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  1. Lilith

    Avernum 3 RUINED WORLD and saving games

    This sounds like it could be some kind of file permissions issue, with the game trying to save somewhere that you don't have full access to. Are you logged in as an administrator or a regular user?
  2. Lilith

    Missing Spore Baton Northbridge

    In many Spiderweb games, if you have graphics settings turned down, effects such as colour filters won't be applied to items and monsters. That might have been your issue.
  3. Lilith

    Cant find resources folder

    The game keeps its saved games in different places on different operating system versions, so as long as the game launches correctly and you can save and load your game, it's probably fine and things are just arranged slightly differently from what you expected.
  4. Lilith

    Queen's Wish - Romance

    it's maybe a closer fit than most if you're only talking about western RPGs but there are a lot of slightly offbeat JRPGs that would fit better; off the top of my head, most of the Megami Tensei franchise fits the bill, drawing as it does from basically the same creative wellspring as Prometheus Unbound
  5. Lilith

    Queen's Wish - Romance

    i guess my perspective would be that it attempts to emphasize those things but i don't think it fully succeeds, at least for me; winning the game requires engaging with the mechanical incentive structure even when that runs counter to the spirit of the values espoused in the game's dialogue, and i think that's an inherent pitfall of the specific approach it took to translating its virtues into game mechanics, and that there are alternate approaches that could be more successful (although, well, probably not ones that had been developed in 1985) like, that even goes for stuff like the fortune teller sequence: i was surprised to find there were people who didn't try to figure out how it worked and then game it to pick the class they wanted
  6. Lilith

    Queen's Wish - Romance

    i feel like the game-mechanical implementation of morality in Ultima IV is a little too black-and-white to be called properly Romantic: there's a clear set of prescribed and proscribed actions, and in practice the player is called upon not to balance potentially conflicting values but simply to do all of the right things and none of the wrong things. Blake wouldn't have approved you could maaaybe make more of a case for the Age of Enlightenment trilogy taken as a whole but there'd still be some issues with that too. the originally planned plot of Ultima VIII might have come close although what we actually got was kind of a mess
  7. Lilith

    Older games created for GOG

    It's not directly compatible with Windows 10, but it's possible to run it in a virtual machine. This older thread has some advice.
  8. Lilith

    Stuck in Remote Cave puzzle

    I think you have to Examine it while standing next to it.
  9. Lilith

    A5: I... I'm a monster [spoilers]

    This may kinda ruin the impact for you, but you should know that Beastkeeper Vyck's name is a reference to this guy.
  10. Also, when you go into the settings to check the difficulty, make sure you check it ingame rather than at the title screen, since difficulty is tracked separately for each save file. I remember that catching some people out back when the game was released.
  11. Lilith

    100% Energy Resistance

    As far as the Geneforge series specifically goes, no, you can't get your character's resistance to 100%. In the earlier games, the way resistances are displayed means that your resistance can appear to be over 100% with the right combination of equipment, but you'll still take some damage from energy attacks.
  12. Lilith

    Geneforge remakes.

    Yeah, to expand on what Slarty said, Jeff has talked in the past about how even if money weren't an issue, working with other people doesn't suit his personality, and if it did, he'd be working for Electronic Arts or something instead of running an indie studio. As countless failed small-time devs have learned, sending out an open call like this has a very good chance of getting you someone who will do a month or two of work and then disappear. There's a reason why "our programmer flaked out on us" is one of the top causes of failure for indie video game kickstarters. It's viable for small pieces of work but a big risk if you need someone to work consistently over the course of an entire dev cycle.
  13. Everyone, please remember that swearing is against the forum rules even if you bleep out part of the word: I've edited several posts in this thread accordingly.
  14. If I recall correctly, your combat speed is exactly equal to Dexterity + Luck + 2 x Quick Action. I don't think level factors directly into it, although of course Dexterity increases with level. There is a text file in the game's scripts with all the monster stats in it, but some stats are derived from other stats instead of being stated directly in the script, and the base stats can be modified further by location-specific scripts, so figuring out exactly what stats a particular enemy in a particular area has could take some digging.
  15. I'm pretty sure there's actually a preference option to determine whether your party acts in order of action speed or is locked into acting in marching order.