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  1. That's correct, apart from the base skills like Melee Weapons and Mage Spells, which don't have a limit to how high you can raise them. Also, you know that you can change the difficulty at any point during play, right? If the game gets too easy or too hard, you don't have to start over.
  2. Lilith

    Deleting Saved Games

    If you're concerned that you might accidentally delete the wrong thing, you can always make backups and put them elsewhere.
  3. I think there was a base value that wasn't multiplied, so your HP wasn't directly proportional to your Endurance (and you didn't instantly drop dead if you managed to get your Endurance down to 0, which was possible in some games due to equipment penalties), but it was pretty close.
  4. Lilith

    Escape From the Pit _ Help

    Do you remember when it started happening?
  5. Nah, not really. Once the barrier's down you're done with the troglos, it's just a matter of how exactly you get there. In general, expect breadth rather than depth from Avernum 3. Not many of the individual quest lines are super long or involved, especially compared to the main quests in the first two games.
  6. A more peaceful resolution to the troglodyte quest is possible, but not if you killed their king. They don't really have much more dialogue or a significant further role in the plot even if you don't, though.
  7. Yeah, there's a hard cap at 90% on all resistances.
  8. With such small numbers, the difference between additive and multiplicative stacking isn't actually very significant until you get to huge numbers of stacks. If it actually works that way, 50 stacks of it should give you almost a 40% resistance, for example, which should be noticeable. If it has any effect at all, it's more likely that the game simply does a yes/no check for whether you have any stacks of it at all, and applies a single 1% resistance effect if you do.
  9. There's no specific cutoff point like in some of the Geneforge games where extra points in a skill suddenly become less useful. The main thing constraining you from putting a point in your primary weapon skill every level is the number of other things you want to invest in.
  10. The easiest way is probably just to change the screenshot key in Steam itself. Bring up the Steam overlay with Shift-Tab during play, click the "Settings" option at the bottom of the screen and then select the In-Game tab to customize the Steam screenshot key for that game.
  11. The only way to save Erika is to avoid requesting her assistance so that she doesn't show up in the first place. The "canon" outcome as shown in the sequels is that she dies, though.
  12. The percentage of damage blocked isn't affected by your own level, but there are some bugs in how it's displayed. Changes in damage from things like buffs, debuffs, and difficulty level are correctly factored in to the actual damage you do, but they aren't correctly displayed in the calculation of how much damage is blocked. So if you were using buffs at level 15 and didn't have those buffs yet at level 10, that would explain the difference.
  13. Yes, it's related to enemy level. All enemies have an innate resistance to damage based on their level, and physical resistance rises faster than other resistances.
  14. Lilith

    Custom PC Graphics (E2)

    Some of the pixels probably aren't perfectly white. The game treats white, and only white, as a transparent colour for creature and item graphics.
  15. Lilith

    Custom PC Graphics (E2)

    Did you make sure to save it as an 8-bit (256-colour) bitmap? I don't think the Exile games are designed to deal with different colour depths.