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  1. Of all Spiderweb games, Geneforge 2 has the highest replay value in my opinion. There are too many things to do with plot branches and character builds it's impossible to deplete the possibilities without replaying and halfway-reloading at least 5 times. I find the second titles from each series are generally my favorite ones (Avernum 2 without a doubt, and Avadon 2 being the only highly-replayable Avadon game from the three).
  2. Fn&Esc should switch the F keys back to normal, if I remember correctly.
  3. Well, part of the reason they are tough is because they wear the best equipment.
  4. When playing video games, I rarely care about "legendary/hardcore/suicidal/unimaginable/impossible(or whatever they are called)" difficulties, optional bosses, bonus levels, and all those annoyingly tedious collectibles/achievements/medals/easter eggs. There is absolutely no fun for me to beat a game on the highest difficulty, and extremely unfair and unavoidable boss fights often result in a rage quit followed by an instant uninstall. I'm glad Avadon 3 is not difficult on Hard, and those two difficult fights are totally optional.
  5. That reminds me of Spellforce. I played it a lot with a friend many years ago. There are dozens of skils to put points into, and characters automatically fight enemies on sight. There are RTS maps, but it is possible to totally ignore the base-building and sneak into the enemy camp to destroy everything (there are skills that make the character tear down houses much faster).
  6. When exiting the Monitor Base area, I accidentally let Khalida step onto the black zone outside the edge of the border, and now her sprite vanished forever. Selecting her portrait results in a black screen. Changing party members and going to different areas both won't help.The only way is to load an earlier save.
  7. Since you've mentioned Arcanum and Fallout series, maybe you could also be interested in these indie games: The Age of Decadence Underrail Balrum Lords of Xulima
  8. They run perfectly on older HD3000 with max graphics settings. With V-SYNC turned off, the fps could even reach ~500.
  9. It's always depressing to see a whole town from previous games get destroyed, let alone twice.
  10. I was always wondering why Blosk never got rebuilt.
  11. Just ignore them. Those maniacs are a fishbone in your throat and totally not worth your time. I personally think they are the most annoying NPCs I had ever seen, made a mistake dealing with them and received a very horrifying ending because of that.
  12. Zhethron and Zephyrine (dragons in Avadon 1) Vardgras (dragon in Avadon 2) Mekhen (appears in multiple zones as well as some of the endings in Geneforge 5) Correlea (she is the key to solve the black shades problem)
  13. Warrick never reunited with her sister Anastasia.
  14. Agree with you that the lack of a quest journal is hugely annoying. The Take Note button might be useful in keeping track of quests though.
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