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  1. Right! More or less everyone has finished up with characters/backstories/inventories, so let's schedule our first actual session then: http://whenisgood.net/autcaesarsession1
  2. Reminder! Session 0 will start in 3.5 hours from now in the AIM chat room spidwebRP. It'll probably be the same deal as Sy did for her first session- we'll go over the system, build characters, discuss backgrounds, etc.
  3. Well, everybody has picked their role, and you all got your first choice (yay!). Apologies for the delay- I had to travel suddenly over the weekend and didn't have a chance to get this out earlier. You should each be getting more detailed role sheets via PM within the hour. Now, on to mechanics and character creation: [spoileralt Mechanics]The play of the game is pretty much straightforward AIMhack mechanics, which you can read about on Ephesos' website. I've changed some things around, though, mainly to do with skills and character creation. The revised character creation instructi
  4. Ok, last call for any interested parties to fill out the calendar. It's looking like the session will be at 3:00 PM CST on Wednesday 24 June. Unless there are any objections to this by the players, I'm going to send out secret roles tomorrow, and once those are claimed we'll start with character creation. In the meantime, feel free to browse some entries I excerpted from my copy of the Imperial Intelligence Agency Galactic Factbook and familiarize yourself with the factions. Really you just need to skim it, since everything posted will be common knowledge you won't have to roll for,
  5. Okay, it seems like there's enough interest here and elsewhere to move forward, so- hey look! It's a calendar! Fill out the timeslots where you will be available to play (even if you haven't posted in the thread, cough cough), and we'll see what session times look good. Once we get a date nailed down, I'll post character creation instructions and background, and we'll get this ball rolling.
  6. I filled out the calendar and now posted in your thread, so it looks slightly less lonely now.
  7. Apparantly the Same Page Tool is becoming popular here now! That sounds like a useful thing. Here's the one for this campaign:
  8. Yes. Once the players are picked and the characters created, I'd set up a calendar on whenisgood to determine a 3-4 hour block where we would all be online at once for a session, and we'd have a group chat during which the session itself would actually take place.
  9. It's basically a streamlined D&D played over a web-based chat software. You describe actions, roll dice, and the DM (me) determines the outcome. It's straight AIMhack with the skill names changed, played in the spidwebRP room via AIM as God (i.e. Ephesos) intended.
  10. The galaxy is in a delicate state. The long wars of Imperatrix Odeana, that devastated the Galactic Rim and nearly bankrupted the empire, have come to a close. Her son, Imperator Karaj, has brokered a controversial peace between the Empire and the Suzerain of the Rim, and has enacted sweeping reforms intended to restore the Empire to its former greatness. Meanwhile, the brilliant scientists of the Arcadian Free States are entering into alliances with the secretive and devout Coalition. Smuggling, piracy, and even slavery have returned with a vengeance, and rumors swirl of deranged de
  11. Missing from the list: Venomous Blade. Go through the secret passage in the wall to the west of the Crystal Soul Shrine, then use the Orb of Thralni to fly over the lava. Force your way into the Vahnatai tomb and you get it EDIT: Clairified directions
  12. Originally Posted By: Miramor Say, that sounds interesting. Having spent some time embroiled in WS stuff, I've become something of a believer, but I have to say I have my doubts; particularly concerning the consequentialist ethics, and also the idea that I am incapable of understanding certain things, and must therefore take some statements on faith. I wonder what Bawer makes of such things. I think one of his stronger arguments with WS in the vein of "being foce to take things on faith" is that the discipline has become so bogged down with intersectionalism that it finds itself int the po
  13. I got several books finished over my vacation. They Eat Puppies, Don't They? by Christopher Buckley (of Thank You For Smoking fame) is a satirical novel about a cynical defense lobbyist who team up with a woman who totally isn't Ann Coulter to start a cold war with China in order to sell a Predator drone the size of a 747. Their plan was to spread a rumor that the Dalai Lama was fatally poisoned with an extract from a baby panda, because they think that that only murdering baby pandas would generate sufficient moral outrage to start tensions. It's a drier and darker sense of humor, but
  14. Originally Posted By: Actaeon I am not a big fan of these tests, as I often come out of them looking like a psychopath. Hoo boy. You think you look like a sociopath? My personal favorites: Click to reveal.. AGREEABLENESS..............1 Trust....................1 Morality.................1 Altruism.................1 Cooperation..............0 Modesty..................0 Dutifulness..............1 Anger....................70 Intellect................91 Liberalism...............75 I think that some of those are pretty close, but I doubt I'm as dramatically Mani
  15. Originally Posted By: Dintiradan Speaking of which, please tell me this is a joke. I mean, liberals have been threatening to move to Canada since Bush won in 2000. I guess it's just conservatives turn to make useless threats now.
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