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  1. Thanks! By the way how am I supposed to get the Bone Key from the pedestal in the Crone Caverns without getting teleported to Basilisk's chamber and losing the key? (Since I only have one player character, the fight/end glitch won't work for me.) EDIT: OK. I solved this too.
  2. Hi all. After a long break I began to play this wonderful game again, this time as a Celt singleton. I've just cleaned Goagh-nar. Only Vale of the Sould and Jagged Aerie left to explore except the main quest areas. Thanks to the Stone Guardian spell I managed to beat Titus twice along with the Ifrit in the second. I forced it to serve me. Here are a few questions: 1) I can't find sylak key 6. I remember I must have found it so far, but couldn't. Where was it? 2) Are there any consequences for forcing the Ifrit to serve me? Like gaining evil points, etc? 3) Can somebody tell exactly where and what the good and evil reputation rewards were? 4) Where/How was I able to learn the spell Soul Lance? That's all for now. Thanks EDIT: I still have Hollow Hills and Castle Aethdoc to explore. I think the answers of my first and fourth question are there.
  3. I don't think it's Celt-only. Gwyar in Hagfen wants you to retrieve the horned skull there(I suppose Romans get the same quest? I didn't play with romans yet ). Once you are given the quest, there will be a passage to the other side so that you can pass... I have a question. When I ask Samael to free Orim's soul, he says "Go get the golden pelt and I will release his soul" OK I get back to the Temple and take the pelt, use the combat/end glitch and leave the Temple with the pelt. But when I talk to Samael, there is no option to give him the pelt for Orim's soul. Is it a bug or something? How am I supposed to achieve the quest? Or, should I do this quest later? EDIT: OK I found the pelt under the temple.. Quest done...
  4. Ah OK then. I found the last hermit at last. I'm in Goagh-nar right now. I killed the raven too(thanks to the Call Hunt spell), I have been marked as criminal I hope it won't cause some problems. But My druid became overpowered and I think it's worth killing it. I have keys I to VI. Now getting back to my adventure, if I have more questions I will ask them here. Thanks to all again.
  5. Thank you! Inside Hollow Hills there is a barred door in the south, you can't get access in it. Even the combat/end glitch doesn't work, as the door is barred strong.. A goblin voice (name is Vug) says "You no in. ... Vug no like stinky goody goody types ... I extra bar the door!" Perhaps I should be hostile to the town and be evil, in order to be accepted by him?
  6. Hi all. I've been playing Nethergate (Resurrection) for just a day or two, and I can't keep myself from playing it any moment, actually, no one can keep himself from playing such an enormous game.. Anyways I have read each topic in this forum. (So I'm not gonna ask about the puzzle box ) In game, I haven't had many problems so far, but I still have some questions to ask. Here are they : 1) Should I carry bitter loss and withering scrolls, wand of carunos, poison elixirs, and emptiness brews? I know they are useless, but perhaps you can trade them for goods somewhere (to a wife who wants to kill her husband, for example)(I know it's ridiculous.) 2) I can't find Kharto the fomorian, I looked everywhere in the SE part of the map, but I had slain all the goblins and destroyed their village already. Should I have asked them about Kharto before I slain them all? Where is Kharto exactly? 3) Edit: OK. I successfully grabbed the Feather 4) Edit: New question: Where is the hermit in the northwest of the Shadowvale? 5) Edit: How do you get to the place southern of Hollow Hills? I guess there's a goblin-like creature in it. Thanks.
  7. In Hollow Hills, the merchant who sells blessed stuff sells a horn. And also, you can find another horn in Hollow Hills inside one of the buildings.
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