to use Google Public DNS ( and and see if that helps.
  8. Lilith

    cant register games

    Have you emailed Spiderweb about it? They can help you better than we can.
  9. Yup. A common standard for mobile interfaces is that you tap for a left-click and hold for a right-click.
  10. There are various implications throughout the series that demons come from another dimension reachable through summoning magic or portals (although actually going through a portal to their realm would be a pretty bad idea). It'd be reasonable to speculate that many if not most of the demons in Avernum were probably summoned by the sliths under Sss-Thsss and his predecessors.
  11. Lilith

    Highlighting objects in Avadon 3?

    I believe there was an unofficial third-party script edit designed to make items on the ground more visible by changing their appearance. Might that be what you're thinking of?
  12. For what it's worth, the strategy-guide-writing side of the forums has always had a high opinion of it, although the advice is usually to put it on a spellcaster since fighters don't have to go out of their way to meet the skill requirements for disciplines even without the blade.
  13. Is there a transcript or written summary somewhere?
  14. In that case, the best thing you can do is send a bug report to support@spiderwebsoftware.com and see if SW can help you.
  15. I think if you join the Anama it's specified that their rings are deliberately made non-removable so that members have to make a commitment to living as Anama. I guess the fake rings need to have some of the same enchantments in order to fool magical means of detection.