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  1. What a fascinating thread. Slarty, you have clearly outdone yourself. At first I thought that I would have pun with this, but the meticulous manner with which you consider each word is more compelling that I remain sane. I am particularly impressed by your dissertatio1`n regarding the McDonalds Coffee Caper. Much of that information was not disclosed at the the time. Too many people jumping up and down try to attract attention to their particular cause` de jour. And now for your rating pleasure I submit my list of words: The White Rabbit, The March Hare, The Jackalope,
  2. ADOS, I have finally gotten around to looking at those broken links mentioned, and found there is no way that you could fix two of them. I fixed them today by reaching into my hidden vault , which I made visible,
  3. Hey folks , Harehunter here. I found myself in a rare idle moment checking on my website "harehunter.info" when I noticed the link to the Exile II maps was broken. The link was supposed to point to Olly Clarks page, which seems to have finally been discontinued. Many years ago I noticed just how transient web sites are. Being an Archivist as well as a Cartographer, I have downloaded many websites for just the eventuality of another site going offline. Soooo... I have added a section to my harehunter.info called The Vault. I have uploaded Olly's page in it's entirety. It was a real
  4. Slarty, my dear friend. Thank you for standing sentinel for me. Much has happened this past few years. I have been unable to update you because I had somehow got my account locked in such a way that I needed Mariann's help. And she is a very busy person, as I am sure you know quite well. Today we got connected and I am now able to log in as me. In 2000 I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. Up until 2014 I was able to work as a Data Base Administrator, Oracle and Universe. At that point I had lost enough cognitive function I was unable to perform my duties. I was put on
  5. Sorry, I meant annotated maps.
  6. Meanwhile I dream of a time when I can complete my graphic walk through.
  7. Thank you Duskwolf. Let's see how quickly this rabbit can pull himself out of a hat! Already have a structure to land this in. Mmmm. New guy starts next week. We'll see.
  8. Harehunter's Haven has a new home www.harehunter.info The direct link for the Avernum 4 maps is www.harehunter.info/Avernum4/Maps/MainMap41.html
  9. Harehunter's Haven has a new home www.harehunter.info The direct link for the Avernum 5 maps is www.harehunter.info/Avernum5/Maps/MainMap51.html
  10. Harehunter's Haven has returned on a new URL www.harehunter.info The direct link to the Avernum 6 maps is www.harehunter.info/Avernum6/Maps/MainMap61.html
  11. I was having trouble syncing my outdoors terrain with adjacent areas. I toyed with the idea of building my editor so that I could see the entire outdoors in one shot, but instead I settled for displaying the one row/column from that area. You can't change it from the area you're in, but at least you can see it to match up mountains, cave walls, etc. Wonderbolt, I really like your idea about directory structure.
  12. You're quite welcome. Your concept of alternate PC graphics is very intriguing.
  13. You've got me dead to rights there. Even when I use a laptop, I still attach a USB keyboard to it. Laptop keyboards are just too cramping for my style.
  14. Maybe it's just me, but I had no problem using the numeric keypad to move around. Even the isometric display didn't bother me. But then again, I've never been fond of rodents for moving around the screen.
  15. That is another thing I added to my version. Is there such a thing as a bmp to meg converter? I would add that happily.
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