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    Second acces crystal[G5]

    Found it. It was in kayar's spire, I think you mixed that up with the lost dera vault
  2. Small Cryoa

    Second acces crystal[G5]

    I am playing as a shaper on tricky, killed benhold and took the access crystal. I go back to the Oakavan barrier and try to get to open the challenge area, but the text says I need two access crystals. I looked at the snyrgy item list and it doesn't show where the second crystal is. Does anyone mind telling me?
  3. Small Cryoa

    Welcome to the Avadon Forum!

    Is there going to be multiple characters, like in Avernum, or is there going to be one character and you talk to and let them travel with you? I agree with kingy, I hate all this waiting. I would've like just to start the demo.
  4. Okay, I know that the 10-cap means the effects occur once for each point of the skill from 1-10, once every other point between 11-20, once every third point between 21-30, and so on. What happens when you get to 40 lvls of a point, it jumps to 5 per skill point but what about that point from 39 (when you get the skill) to 40.
  5. Small Cryoa

    A6 - Comprehensive Skill Effect List

    Originally Posted By: CRISIS on INFINITE SLARTIES LUCK (Cost: 2 -- No Trainers) (NB: before v1.01, was cost: 4) +2% to Armor and All Resistances (NB: before v1.01, was +1%) +2% to Evasion (10-cap) +2% to Hit Rate for all attacks I just tested and luck has a 10 skill cap for the resistance and armor too
  6. Small Cryoa

    Avernum 6 Inventory Redesign

    Looks really good. I especially like the item list and the pile of coins. I liked it better when the shild was over with the sword and bow (You could equip weapons in one place then).
  7. Disposable creations don't help. They still steal your exp before they are absorbed. I'm generally at lvl 15 when I get to Mera-tev.
  8. Small Cryoa

    Geneforge 5 - Strategy Central[G5]

    Originally Posted By: Synergy I would have been interested to know how many people find an items list with locations to be something useful for their gameplay. Make a poll for it. I know that it helps me.
  9. Originally Posted By: Namine I was wondering when you build an Agent do you need Dexterity and Endurance?, because we have essense infussion, and all these other buffs right? In the demo (gonna buy full version soon), I've never needed to up Dex or End. That might change, but I usually hit well enough not to need dex
  10. In the beginning, I up Fire Shaping one (for cryoas) and missiles one (you can then kill fyoras, thahds, and artilas in one shot with javlins). Then ldrship/ mech to 4/3(all that with 15 skill points). Eventually, I get ldrship/mech to 6/6 or 6/7, usually by the first time I meet the presensce(I do the side quests first). I pump spellcraft and Int and wait for training for battle/mental/blessing magic.