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  1. Yeah, I've searched the metal container in Redbeard's chambers. It gives me a message box saying that "this is filled with Redbeard's daily necessities that he throws together haphazardly etc etc" so I'm assuming this would be the box to retrieve the hair if the flag were raised. I've talked to Torch, I've talked to the Envoy. When I'm at the dialogue part that would suggest getting the hair, I have the options of "Why do you need it," "Don't have it and not going to get it," and "Don't have it and let me go get it." The journal entry is still stuck at "The envoy would like to speak with you." For Duke Gryfyn, I'm convinced that I've reloaded many times and have tried the bounty hunter/soldier of the pact/work for Avadon branches and all of them just lead him to saying "The woods are dangerous, there are rebels, etc. etc." with nothing specifically about Gryfyn
  2. I told the guy in the east house that I was a pact soldier and he still didn't say anything about Duke Gryfyn. I've turned in an invitation but the envoy's quest won't progress and let me collect the hair.
  3. Who do I talk to? The only two notable NPCs I've met are the leatherworker and the guy in the farm. I've been diplomatic/nice in both of them but the guy in the farm insists he knows nothing and that I should talk to the other & the patroller. The leatherworker just tells me that it's been dangerous out there with the fighters and etc. Additionally, does the Redbeard's hair quest get bugged? If so, how do you debug it? I keep talking to Envoy Dorran and she tells me to go get some of Redbeard's hair but the quest never updates and it doesn't let me pick up the hair in his room.
  4. Been looking all over but where's the button in the abandoned lumberyard that opens up the hidden door?
  5. Hi guys, I was wondering if there was any sort of editor available or if anyone knew which of the game files one would fiddle with in order to give myself an item/skill points. I don't want to just give my whole party EXP/Levels as I want to just focus it on one character for role-playing purposes. Any help?
  6. Played Baldur's Gate/etc., looking for something newer. I really like these story driven games in the style of D&D, I was checking out Eshelon & legacy of the crusader but Iunno if they're worth it and what else is available
  7. Hey guys, not sure if this is the best/correct place but I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for games similar to what Spiderweb's been pumping out. I've played through every single Spiderweb game and I've loved them...just waiting for the Avernum 2 release now. In the meantime though, I'm still trying to get my fix. Can anyone recommend me some games to this tune/similar?
  8. wtf no mention of Alwan? The one stalwart law-keeper? The one who maintains his ideals? Yeah...he's my #1. Whenever I run through G5 I almost always side with him. Even with Astoria you see her backstabbing colonies and perform other unscrupulous actions in order to achieve something.
  9. So you're never supposed to get to the southern portion by this? Basically you're forced to go through stoneworks?
  10. But how else are you supposed to get past it? The lock to the lever to open the gate comes from the key he's holding. Or do I have that and something else confused?
  11. Not sure if it's already been posted...but was it feasible for someone to get through this way into the southern region early? I mean heck, even on my super beefed up Guardian who could sorta manage the first part of Disposal Vault (and interestingly enough succeed on the part immediately after that) on Hard difficulty...this area was a huge pain in my ass. You first meet all the annoying worms who make sure you're constantly covered by acid and then you meet that PoS gazer who has 10 million turrets. I can't burst him down fast enough before the submissions come in and stunlock me to death. And to make things worse, the gazer was smart enough not to be lured! When I sent in someone to suicide he would just remain put and stay in the corner. (interestingly enough, the only way i beat this encounter was by creating a couple of diversion cryoas to act as fodder and buy my Guardian time to kill the actual gazer) And this was on an end-game toon too!! How is a character halfway through the game supposed to win at this? Or is it the standard "charm makes you win here"?
  12. I 1-up Emerald Encrusted Chestplate (what Acky said, think that's it)
  13. Personally (though I've only played complete versions of 2 and 5) I thought 2 was more challenging...mostly due to the stupidly op eyebeasts. AND YOU CAN'T PARRY THEIR STUN AURA One snuck up behind you? gg, whole party is wiped, have fun dealing with 2 ap for the next few rounds til you die . You needed like a rotation (or at least I did) of people coming in and out of line of sight in order to take those buggers down. (I had to demolish my poor loyal ur-drakon for a team of cryodrayks just so I could beat them ) Not even dealing with the fact that they come in swarms of like 4 at a time in the challenge area. 5 I just feel that the pace has been upped a lot, a lot more stuff is coming at you faster with more spawns and such. Albeit: I haven't really played a mental magic heavy character yet (still working on one) so I don't know how that would've affected my views on the eyebeasts and whatnot Overall: I think that some areas in 2 were drastically (weirdly) difficult compared with neighboring regions (Remember Infested Crossroads? The place where you met probably your first Gazer and locked you in a place with a whole s***ton of alphas+betas+glaahks+2 spawners. Afterwards, you found out you needed either like 11 living tools or to go try to kill a gazer with a bunch of alphas using your weakened party) Though 5 was more consistently difficult. Meh. What do you guys think?
  14. Did you buy the game yet? Cos that's required at that point.
  15. wait so there are 5 groups? i only killed 4 groups...i got 300 coins and a terror wand can anyone tell the reward of the 5 group kill? p.s. do you get a reduced reward if you pick up the meal
  16. ah, thanks btw, which one did you choose? i.e. which one is better morally and which one is better for powergamers
  17. Alright, so I've pressed the switch in Dharmon, but there are still walls past that which I can't get past. I see two big cracks though, so do I need to cast a spell or something to get past it to the Captain?
  18. Use that pure quicksilver to make Mercurial Boots, then upgrade into Assassin's boots, one of the best items in the game with +2 AP
  19. so i introduce faction on there and then continue story on here right?
  20. Ok say I want to make Ashen Isles my base, where do I state -I create this faction in Ashen Isles, here are my leaders and etc
  21. No one controls Lethia yet though right?
  22. Carry two weapons, Venomblade with Acid Infusion, and Puresteel with Golden Crystal. Whack them once with Venomblade for both acid and poison on the enemy in one attack, then switch to Puresteel Sword for the crazy 25-125 base damage.
  23. Amen, Emerald Chestguard all the way with its imbaness in 5 though, i have to say i like assassin's boots...pretty easy to get and also gives the same nice +2 action points
  24. Well I've played the demos, I'm talking about the full versions. I'm not too comfortable with 4 different characters, since it kind of takes away from the aspect of RP where you become the one character. I'm just wondering if later in the game, it becomes more fun i.e. more natural and if it also gives as much to lore/epicness as the full Geneforge games.
  25. Meh if you can fly you can get around very easily hint hint. What if the faction had some unique power to escape very quickly... I'm thinking of something like Okavano Sea Caves as a possible base though.
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